warrenton homes for sale: Wolf Trap Featuring Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist Festival - 04/25/14 03:53 AM
Having lived in Hawaii for 12 years, I can say without hesitation that some of the best guitarists I've ever heard are from the Islands. Why am I posting about this today?
Wolf Trap is hosting the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist Festival this evening, April 25th, 2014. The Festival will feature Dennis Kahmakahi, Paul Togioka and others. 
I would urge you to check out this Guitarist Festival and other Concerts at Wolf Trap by going to their website.

warrenton homes for sale: Springtime Colors In Northern Virginia - 04/22/14 03:37 AM
My wife took a break on her lunch hour today to take some pictures of the beautiful Springtime Colors in Northern Virginia. She sent them to me and I wrote back asking if I can post them on my blog. She said, "Yes, of course" and so here are four of them for you to enjoy.

Enjoy a wonderful day!!!

warrenton homes for sale: Don't Forget the National Cherry Blossom Festival - 04/12/14 07:21 AM
I wrote about the National Cherry Blossom Festival a few weeks ago, indicating they should be blooming soon. In fact, the bloom was a bit delayed this year because of our very cold winter but they are in FULL BLOOM RIGHT NOW!
To learn more about this wonderful Springtime Event in our Nations Capital, I would suggest you go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival website. The information shared on the website is most useful and this weekend is packed full of wonderful Springtime Weather. So why not venture out to see the spectacular blossoms.

warrenton homes for sale: Learn About And Discover Fairfax County Virginia - 04/04/14 03:14 AM
Fairfax County Virginia is truly a great place to live and a wonderful place to explore. There is so much to do and see by way of fun stuff and historical value. Allow me to also add that exploring history can really be fun!!!
I've referred many people to the Fairfax County Virginia Tourism website over the past few years. This is a place that talks about the National Air and Space Museum, Bull Run Regional Park, Wolf Trap, Cherry Hill Farmhouse and more. In fact, the site contains many, many different things to do and see in Fairfax County.
Why not take some time this Spring to learn about and discover Fairfax County … (5 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: A Note Of Appreciation For A Local Vendor - 03/30/14 03:02 AM
Today I would like to give a note of appreciation for a local vendor.
I always like to share about good experiences I have with Local Vendors in the Gainesville VA Homes For Sale area. 
A couple of weeks ago our Washing Machine quit working. While it would agitate during the wash cycle it wouldn't empty, spin or rinse. I phoned HomeSure of Virginia (our Home Warranty Company) who in turned notified All Star Appliance Service in Warrenton.
In a nutshell, All Star Appliance gave us an appointment for the next business day, arrived on time and fixed the problem in about 30 minutes. I … (4 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: Wordless Saturday In Gainesville Virginia - 03/22/14 06:48 AM
On Monday, March 16th, 2014, 4 Days Before Spring, Gainesville Virginia Woke Up To This -

On Saturday, March 22nd, We Are Enjoying These Beautiful Flowers In Our Back Yard

Enjoy a pleasant day and why not take some time to enjoy our 70 degree weather. Perhaps a walk or even a photo tour.

warrenton homes for sale: National Cherry Blossom Festival Time In Washington DC - 03/21/14 06:07 AM
As many of my readers know, the winter has been a bit longer in Northern Virginia this year in comparison to many years in the past. 
I have good news though, something that everyone in Northern Virginia will appreciate. It's National Cherry Blossom Festival Time in Washington DC. Many of the events of the Festival have already kicked off with the Peak Blooming Time for the Cherry Blossoms predicted to be between April 8-12.
To learn more about this wonderful Springtime Event, I would suggest you go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival website. You will find the information presented on the website … (4 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: It's Almost Spring - 03/17/14 08:45 AM
It's almost Spring, March 17, 2014, but you wouldn't know it by how Northern Virginia looks today. In Gainesville, Virginia, we woke up to nearly a foot of snow, temperatures in the low to mid 20s and most employers telling employees to spend the day at home.
My wife went out and snapped some pictures around our house and the neighborhood. There is even one or two of me cleaning off the car that I left outside in the weather last evening.


warrenton homes for sale: Help For Making A Smaller Room Appear Larger - 03/16/14 05:58 AM
Small rooms in a home can sometimes pose big problems. This is true for both Real Estate Agents who are endeavoring to market a particular property and for Home Owners. So how can we work to make a small room look and feel larger than what it is?
RISMedia has an excellent post on this topic. Take a look and note: 10 Ways To Make A Small Room Look Larger
Always remember that knowledge can be power when endeavoring to buy or sell Real Estate. If I can help you in this process, please Write or Phone me.

warrenton homes for sale: Take Some Time To Tour Our Nations Capital - 03/07/14 03:48 AM
I enjoy living in Northern Virginia. We have wonderful Restaurants, Museums to explore, Wolf Trap, beautiful Parks, Polo, the Flying Circus and so much more.
In fact, there is at least (actually many more) one more reason why I enjoy living in the Northern Virginia area. Simply put, I enjoy exploring our Nations Capital.If you are new to the area, let me make exploring Washington DC easy for you. All you have to do is follow this link: 100 Free (or Almost Free) Things To Do In DC     So, take some time to tour our Nations Capital. It could be a wonderful and educational moment … (5 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: Information About Paying Down Your Mortgage - 03/03/14 01:12 AM
As a Real Estate Agent, I'm often asked Mortgage Questions. For example: "Can I pay off my Mortgage early?" "If I have two Mortgages, which one should I pay off first?" "How much of my payment is going toward paying down what I owe?" Actually, the list is unending.
Most important, my first response when someone asks me Mortgage questions is always: "You need to talk with your Bank or perhaps your Loan Officer." Why? I am not a Mortgage Professional - I am a Realtor®!
On the other hand, since I'm not a Mortgage Professional, let me direct you to a great … (7 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: HAPA from Hawaii Performing At Wolf Trap - 02/26/14 04:21 AM
One of my favorite groups from Hawaii, HAPA will be performing at Wolf Trap this weekend. If you enjoy music from Hawaii, then you will want to purchase your tickets for either the Friday Night (Feb 28) or Saturday (March 1) concert.
HAPA performs a variety of music, something literally for everyone to enjoy from Ancient Hawaiian Chants to Contemporary Hawaiian music.
To learn more and view a Video you can go to HAPA | Wolf Trap. 
So why not exit the Cold Weather for an evening and come inside to enjoy music that will truly warm your heart.

warrenton homes for sale: Open House For The Nokesville Volunteer Fire And Rescue Station 25 - 02/20/14 03:56 AM
I write about once a year on the following subject, the Nokesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Open House. Actually, the Open House is described as being very informal and could I add informative. 
The reason for the Open House is to recruit neighbors to become a Volunteer Fire Fighter! 
The time is set for Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at 10 am. Why not stop by, listen to the information and make a decision for yourself. To learn more, take a moment and visit their web page - Nokesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.

warrenton homes for sale: Remember It Is Safety First When Using The Clothes Dryer - 02/17/14 05:17 AM
I am anything but an expert when it comes to Clothes Dryers. I know that I use ours on a regular basis, can put the clothes in, turn the dryer on, dry them and take them out - even hanging them up and folding them! (I know, you are probably thinking David deserves a gold star...)A question I have had in the past, but no more, is How can I know our dryer vent is in good repair? Even more specific, how can I know it is NOT a Fire Hazard?
I found out the answer to the above questions is simple: For me, … (6 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: Chaise Lounge Appearing At Wolf Trap On Valentine's Evening - 02/11/14 06:15 AM
Are you looking for something special to do on Valentine's Day? You might consider an evening at Wolf Trap with Chaise Lounge. If you like the 60s Big Band Jazz music and great musicians, take a look at Wolf Trap's Website and give a listen to the Video of Chaise Lounge. It will probably inspire you to purchase tickets for $25.00 each and attend.
Quite frankly, there is nothing quite like an evening at Wolf Trap and Chaise Lounge. Make sure, when you arrive at their web page, you scroll down to the bottom and give a listen.


warrenton homes for sale: A True Story About The Value Of A Home Inspection - 02/05/14 07:30 AM
A while back, I had clients that put an offer on a home that turned into a Contract for their first house. They were excited to say the least. In fact, the word "Excited" is probably an understatement.
In the weeks that preceded their contract, I had spoken with them about the need for a Home Inspection. I indicated that sometimes there are issues with a house the average person would simply never see or understand. Better to know about serious issues before the purchase than after you move in.
My clients listened and asked for a Home Inspection & Contingency. The Inspector … (8 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: Washington Saxophone Quartet Appearing At Wolf Trap - 01/30/14 08:41 PM
On Friday, February 7th, at 8 pm, the Washington Saxophone Quartet will be appearing at The Barns - Wolf Trap. They are talked about as being the most widely heard Saxophone Quartet in the United States.
I suggest you take a look at The Barns - Wolf Trap website to learn more. While there, you can click on the link that will take you to the Full Season Schedule.
Enjoy the Washington Saxophone Quartet Appearing At Wolf Trap.

warrenton homes for sale: Fairfax Virginia Chocolate Lovers Festival - 01/25/14 07:42 AM
I confess, I love chocolate, DARK CHOCOLATE! In fact, I have two small squares every day without fail. It's refreshing, uplifting and even good for you.
The Fairfax Virginia Chocolate Lovers Festival 2014, will take place on February 1, 2. I would urge you to check out the website and plan to attend. Yes, I intend to stop by, too. In fact, I wouldn't even think of missing it!


warrenton homes for sale: A Big Shout Out To Arctic Sun Heating & Air Conditioning - 01/23/14 07:58 AM
Last night we had an interesting event at our house. At 7:30 in the evening, we realized our house was getting cold (62 degrees) because our furnace wasn't working. The temperature outdoors was 9 degrees Fahrenheit and again, we suddenly were without heat and the inside temperature was dropping fast.
I quickly called Arctic Sun Heating & Air Conditioning, a company we have a Club Member Plan with and have had servicing our Heating and Air Conditioning for over six years. I left a Voice message and within five minutes had a return call saying the technician was on his way.  … (6 comments)

warrenton homes for sale: A Restaurant Worth Experiencing In Haymarket Virginia - 01/15/14 05:17 AM
Haymarket Virginia rests on the fringe of Northern Virginia but yet has a bit of a Small Town, almost Country like feel to it. One of the reasons I enjoy Haymarket is the variety of Shops, Restaurants and even a Haymarket Museum. 
Last Monday morning I had a meeting in Linden and decided to stop by one of my favorite restaurants, Cupcake Heaven And Cafe in Haymarket. While the restaurant has lunch and other wonderful food, the Cupcakes are sensational. Their name truly says it all.
Needless to say, the people I met with in Linden were thrilled with the Cupcakes I brought … (4 comments)

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