blogging: BLOG OR PORN???!!! - 10/03/06 11:53 PM
My wife yelled at me this morning! She called me off of my computer and had me come into the kitchen! She then said “are you on ‘that’ blog site again?”  I said I’m doing a lot of things on the computer, responding to leads, paying bills, reading interesting articles and oh yeah, a bit of blogging. 
She said, “why can’t you keep us company in the morning instead of being on your computer?”  I defended myself by telling her that I get half my day accomplished before most people get out of bed! We all have the same amount of … (16 comments)

blogging: Daddy, Are You Ahead of that Girl? - 10/01/06 02:02 AM
   I gave up blogging for points after the first two weeks on AR.  The pressure was just too great! I find that I write and contribute better when I’m doing it to provide substance of value to my fellow readers!
   Today, my 6 year old son Charlie was looking at the site and asked me who “that girl was” whose picture was just above mine. It was a picture of another AR blogger.  I told him it’s someone that participates in the website.  He asked me why her picture was on top of mine. I told him it was because she … (12 comments)

blogging: Go Teri Go! - 09/20/06 01:39 AM
If you haven't already noticed, Teri Isner is a day away of blogging from taking over the number one spot on Active Rain! It's super hard to move up in positions when you get close to the top! I would say it's certainly deserved as Teri writes well though-out blogs and relevant comments, not to mention she's from Florida! Hail to the Queen!

blogging: Blogger Blogging - 09/17/06 10:26 AM
There’s been some discussion and rave reviews for Blogger here on AR.  I’ve not read anyone discussing the negatives.  Not to sound pessimistic but to be fair and share from all sides, I’d like to tell what hasn’t been written yet.
  The problem with Blogger (a free blogging site), is that it’s a public blog.  At the top of your free blog site is a button that says “next blog”. If you click on it, you move to someone else’s blog.  It’s similar to AR’s blogging forum where you can read my blog and then move on to read about someone … (4 comments)

blogging: You're Own Blog - 09/13/06 10:45 AM
I recently attended a Howard Brinton StarPower convention in New York City.  The big "buzz" was blogging.  The virtues were made clear by an awesome presentation showing how the presenter was able to get to the top of Google using his blog filled with key words.With enthusiasm, I approached the first vendor.  $1,350 set up fee and $400 per month to maintain the site.  Wow. I checked the second vendor, $2,000 per month and $500 per month to maintain it! Double wow! Being an impulsive person, it was hard not to sign up, but the big dollar amount was unsettling.That night … (8 comments)

blogging: Success! The Importance of Coaches! - 08/31/06 01:41 AM
Way back when, I used to be the test guinea pig in my office. I would try everything that was new, looked cool or was just offered for sale with a good pitch! I bought every speaker's tapes and marketing/sales systems. (I'm sure many of you can relate) Most of that stuff sat on the shelf or in a drawer.
Many years later, I discovered coaching (at a Howard Brinton Star Power Convention). It made perfect sense to me. Hire someone to pull it all together. Someone to give you direction. Kind of like having a little "angel" to sit on your … (5 comments)

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