success: What’s Your Goal New Agent? - 09/26/06 12:47 AM
When I interview a new agent for a buyer agent position, I always ask “What’s your goal?” My main reason for asking is to determine if they have realistic goals.  If I hear something like “I want to earn $200,000 my first year” my next question is “Do you know how you intend on doing that?”  I would never discourage anyone from reaching for their goals, I would just expect them to have a plan. One that is realistic.  (I did have a buyer agent earn $120,000 his first year in the business!)
  Often, I’d hear, “I want to be in … (7 comments)

success: Command Performance! - 09/10/06 07:03 AM
Today, as I drove home to Fort Lauderdale from Fort Myers (a very boring stretch of straight, flat highway with nothing but Everglades swamp on both sides) I got an opportunity to listen to my eclectic collection of iPod music. (I'm going somewhere with this, I promise).  I heard "great toons" by Kiss, Kenny Loggins & Planet Patrol C:!  While I was listening, my thoughts wandered to some of these groups I had seen in concert, and then to the groups or performers who had retired & then come back (athletes included). I then compared the reason they came back from … (3 comments)

success: Loss? Sour Grapes? - 09/07/06 12:45 AM
I listed a property that had been previously listed with a "limited service broker" without success. I did all of the right things, lockbox for easy showing access, sign, brochure box, hotline message, newspaper ads every week, magazine ads every month, an offer that didn't work, lots of showings in a "declining market", upgraded presence, virtual tour, lots of photos, etc. 
After about 5 months, the seller called to cancel (I give my clients that right). I tried everything to keep them on board. They felt they "just needed a change" as their house hadn't sold.  I told them repeatedly, had … (7 comments)

success: Hiring Administrative Assistants - 09/05/06 05:41 AM
Having hired over 10 assistants in the past 10 years I'll share some things about who & how to hire.
1) Super important to give a personality profile test.  I feel that the best one is the DISC personality profile. This way you have an idea of how compatible they will be with you and the team.
2) Very important to have a good pre-interview on the phone to see how they sound.
3) Always have them send their resume via email as part of your ad for help wanted. This way you can see that they have basic emailing skills.
4) Have … (2 comments)

success: Success! The Importance of Coaches! - 08/31/06 01:41 AM
Way back when, I used to be the test guinea pig in my office. I would try everything that was new, looked cool or was just offered for sale with a good pitch! I bought every speaker's tapes and marketing/sales systems. (I'm sure many of you can relate) Most of that stuff sat on the shelf or in a drawer.
Many years later, I discovered coaching (at a Howard Brinton Star Power Convention). It made perfect sense to me. Hire someone to pull it all together. Someone to give you direction. Kind of like having a little "angel" to sit on your … (5 comments)

success: Techno-Crazy! - 08/30/06 01:50 AM
Something that has concerned me lately, perhaps even alarmed me, is the way our profession is embracing technology! While technology is a wonderful thing, let's not forget that one can get overwhelmed. Let's also consider that agents, especially new ones, tend to be gullible and believe that they need everything out there to succeed.  So these agents buy and buy.  They either don't know how to use or properly implement this technology.  Most will sit on a shelf or rest in a drawer.
I remember when the IVR hotline was first introduced to our profession. I ran out and paid $2100 for the … (9 comments)

success: Points? What's the point?! - 08/28/06 12:56 AM
I've been actively participating on this site for a few days.  I try to write intelligent, thought provoking material. I've also been sharing what has led me to the level of success that I've achieved.  Based on the replies, most readers welcome my postings and have replied favorably. What's unfortunate is that a great deal of what is posted is written to garner points, rather than put forward an intelligent thought.  The great thing about blogs and the internet (and the country we live in) is that one can share their thoughts with whomever chooses to read them. The rest can just … (12 comments)

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