successful: PERSONALITY PROFILING-KEY TO SUCCESS! - 09/29/06 08:53 AM
   Once you understand how to personality profile, you hold the key to successful selling.  This is not something to learn if it comes naturally to you. If it does come naturally, keep doing what you are doing. If not, then learn all you can about profiling so that you can achieve a higher level of successful selling.
     Regarding profiling, if you’ve ever just not liked the “vibe” you felt from someone, it’s probably because you personality profile was clashing with someone elses!
     The most common personality profile is the Mohler DISC.  This is broken down into four distinct … (1 comments)

successful: Be Re$pon$ive! - 09/22/06 01:41 AM
I was complaining to my coach, Bob Corcoran at Corcoran Coaching about how I think my buyers agents aren’t responding quick enough to leads.  He reminded me of NAR’s statistics that say that if you respond to internet leads with-in 15 minutes, you have an 85% chance of converting that lead.  Furthermore, 74% of consumers use the first agent they speak with to make a purchase or list a home.
  This reminds me of a former buyers agent that now sells health insurance.  He purchases internet leads from a lead generator. He has a phone room and when the leads come … (6 comments)

successful: Success! The Importance of Coaches! - 08/31/06 01:41 AM
Way back when, I used to be the test guinea pig in my office. I would try everything that was new, looked cool or was just offered for sale with a good pitch! I bought every speaker's tapes and marketing/sales systems. (I'm sure many of you can relate) Most of that stuff sat on the shelf or in a drawer.
Many years later, I discovered coaching (at a Howard Brinton Star Power Convention). It made perfect sense to me. Hire someone to pull it all together. Someone to give you direction. Kind of like having a little "angel" to sit on your … (5 comments)

successful: Get a Life! - 08/27/06 01:42 AM
Who created our business model that says we have to work 7 days a week 14 hours or more a day!  I bet there are many agents out there that wish there was an 8th or 9th day to work!  I have proven that you can be successful yet not work more than 5 days a week and less than 40 hours per week! I basically created my own business model. (our profession can adapt to change-recall the Supra boxes & keypads & the way they changed how we show houses! How about the internet?)
Who reading this would call their CPA … (9 comments)

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