los angeles real estate: Easy Home Renovations to Green-ify Your Home - 03/22/17 11:40 AM

The concept of going green is often seen as an expensive process, and this can stop many people from taking the small steps needed to make their home more environmentally friendly. If you want to green-ify without any of the high costs, here are some simple things you can do that will easily improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Complete an Energy Audit        
It can cost upwards of $400 to get a certified evaluator to look at your property and determine how energy is being wasted, but you can complete this type of evaluation on your own without … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: What To Do In LA’s Eclectic Neighborhood Silver Lake - 03/13/17 04:09 PM

Silver Lake is a trendy residential and commercial neighborhood located in Los Angeles around what was an L.A. city reservoir. Though Silver Lake is far from a secret these days this trendy eclectic neighborhood is still a pretty easygoing destination for visitors. It has comfortably maintained its position as the Eastside's trendiest neighborhood thanks to a wealth of boutique shops and an ever-growing dining scene, including everything from outdoor patios to an old school tiki bar.  You will find plenty to do whether on a charming stretch of Silver Lake Boulevard or tucked among the scenic hills and namesake reservoir. Get the most out of your … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: How You Can Still Buy a Great New Home in a Hot Real Estate Market - 03/08/17 11:07 AM

If you're trying to buy a new home, few things are more frustrating than a hot real estate market. When home prices are climbing fast it can feel like you'll never be able to save enough for your down payment. Here are a few ways that you can get in, even if you're feeling priced out.
Start Smaller and Upgrade Later
If you're a single professional or a young couple, it might be wise to start with a smaller starter home.  While a townhouse or condo might not feel as large as a detached house, they are more affordable options. Starting small allows … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: St. Patrick's Day Events Around Los Angeles - 03/06/17 06:15 PM

Are you looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day?  Well, you should be it’s the one day that everyone is Irish, and sometimes for the whole month of March. Here are a few ways you can get your Irish on in LA this St. Paddy's season from top Irish bars and pub parties to family-friendly fairs and festivals to Irish concerts. Just remember to wear your greenest greens or be prepared to get pinched!
South Bay St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival
The annual St. Patrick's Day parade in Hermosa Beach.
When: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11 am
Where: The intersection of Pier and Valley Drive, west to … (3 comments)

los angeles real estate: Problems That May Be Affecting Your Home’s Resale Value - 02/28/17 05:56 PM

When you've already placed your home on the real estate market and carefully considered your selling price, it can be disappointing when no one seems to jump instantly at the opportunity to buy. It can certainly be more trying if your home is harder to sell, but it may be worth considering whether one of the following might be part of the problem.
Forgetting About the Front        
A lot of work goes into shaping up the inside of a home, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the outside of your property and expect a positive result. The first … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: LA’s Up and Coming Neighborhood Frogtown - 02/26/17 03:33 PM

Elysian Valley or better known Frogtown is a long, thin neighborhood hidden between Elysian Heights (Echo Park) and the Los Angeles River. The neighborhood’s boundaries are the LA River to the east and north, Riverside Dr. to the south, and Fletcher Dr. to the west. The neighborhood is made up of primarily small single family homes and apartment buildings. Along the river there is block band of industrial buildings that have been used for studio space by artist and designers. The Elysian Valley bike/walking path was created along the Los Angeles River, and it now functions as the main promenade for the neighborhood. Because of … (4 comments)

los angeles real estate: Spice up Your Home with Accent Walls - 02/23/17 01:42 PM

For those who love to decorate and are always excited to test out the latest trends in design, the accent wall is a concept that's become popular in recent years. If you're not sure how to use this feature to twist any room on its side, here's how to go about painting your very own and instantly dressing up the look of your favorite room.
Pick the Perfect Wall    
When deciding on the ideal location for an accent wall, it's important to consider which space in your home will benefit from a splash of color and still be complimented by this … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: Exploring Los Feliz - 02/18/17 07:46 AM

Los Feliz, pronounced Los FEE-lisz is a laid-back Eastside neighborhood here in Los Angeles that manages to strike a balance between desirability and approachability. Its shops and eateries stay casually comfortable without becoming painfully cool. It's a polished, albeit still eclectic, neighborhood whose laid-back charms are best explored on foot.
You'll find most of the shops, bars and restaurants along Hillhurst Avenue, with another cluster of pedestrian-friendly activity on Vermont Avenue, south of Franklin Avenue. Los Feliz brushes up against the 5 freeway, across which you'll find its still under-the-radar neighbor Atwater Village. Ever-trendy Silver Lake sits to the south, with Thai Town and Hollywood to the … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: Home Renovations that Can Lessen Your Home's Value - 02/14/17 11:29 AM

Whether you've been considering selling your house for a while, there's a good chance you've heard the buzzword 'renovation' and considered how it can positively impact the value of your home. From upgrading your kitchen to painting, there are plenty of renovations that will do wonders in terms of your property's price on the market, but there are a few that can have the opposite effect so you'll want to be leery of the following fix-ups.
Cool Colored Tile
If, at one point, you installed a bunch of brightly colored tile into your living room or kitchen to add a bit more life … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Los Angeles - 02/12/17 09:50 AM

You may consider February 14th a bit manufactured, but Los Angeles brings a bevy of choices to the table in both fun and functional for Valentine’s Day activities. Los Angeles is a laid-back, flip-flops and shorts kind of town with champagne and caviar tastes. It’s also one of the most romantic places, that makes it a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. From a simple walk along the beach, a horseback ride in the mountains, the luxury of a sunset helicopter tour, or a diamond-studded exploration of the Jewelry District, there’s something to suit everyone’s romantic feelings and budget in Los … (6 comments)

los angeles real estate: How to Maximize Your Space in a Smaller Home - 02/09/17 10:16 AM
Many people look at downsizing to a smaller living space and think that there are a lot of limitations imposed. However, a smaller home can offer up the opportunity to be inventive with design and get creative about your abode. Whether you live in small home now or are thinking of downsizing in the future, here are some ideal ways to make the most of living in a smaller home.
Invest in Multi-Functional Pieces
It may be nice to have a stylish bar cart or a hefty china cabinet for your space, but there are certain kinds of home items that only serve … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: The Grove and Farmers Market an LA Experience - 02/05/17 08:07 PM

With the charming Main Street, European architecture, and rich local history, The Grove outdoor shopping center and Farmers Market is located at 189 The Grove Dr. in LA The. Grove draws a diverse and upbeat crowd of young professionals, artsy types, couples on dates, hip locals, shoppers, students, and tourists of all ages.
Organized as a city center complete with street lamps and a small park in the center, The Grove is usually bustling with activity as young professionals and tourists peruse the popular stores and eateries along the cobblestone walkways, or duck into the movie theater to see the latest release.
Those … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: The Two Negotiations Periods When Selling Your Home - 01/31/17 06:19 PM

During the sales process, there are usually two negotiation periods during some home sales. The primary negotiation takes place when the contract is agreed upon that includes the price, closing and possession. Buyers and sellers alike feel relieved once this first round has resulted in an agreement but there may be more negotiations to come if there are contingencies for financing, inspections or other things.
The purpose of an inspection is for the buyer to receive an objective evaluation about the condition of the home and its components to identify existing defects and potential problems. The expense for inspections can be several … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: Easy and Economical Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen - 01/26/17 04:45 PM

With all the things that you need to fit into the kitchen, being economical with how you use your space can be a very important part of making it work. If you're looking for some new ideas for how to use your space to maximum capacity, here are some ideas that might just make a marked difference!
Make Use of Magnets
Using magnets to hold up some kitchen essentials will not only be effective and functional, it will make for a quirky, modern space with personality. Whether you decide on a magnetized knife block for the side of the fridge or purchase … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: Great Los Angeles Skyline Views that You’ll Love - 01/20/17 06:22 PM
When talking about LA some of the images most of us think of are the jam-packed freeways and smog. The problem is that this picture doesn’t do Los Angeles justice. Just go to any of these places and see how that changes that impression you have. Instead of associating the city with traffic, your first though will be the impressive Downtown skyline. It is a skyline that will rival any city in the US.
Downtown LA's skyline from The Standard
You haven’t experienced LA before until you’ve been to a rooftop bar, and the Rooftop at the Standard, especially, lives up to the hype. It’s best visited at … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Red Flags to Watch for When Touring an Open House - 01/18/17 03:11 PM

An open house is one of the best opportunities a potential homeowner will have to determine if that home will work for them. It can also be a good opportunity to discover some glaring red flags that might make it a less worthwhile investment. If you're currently perusing the open houses in your neighborhood, here are some things you should make sure to watch out for.
A Selling Hot-Spot
It's well and good if you love the home you visit, but 'location, location, location' is a popular phrase for a reason. If you've noticed a lot of homes for sale in the area, … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Guide to Conducting a DIY Energy Audit for Your Home - 01/11/17 08:15 AM

The idea of conducting an energy audit on your home might seem like something complicated that should be left to the experts, but there are ways for you to make your home a little greener without consulting anybody. Instead of having someone else do the work, here are a few simple ways for you to inspect your home and green up its energy use.
Do A Candle Test of Exterior Walls
Since warm or cold air coming in from outside your home can impact your energy use significantly, do the simple test of taking a candle on a tour of your home to … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: The L.A. Lifestyle - 01/08/17 08:24 PM

The population in Los Angeles continues to grow every year. It is a city that captures the imagination like no other, drawing tens of thousands of Americans. Once you’ve moved to Los Angeles you should realize it’s not like any other city in the U.S or the world. You should throw out any expectations that you have of how a major metropolis should be organized. Living in New York or Chicago is totally different compared to living in Los Angeles. So, here are some things you should know about the Los Angeles life style.
A Mediterranean Climate
The climate here in Los Angeles is characterized by warm … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Making Your Home More 'Pet Friendly' - 01/04/17 01:11 PM

Whether you're moving to a new home or you have a new family pet, it can be a struggle to make the place a little friendlier for them. From the trash can to the cupboards and doors, there can be a lot of dangers that have the ability to hurt your furry friend you might not be aware of. If you're looking for some simple ways to make their life a little easier, here are a few things you can do.
Take Care of The Trash
The image of dogs sifting through the trash is common for a reason, so it's important to … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: New Year Resolutions If You Want to Want to Buy a Home in 2017 - 01/01/17 03:50 PM

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet for 2017? Planning to change is never an easy one and sticking to it can be even harder. Most resolutions involve goals that you’ve set for yourself to improve your fitness, be more organized, or eat better. But, if you plan on buying a new home in 2017 your New Year’s resolutions should be made so you can achieve that goal. Here are some key resolutions that will help you reach your goal of homeownership in 2017.  
Credit Rating - You need to find out what your credit rating is. Have one of … (1 comments)

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