waterford lakes: Free Family Film Festival at Regal Cinemas - Only Two Weeks Left! - 07/24/08 03:16 AM

All summer long, Regal Cinemas has been hosting this event in a variety of theaters throughout the country.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, parents can bring their kid(s) to Regal and watch a free showing of a G rated or PG rated film.  The only downside to this is that these films are already pre-selected, so the choice is limited, but it's something you and your kid(s) can do.
For those of you interested in the East Orlando area, here's the remaining schedule for the theaters in Waterford Lakes, Oviedo Marketplace, and Winter Park Village:
Waterford Lakes:

 These movies start … (4 comments)

waterford lakes: Upcoming Events in the Greater Orlando Area - April 9th - 13th - 04/09/08 04:22 AM
Here are some of the upcoming events for the Greater Orlando Area - as reported by WMFE.
Wednesday, 4/9
Bay Two opens tonight at Mills Park that's a new gallery at Mills Avenue and Virginia in Orlando. The event starts at 7 and features art, music, and film.http://www.eventsatmillspark.com/
These plays OPEN this week THE MIRACLE WORKER at the Bay Street Theatre in EustisJOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT at the Helen Stairs TheatreTHE DINING ROOM at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna BeachCLUE, THE MUSICAL at Melbourne Civic TheatreTARTUFFE by Seminole Community College
Thursday, 4/10
The Orlando Ballet School will present "Stars of Tomorrow", … (0 comments)

waterford lakes: Orlando's Biggest Community Yard Sale - April 12th & 13th in Avalon Park - 04/08/08 09:56 AM
Avalon Park is having a HUGE community yard sale this Saturday (April 12th) & Sunday (April 13th) from 8am until 2pm.  There are 56 houses signed up at the moment, but probably many more will participate.
Here's a link to the official Avalon Park Community Yard Sale Website.
And here's a link to the map of all the participating yards.  (It includes descriptions of the kinds of things you'll find at each home.)

waterford lakes: First New $5 Bill to Be Spent at President Lincoln's Cottage today - 03/13/08 12:31 AM
Washington, D.C. - February 13, 2008 - The first redesigned $5 bill, which will continue to feature the portrait of President Abraham Lincoln, will enter circulation today and will be spent at the gift shop of President Lincoln's Cottage at the Soldiers' Home in Washington, D.C. The venue, which has recently been restored and open to the public, was used by President Lincoln as a retreat. President Lincoln understood that maintaining the integrity of U.S. currency was critical to the stability of our economy. In fact, President Lincoln established the United States Secret Service the same evening he was assassinated at Ford's … (5 comments)

waterford lakes: Optimists give pupils chance to speak their mind - East Orlando - Thursday evening, March 13th - 03/10/08 04:32 AM
Do you have (or know) a young person who has something to say? You might want to check out the Optimist Club's oratorical contest. Oviedo's local contest is taking place this Thursday evening (March 13th) at the C.O.P.S. & Volunteer Center at Oviedo Marketplace (near Dillard's).Qualified children (students younger than 16 as of Dec. 31) can compete in only one local contest per year, but Oviedo will allow any child to participate regardless of where the child lives. Show up at 6:30 p.m. Thursday and your student can compete -- as long as they have a properly completed application, a typed version of the speech on the designated … (1 comments)

waterford lakes: East Orlando Innovation Way Town Hall Meeting - March 13 - 03/03/08 03:01 AM
The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce is hosting a community-wide, town-hall style forum for East Orlando to discuss how to make the vision of Innovation Way a reality. Specific topics to be discussed include: transporation, schools, health care, public safety and other issues.
Date: Thursday, March 13, 2008
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Stoneybrook Golf Club East - 2900 Northampton Ave., Orlando, FL 32828 (Map)
Cover Charge: Free
For more information see the EOCC website or contact Annie Winterbottom of the EOCC.  Phone: (407) 277-5951

waterford lakes: Foreclosure can take a lot longer than you might think... - 02/23/08 07:08 AM
According to these two articles, this foreclosure proceeding has been going on since the owner, Joe Lents, stopped paying on his mortgage back in 2002!
He doesn't dispute owing the money, he claims he just wants to be sure he's paying it to the rightful Lender.
Defending himself has, so far, cost more the $120,000.  But he's still winning the cases, or at least delaying a negative outcome.
He was a retired CPA leading a software company that was charged by the SEC with a "pump-and-dump" scheme - in which he lost money.  As a result of that charge, he lost his job and subsequently could no longer pay the mortgage on his … (6 comments)

waterford lakes: As a man thinketh... - 02/23/08 04:08 AM
I was continuing to work on developing the new habit of reading this morning and came across a passage that included the famous phrase above... well, not exactly.  But I believe it's the passage from which the phrase above was derived.
The actual phrase I came across read, "For as he thinks within himself, so he is," which in olde english is rendered, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."
Sound pretty close?  I thought so.
I remembered that phrase as a famous self-improvement phrase.  The idea tied with it was something along the lines of "If you think long enough … (2 comments)

waterford lakes: How tough is it for America's Middle Class? - 02/23/08 03:11 AM
"To hear the Lou Dobbses and Bill O'Reillys of the world--not to mention politicians ranging from Ron Paul to Hillary Clinton--the middle class of America (however you define that term) has never had it so tough. Between credit squeezes, out-of-control immigration, rising costs of education and health care and everything else, it's all darkness out there for those of us who are neither millionaires nor welfare cases, right?"
This website (with a 7 1/2 minute Drew Carey video) was pointed out to me.  I think it's right on the money.
We are wealthier than ever before.  All it takes to recognize that is … (0 comments)

waterford lakes: Think And Grow Rich - A Book Review - 02/20/08 10:56 PM
As I commented in Jim Fischetti's blog, I've been reading and struggling my way through Think And Grow Rich.  Now that I've finished the book, I think I'll post a bit about it.
I've heard about the book for quite a few years (it was first published back in 1966.)  And it came VERY highly recommended. (Even the most recent "restored," "revised" "original" edition has a rating on Amazon of 4.5 out of 5 stars after more than 100 reviews by customers.)
So, with its long best-seller status and high praise, I was quite surprised to find myself recoiling from reading it.  Now … (6 comments)

waterford lakes: Habit of Reading - 02/20/08 02:10 PM
This morning I went to one of my (new) regular networking group meetings.  The leader of the group had forewarned us that he'd be giving a book review of The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino.  He talked about how this little book had made such a profound impact in/on his life as he started reading and re-reading it 20+ years ago.
One thing stood out to me as he talked, he read the book's instruction to read one of the "Scrolls" every day - morning, noon, and night, for 30 days before moving on to the next "Scroll" and repeating … (0 comments)

waterford lakes: The Myth of Excellence - 02/18/08 10:32 PM
Yesterday I wrote about Exceeding Expectations versus Meeting Needs.  I proposed that we should first and foremost focus on discovering and meeting the needs of our clients.
Today I want to talk a little bit more about exceeding expectations, but more from the perspective of trying to achieve excellence in every area of our businesses.  I should "warn" you - this will be more of a book review than my own independent thinking.
A while back I read the book, "The Myth of Excellence" by Crawford and Matthews.  The authors set out to research and write a book on excellence in business.  Their hypothesis … (11 comments)

waterford lakes: Exceeding Expectations or Meeting Needs - 02/18/08 06:00 AM
I was just reading this blog entry by Lisa Spalding and it got me thinking...
What are we focused on trying to do?  Exceed expectations?  Or Meet needs?
What, if anything, is the difference?
I believe we should forget about trying to "exceed expectations" and put the vast majority of our energy into "merely" meeting needs.
I say that, because I firmly believe that people's expectations have been so reduced, that if we truly meet our customers' needs, we will exceed their expectations.
People are used to being disappointed.  They're used to companies over-promising and under-delivering.
Think about it a moment.  What's the slogan for your favorite … (8 comments)

waterford lakes: Grateful in Florida - 02/18/08 04:19 AM
I just saw this "news" report, and it reminded me to be grateful for our weather here in Florida.  It was posted this past Saturday by a lady in Janesville, Wisconsin and said in part:
Here's some happy news: The owner of a 20-by-30 foot driveway has shoveled 8.9 tons of snow this winter.
No kidding. That's 17,774 pounds of snow.
And here's some even happier news: On Sunday, we're getting more snow.
Even though we've had some dreary rain recently, we don't have to deal with (literally) tons of snow to shovel!  Of course, we also don't get the advantage of the workouts that … (2 comments)

waterford lakes: Shutting down the Editor-Proofreader in me - 02/14/08 10:43 PM
I keep meaning to post things on my blogs, but frequently get stymied by my internal Editor-Proofreader.
Having been raised to be hyper-critical of everything, always looking for errors that need to be corrected, I find myself (in the words of one of my college professors) suffering from "creative constipation." 
I don't want to let anything out unless it's perfect.
The problem is, rarely (if ever) is anything I do "perfect."  So, I end up rarely (if ever) creating things... music, woodwork, landscaping, papers, books, or... blog entries.  Nothing's ever "good enough" to let it out.
I even struggle with doing drafts of work.
Now, to … (1 comments)

waterford lakes: This morning the Federal Reserve made a somewhat surprising move... - 01/22/08 01:14 PM
They announced a 3/4% drop in both the Funding rate and the Discount rate prior to the opening of the market.  And the prognosticators are discussing the possibility that when the Federal Reserve meets for their regular meeting next week, they might drop rates another 0,25% as they wrap up their 2-day meeting.
Whether or not they drop another 1/4%, this is already very good news for borrowers. 
Those that are looking to buy, just got a wonderful late Christmas present (or Hanukkah if you prefer!)  They can get the same home for lower monthly payments.
And those that were considering refinancing, either … (2 comments)


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