100: I'll Take HUD Homes For $100, Alex - 03/15/12 11:53 PM
This is an extremely well written article explaining HUD homes.  Do not forget HUD homes also qualify for a $100 down payment.  Please call or email me with any questions.  www.DaveYourMortgageGuy.com. 
What is a HUD Home?  I can hear your thoughts already: 'DUH ... It's a home owned by HUD!'  True enough, but are you confident you know enough about them to make it a daily double?
Yes, HUD Homes are owned by HUD, but who is HUD anyway? And what characteristics make a home eligible to be a HUD Home?

First Things First
HUD is an acronym for the … (0 comments)

100: DO NOT FORGET: Mortgage Insurance is Tax Deductible on Your 2011 Tax Returns - 01/31/12 03:05 AM
Well, it is that time of year.  TAX TIME!!!  And we are all looking for the most write off’s we can.  And owning a home has many.  One special deduction for the year 2011 is that you can write off Mortgage Insurance.  This was not true in the past and at this point it does not look like you will be able to write it off in 2012.  But, who knows what will happen in the future.  Here are the exact rules for being able to write off your Mortgage Insurance on your 2011 Tax Returns:
1.     Your purchase or refinance … (4 comments)

100: Top 12 Benefits to the FHA Mortgage - 01/26/12 09:30 AM
Whether you are buying or refinancing  your home, the FHA mortgage maybe the best option for you.  Here are the top 12 Benefits of the FHA Loan:
1.      Low Interest Rates- FHA Mortgages tend to have lower rates than Conventional loans.  As an example if the FHA interest rate today is 3.75% than most likely the conventional loan rate is 4% or higher
2.      Lower Credit Scores- FHA Loans will allow lower credit scores than a Conventional Loan.  On a FHA Loan it is possible to get approved with a fico score as low as 580
3.      FHA Loans are … (2 comments)

100: Buy a HUD Foreclosed Home with a Down Payment of $100, anywhere in Texas!! - 10/28/11 05:51 AM
After a short hiatus, the $100 down payment when buying a HUD Foreclosure program is back.   This is a great program if you are looking to buy a HUD foreclosure as your primary home.  Here are the general rules that you must know to qualify:
1.     This program is only when buying a HUD Foreclosure.
2.     You must buy the home for the List price or more to qualify for the $100 down payment
3.     You will still have closing costs to pay, but you can negotiate with HUD to pay all or some of them
4.     This is only when … (3 comments)

100: Save up to 50% off a HUD Foreclosure if you are a Police Officer, Teacher, Firefighter or EMT. Good Neighbor Next Door Program - 09/30/10 03:22 PM
If you are Law Enforcement Officer, Teacher, Firefighter or an Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) you can buy a HUD foreclosed home for 50% off of the appraised value.  This program is called the Good Neighbor Next Door Program.  The 50% discount is like a 2nd mortgage that is forgiven after 3yrs.  There are no payments like an normal mortgage, but if you sell the home before the 3yrs you will incur costs.  For more information on this check out: 50% down payment. 
For these professionals, the home must fall in the area that you work.  Meaning a teacher must buy a home … (0 comments)

100: USDA Funds are Nearly Exhausted - 03/11/10 06:02 AM
This is important info for buyers who need the USDA mortgage.  Please call me today on the USDA program.  Especially if you are looking to buy in the Fort Bend, Harris or Brazoria County.  Or anywhere in Texas. 

If you have buyers in need of 100% financing, take notice! One widely popular tool for funding is about to run out of money. Buyers that need a no down payment loan guaranteed by the USDA are running out of time to get their deal done. Notice was delivered from Washington on March 9 that the funds are nearly exhausted, with expectations … (0 comments)

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