20: The Top 3 Benefits of a 20% Down Payment when Buying a Home - 11/13/13 02:34 AM
Many of us have heard when buying a home that it is best to put down 20% of the home’s price.  While this is not possible for everyone, if you can do it there are huge benefits.  Here are the top 3 benefits to putting down a 20% down payment when buying a home:
1. The Evil Mortgage Insurance- Some of us have heard that Mortgage Insurance is EVIL.  It’s not really evil as it is something that is required when you are putting down less than a 20% down payment when getting a conventional loan.  Mortgage insurance is … (0 comments)

20: The Mortgage Guidelines for Gift Money as Your Down Payment - 07/05/12 04:56 AM
Many homebuyers get financial  assistance for their down payment.  While getting your down payment from immediate family is definitely okay there are some rules you will want to know:
1.      FHA Loans:  On FHA loans you can have the whole down payment gifted to you.  FHA loans require a 3.5% down payment.  Keep in mind their maybe additional guidelines depending on your credit score. 
2.      Conventional Loans: You can have your whole down payment gifted to you if you are putting 20% or more down.  If it is less than 20% you will need 5% of the down payment … (6 comments)

20: 20 Sure-Fire Blog Titles that Get Results - 07/12/11 09:51 AM

Rebekah, has given awesome advice if you are stuck coming up for a title for a blog post.  Many times it can be difficult, but try to keep it simple and come up with a plan.  But always remember to make it catchy and focus on what the article is about.  Dave Your Mortgage Guy. 

Have you ever written the perfect article only to find you are stumped when it comes to creating your catchy keyword friendly blog title?  You’re not alone.  We all have those days when writing a pithy, emotionally responsive blog title feels just outside our reach.

20: When is getting a Second Mortgage the best option for you? - 01/17/11 05:55 AM
When getting a mortgage you will want to know all your options?  And of course you want to make sure you are choosing the best mortgage for your needs.  Many times I hear that other banks do not offer 2nd mortgages or that they do not exist.  I am here to say they do exist and to explain when getting a 2nd mortgage could be best for you. 
Jumbo Loan
A jumbo loan is considered any conventional loan with a loan amount over $417k.  So what do you do if you loan amount is over $417k?  You could get a Jumbo … (3 comments)

20: The 20 year Mortgage could be a Hidden Treasure for you. Buying or Refinancing a Home - 09/22/10 06:03 AM
15-year and 30-year are usually the most popular mortgages.  But the advantages of having a 20-year mortgage are huge.  You pay more each month, but you pay it for 10 years less.  Say your buying a house for $100k, here's how the different mortgage plans work out at 5% interest:  30-year payment is $536 over 30-years you will pay $98,255 in interest.  For the 20-year is about $659 but your total interest will come to only $58,389.  If you are age 40 the house will be paid off well before you retire.  If you are 20 it will probably be paid off by … (0 comments)

20: 8 Great Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage - 08/17/10 02:05 PM
Currently mortgage rates are at the lowest they have ever been, since mortgage rates have been monitored.  Many people are looking to refinance and I wanted to point out 8 great reasons to do it.
Cut the Length of your Mortgage- With 15 year mortgages being at an all time low of 3.75%(at the time of writing) now is the best time to reduce the term of your mortgage.  If you have a 30 year mortgage it is worth looking into reducing your term to a 10, 15 or 20 year mortgage.  You may be able to reduce your length … (1 comments)

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