2nd: Can I get a 2nd VA Loan? Yes, you can and here is how. - 10/04/11 07:50 AM
If you are a veteran you can actually have 2 VA loans.  You may want a 2nd VA Mortgage if you are moving and not selling your current home, etc.  The calculation to find out if you can have two VA loans can be a little confusing.  So, Here are the steps to follow when figuring out if you can have 2 VA loans:
1.      Order your Certificate of Eligibility- Your Mortgage Lender can do this for you.  It requires you to provide your DD-214 form.  If you do not have the DD-214 form, you will want to find it.
2.      Your Entitlement- … (4 comments)

2nd: When is getting a Second Mortgage the best option for you? - 01/17/11 05:55 AM
When getting a mortgage you will want to know all your options?  And of course you want to make sure you are choosing the best mortgage for your needs.  Many times I hear that other banks do not offer 2nd mortgages or that they do not exist.  I am here to say they do exist and to explain when getting a 2nd mortgage could be best for you. 
Jumbo Loan
A jumbo loan is considered any conventional loan with a loan amount over $417k.  So what do you do if you loan amount is over $417k?  You could get a Jumbo … (3 comments)

2nd: Cost Savings Tips for Second Home Buyers - 07/21/10 10:46 AM
This is great information if you own a Second Home.  www.DaveYourMortgageGuy.com. 

Most homes can save 25% to 50% or more energy. So when you are investing in a second and/or vacation home like the one you see in the photo here, you may want to look in to cost saving ideas. Many of these ideas also are “eco-friendly.” When making the investment in a second home here are 5 things you can look into:  
1.       A home energy audit is the first step in figuring out your costs and potential savings.  Get a  home energy audit.Here is a link where you … (1 comments)

2nd: 2nd mortgages do exist. I promise!! - 03/08/10 05:41 AM
Quite often I hear from clients that another mortgage company or bank tells them that 2nd mortgages do not exist.  This is usually because that company is not approved to do them or chooses to not do them.  But I promise they do exist.  Why would a buyer choose to do a 2nd mtg:
Avoid mortgage insurance.  Many times avoiding mortgage insurance is beneficial for a couple reasons: a lower payment and the interest is tax deductible.  Over the long term mortgage insurance is not tax deductible. They have a home to sell and do not have the 20% down … (6 comments)

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