buy: Are You Thinking of Buying the Home Your in? 4 Things You Should Do - 07/15/12 04:29 AM
If you are buying the home you are renting, there are 4 things you should take in to consideration:
1.      Use a Title Company.  No Matter how much you like the seller’s or even if they are family, you should use a title company.  A title company makes sure the ownership of the home switches to you with none of the baggage of the seller’s.  Such as Liens on the property.  The Title company will also make sure your ownership is recorded.  This is extremely important since it officially makes you the owner.  And if you are getting a mortgage to … (0 comments)

buy: The Cost of Buying vs Renting a Home In Pearland or anywhere in the Houston Area - 10/25/11 08:52 AM
Maggie gives a great example on why it is better to buy a home, instead of renting one.  This is especially true in the Houston area.  And if you are looking to buy a home in Pearland, contact Maggie today.

It makes good sense to consider purchasing a home in today’s Pearland, Texas Real Estate market. The Houston Association of Realtors just reported that homes sales climb up closed to 17% from last year.  They also reported record home sales for four straight months.  Clearly stated, the Real Estate market is moving along strong.
In Pearland, TX, our … (1 comments)

buy: I Am New To The United States, How Do I Eventually Get A Mortgage?? - 07/14/11 08:55 AM
When coming over to the US, you have a couple items to pay attention to so you can eventually get a Mortgage.   I will go over the specific things to address when you move to the United States and how to be better prepared for eventually getting a Mortgage.  Here they are: 
Your Visa- Most likely you will be here on a Visa.  You want to make sure that Visa is an approved Visa to get a mortgage.  For the list of Visa's: Immigration Visa.  If Your Mortgage Lender denied you for a mortggage because of your Visa, but it appears on this list, … (1 comments)

buy: After Loan Approval....DON'T BREATH AT ALL UNTIL YOU CLOSE! - 06/16/11 02:29 AM
Larry has once again pointed out something very important to remember.  When getting a mortgage, do not apply or open any new credit until after you close.  A new credit report is pulled before closing.  And that new account could get your loan denied. 
Or At Least Until You Close Here's the deal Your credit will be re-pulled prior to closing!  Book it! Bank on it! Expect it! Last month we had about 1500 closings and two issues came up prior to closing.  One person had new credit because of a recent purchase and the other person had just … (6 comments)

buy: Conroe Market Report - 08/03/10 06:35 AM
This is great info if you are thinking of buying a home in the Montgomery County(Texas) area. 

MLS area 19: Conroe and the immediate surrounding area.
MLS area 19, one of four MLS areas that comprise Montgomery County, is the third most active MLS area in our county. It normally averages about 15% of this county's home sales. So how did it do in the first six months of 2010 versus 2009? The answer is............ FANTASTIC!
Single family residence sales increased an astonishing 27.76% over the first six months of 2009. Yes that's correct. A 27.76% … (0 comments)

buy: 16 straight months of inventory drop in Steiner Ranch, Austin, TX!!! - 08/03/10 06:27 AM
This is great information if you are looking to buy a home in Austin,Texas. 

As anticipated, closings in the River North area dropped in July as most of the tax credit sales closed in June. (Area market report link is below) 
Steiner Ranch continues to maintain a robust rebound with its 16th straight month in inventory declined combined by 6 straight months of sales increases.  WOW!
STEINER RANCH COMMUNITY TOUR CLICK ON PICTURE  Though some price ranges’ MOI are abnormally high, we are seeing improvement, save the $1mm to $1.5mm price range. 
As noted many times before, … (0 comments)

buy: Top 10 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living, McAllen and Harlingen make the List - 08/02/10 07:00 AM just released their ranking of the top 10 least expensive cities to live in.  They compiled their rankings based on the ACCRA Cost of Living Index produced by the Council for Community and Economic Research. The Index measures relative price levels for housing, utilities, transportation, grocery items, health care and miscellaneous goods and services (it does not include taxes).  So their research covers all aspects of life.  Here are the two cities in Texas that made the list:

3. Harlingen- It is the southernmost city in Texas.  The cost of housing is below the national average.  Harlingen is … (1 comments)

buy: The Woodlands - 07/29/10 06:09 AM
This is great information if you are interested in buying a home in The Woodlands(TX).

MLS area 15: Oak Ridge, Shenandoah, The Woodlands and west to the county line
MLS area 15, one of four MLS areas that comprise Montgomery County, is the most active MLS area in our county. It normally averages about 55% of this county's home sales. So how did it do in the first six months of 2010 versus 2009? The answer is............ not bad at all.
Single family residence sales increased 11.61% over the first six months of 2009. … (0 comments)

buy: Buy a Fannie Mae Foreclosure and Fannie Mae will pay for new appliances for the buyer!! - 02/11/10 07:33 AM
Yes, its true.  When you buy a Fannie Mae foreclosure, Fannie Mae will pay for new Whirlpool appliances for you.  Here are the rules:
The Contract must be signed after Jan 28th You must close and fund on the home by April 30th or before Fannie Mae will pay up to 3.5% of the sales price toward New Whirlpool Appliances.  And will deliver them to the Buyers This is not part of the seller paid closing costs.  You can still have them pay up to 6% depending on the LTV You must request this during the negotiation of the sales price.  … (2 comments)

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