google: 5 Stories on Why You Need to Google Yourself, regularly - 10/14/11 07:49 AM
Every couple months, I like to “Google” My Name and My Website,  Of course this is a great idea so you know what comes up in those searches.  And which blogs, websites, topics, etc come up at the top.  But, I recently “Googled” myself and noticed a couple interesting things.  Here are my 5 stories on what came up when I Googled myself:
 1.      Thieves- They stole from ME!!!!  Here on Activerain you can reblog someone’s blog or post.  Which is great.  Now I don’t really care if someone ‘borrows” a blog and post it to their website, as long … (10 comments)

google: Do You Need a Loan Officer for Your Buyers? Texas– Dave Your Mortgage Guy - 08/29/11 04:33 AM
Of course you need a loan officer.  And maybe at this time you are looking for a new mortgage professional to work with.  You have a lot of choices to choose from for a loan officer to work with, but here are 10 reasons that separates Dave Your Mortgage Guy from my competition:
1.      I go to all my closings- This makes a possible nerve wracking time for your buyer, into a smooth closing.  I am there to answer questions.
2.      You will be include in all emails with your Buyer- That way you are updated during the whole process.  From … (0 comments)

google: Check out The Website About.Me. A FREE Profile. Social Media - 07/08/11 07:35 AM
In my opinion one of the keys to being successful in Social Media(SEO) is to be "everywhere" on the internet.  So the more places you are, the better.  So having your profile on Activerain, Trulia and Google Profiles is a must.  About. Me is another great website that allows you to have a FREE and professional looking Profile.  Here are the benefits to having a profile on About.Me:
You can design your own profile- You can upload a photo for your background or use one of their options.  You can change the print, etc Links- You can post about as many … (4 comments)

google: Your FHA, VA, USDA, HomePath Mortgage Lender for All Houston Area Zip Codes. - 07/06/11 11:03 AM
When getting a mortgage you want to make sure you in good hands.  You want to make sure you are getting a great deal and the best mortgage for you.  No Matter what Zip Code you live in I can help you with your Mortgage.  Here are just some of the Benefits of using Dave Your Mortgage Guy for your mortgage:
I'm Local- I am here in the Houston Area.  Whether you live in The Woodlands, Sugar Land or any part of the Area, I am close by. Documents- Since I am local I will go thru the mortgage documents with … (0 comments)

google: 5 Easy Tips to Improving Your Website Now!! - 05/26/11 10:49 AM
I recently read a great article on and it was titled 5 Easy Things You Can do to Improve Website Conversion Now.  They just as easily could have called it 5 tips to Improve Your Website, Period!  Here are the 5 Great Tips combined with my Two Cents:
Remove Unnecessary Web Page Content- Sounds easy enough.  If its not getting you traffic or people do not visit the page often, get rid of it!!  If you overload the viewer with too much content they will leave your sight.  So Keep It Simple, if its not great content get rid of … (8 comments)

google: How to Make a QR Code for Any Webpage or Website! - 05/07/11 12:50 PM
What is a QR Code you ask?  Per Wikipedia a QR Code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.  Now in English, A QR Code is that black and white image that is on everything now.  Iphones love them.  Now you may not have a Iphone or an application to read QR Codes, but I bet some of your future clients do.  So how do you … (8 comments)

google: How to make a Short Link for a Webpage and monitor the Traffic!! Make Short URL - 05/02/11 05:34 AM
UGH!!!  I can't fit my website link into the box in Twitter!!!  Or It is way to long to put in my Facebook status box.  Am I even getting any Traffic by posting these links???   Stop worrying, all you have to do is make a Short URL for your blog, listing or any webpage.  This amazing site is called  This free site allows you to make a short URL for any webpage or link.  Think about that for a minute, you can make a short link to a Yahoo article(webpage) and post it on twitter.  And you can actually monitor … (0 comments)

google: VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to add SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS to your SIGNATURE !! - 04/19/11 07:13 AM

This is an awesome step by step video on how to add Social Media Buttons to your signature for emails, blogging and your website.

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Sheldon Neal is a Full Time Bergen County Realtor® with RE/MAX, specializing in Homes For Sale in the Central & Northern Bergen County, NJ area.
 Sheldon Neal ~ RE/MAX REAL ESTATE LTD. cell:  201-481-2891 email: website:
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google: 6 Great Tips to Improving your Internet Presence. SEO - 04/18/11 08:42 AM
Whether you want to focus on your SEO (search Engine Optimization) or your Internet Presence, it is all the same.  The Goal is to get found on the Internet and get found a lot.  I by no means think of myself as a SEO expert, even thou I am on the first page of Google for over 20 different mortgage topics and teach a MCE class on this topic.  Infact I believe the opposite, I am a student of SEO.  And if you don't look at yourself as a student, you will get passed over by those that keep learning.  The … (2 comments)

google: How to set up a "Google Me" Link !! - 04/13/11 02:19 AM

Why wait for clients to Google You, Make it easier and put a button to Google You.  The Button will send them to exact Google Search that will help your clients.  Sheldon has done an awesome step by step video to do this. 

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Sheldon Neal is a Full Time Bergen County Realtor® with RE/MAX, specializing in Homes For Sale in the Central & Northern Bergen County, NJ area.
 Sheldon Neal ~ RE/MAX REAL ESTATE LTD. cell:  201-481-2891 email: website:
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google: Where does your Website’s Traffic come from?? Find out with Google Analytics - 12/09/10 03:52 AM
Google Analytics is an amazing program to find out where your traffic comes from.  It is a FREE service(you must have a Gmail account).  When you sign up you will need to attach a "code" to your site footer.  It is important to attach the code to your footer so that Google Analytics can monitor traffic to all pages.  There is instructions on how to do this as part of the sign up process.  Here are the benefits of Google Analytics:
See how many visits you get per day, weekly, monthly How many pages were viewed on average per visit. How … (6 comments)

google: 35 Easy ways to Market your Blog and Website - 11/30/10 12:46 PM recently came out with an ebook that talks about 35 ways to market your Blog.  Not only is this great information, but these ideas are also great for marketing your website, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube videos, etc.  Here are the 35 ways:
Promote it on your website.  If you have a website, you have to have a Blog Page! Add a link to your website and blog to your email signature Put your website and Blog on your business cards, print advertising, etc Like your Facebook Twitter pages Leverage Twitter Hashtags Post your blogs on your Facebook Page Post … (6 comments)

google: At Least You Can Do Is "Google This Address" Right? - 09/14/10 06:38 AM
The word Genius, best sums up this idea.  If you are blogging or doing YouTube videos about your listings, you need to add this to your marketing plan. 

With every listing we post in the front yard of our client's home, "Google This Address." It is the least we can do for them. We do much more than "Google This Address" for our Kennewick homes clients, but we continue to be amazed that no one else gets this small but effective marketing point.
Flyers Kinda Suck We do not do the flyer box thing. Why? Because we have a … (2 comments)

google: FREE Ebook for Beginners on learning SEO!! For your blogs and websites - 08/23/10 07:11 AM
I recently received this great book on improving your SEO. sent this to me and I have found all of their books to be very helpful.  If you are new to SEO- Search Engine Optimization, this book is for you.  The point of SEO is so your blogs and websites are found at the top of the list when clients look up certain topics on the internet.  Most of the suggestions are aimed at getting you at the top of the list on Google.  Since Google is the #1 search engine.  This book will go over:
Keywords- You will learn how … (1 comments)

google: How to Research a Neighborhood or Subdivision for a Blog - 02/08/10 07:38 AM
Bob Haywood from Tulsa, did a great job of pointing out how to blog about a specific neighborhood.  So I wanted to pass this on.   Keep in mind this is great for local subdivisions neighborhoods and/or cities.  Such as in my area of Texas: Sugar Land, Pearland, Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe, would be great to write about. 

Cheryl Ritchie asked me a question recently about doing research for when I blog about a neighborhood or subdivision.  This was in response to my post, One Thing (Blogging Straight Talk).  The point I was making in that piece was that I had a … (0 comments)

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