harris county: Mortgage Rate Update Sugar Land, Katy, Houston, The Woodlands 10/15/14 - 10/15/14 12:49 AM
Conventional 30 year Mortgage: 4%
Credit score:740
Loan Amount:$200k
APR: 4.29%
FHA 30 year:3.75%
Credit Score:640
loan amount:$200k
Conventional 15 year:3.125%
Credit score:740
Loan Amount:$200k
Rates are Subject to Change
Call me today if you are thinking of refinancing or buying a home, for the best mortgage rate possible.


harris county: George Clooney is Coming to Houston, May 3rd, 2012 - 03/21/12 04:45 AM
Do not miss the chance to see George Clooney live and in person May 3rd at 7pm at the Wortham Center/Brown Theater.  George Clooney is considered one of the most known actors of our time.  And how can you not like him in Ocean’s Eleven as Danny Ocean.  This is suppose to be his first lecture in North America.  Tickets are from $25 to $150 and to go to the benefit dinner it will cost you $2500.  For Tickets call Brilliant Lectures at 713-974-1335 or brilliantlectures.org.
Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to see George Clooney.


harris county: After Loan Approval....DON'T BREATH AT ALL UNTIL YOU CLOSE! - 06/16/11 02:29 AM
Larry has once again pointed out something very important to remember.  When getting a mortgage, do not apply or open any new credit until after you close.  A new credit report is pulled before closing.  And that new account could get your loan denied.  www.DaveYourMortgageGuy.com 
Or At Least Until You Close Here's the deal Your credit will be re-pulled prior to closing!  Book it! Bank on it! Expect it! Last month we had about 1500 closings and two issues came up prior to closing.  One person had new credit because of a recent purchase and the other person had just … (6 comments)

harris county: C is for Condo, T is for Townhome. Pay Attention to which it is in Houston, Texas - 01/19/11 12:02 PM
Here in Houston, we have a unique situation.   It is "condos" that look like Townhomes.  It walks like a townhome, talks like a townhome, but its quacks like a condo.  The property is listed on HAR.com(MLS) as a townhome, it looks like one.  The contract is done on a 1-4 family residential contract.  But on the tax record it shows a Condo.  to know the exact answer, look up the property on the Harris County Appraisal District.  And look under the "building type".  Some genius came up with the idea that if you call townhomes, condos you can build more of … (0 comments)

harris county: Forbes has Voted Houston #10 for Most Affordable City to Live in - 01/13/11 06:20 AM
Forbes recently named Houston as the #10 most affordable city to live in.  The research was done based on the 50 largest cities.  From there they took into account average Median asking home price and the median income for some one with a Bachelors degree.  They then compared it to the cost of living.  They also factored in the unemployment rate to display the strength of the area.  The Dallas area came in at #14
If you live in the Houston area you already know that this is a great place to live.  If you are thinking of moving here, this … (0 comments)

harris county: Your Weekly Mortgage Rate Update for Fort Bend, Harris, Brazoria, Montgomery County or anywhere in Texas. 11/3. 3.875% 30 year - 11/04/10 07:49 AM
Here is your weekly interest rate update:
Conventional 30 year Mortgage: 3.875%
Credit score:740
Loan Amount:$200k
APR: 4.45%
FHA 30 year:3.875%
Credit Score:680
loan amount:$200k
Conventional 15 year:3.5%
Credit score:740
Loan Amount:$200k
Call me today if you are thinking of refinancing or buying a home, for the best mortgage rate possible. 


harris county: Search REMAX.Com with New Mobile Browser! - 08/12/10 04:56 AM
The newly optimized remax.com website makes it easy for you and consumers to search millions of properties from any mobile device. remax.com identifies consumers searching from a mobile device and automatically displays web pages that are optimized for mobile viewing. Download the Mobile Flyer for more information.
Visitors can access the site whenever and wherever they are. They can search millions of properties by area or address, and request more information, all from their mobile device.* This allows consumers to take advantage of the brand-new address search feature. This feature gives prospective buyers the opportunity to look up listing information on the spot … (1 comments)

harris county: Sugar Land police are investigating several thefts involving a man posing as a police officer. - 08/10/10 05:02 AM
 In each instance, a man approached a Middle Eastern or Asian person, displayed a gold badge, identified himself as a police officer and said he was conducting an investigation. The police imposter told his victims he needed to examine the contents of their wallets, removed credit cards while the owners were distracted, then returned the wallets. The stolen credit cards were later used to make purchases at local stores.             The thefts occurred on:  ·         July 29, at 12:30 a.m., at Starbucks, 16098 City Walk; ·         July 30, at 1:30 p.m., at Bally's Total Fitness, 13444 Southwest Freeway; and ·         July 31, at 9 p.m., in the Lake Point … (4 comments)

harris county: VA Loans for Surviving Spouses Part II - 08/09/10 12:51 PM

In my last blog post I discussed VA home loan benefits for surviving spouses of veterans who died on active duty. Many people aren’t aware that surviving spouses may qualify for VA home loan benefits, but the Department of Veterans Affairs makes a distinction between surviving spouses of veterans who died on active duty and surviving spouses of those who died “as a result of military service”.These spouses aren’t denied a chance to apply for benefits, but the application requirements are different. For spouses who already receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), there is no need to send any … (0 comments)

harris county: Houston Man battles HOA over the use of Burglar Bars - 08/09/10 11:54 AM
Brady Roberts lives in a town home in the Ballpark Plaza development.  This area near Minute Maid park is a combination of newer town homes and old warehouses.  While many of the Warehouses are coming down to make room for new construction, there is still robberies in the area.  As Brady puts it "After I heard about the other continuing robberies, home invasions, even while people were home, that's when I decided to go ahead and install my burglar bars immediately and send in my application to the board,".  Seems like the right thing to do.  Well the HOA did not … (2 comments)

harris county: FHA Mortgage Insurance is Changing. A MUST READ - 08/07/10 04:32 AM
As of August 5, 2010 Congress passed bill H.R. 5981, this bill effectively changes the upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) and monthly mortgage insurance for FHA loans.  The good news is the upfront mortgage Insurance is being reduced to 1.00%.  This is down from a high of 2.25%.  This mortgage insurance was usually rolled into the mortgage, not affecting the clients all that much.  This is good news, thou.
Now the bad news.  The monthly mortgage insurance is going from .55% to .85%-.90%.  This change is for 30year mortgages only.  If the loan to value(LTV)  is over 95%(max 96.5%) the … (0 comments)

harris county: Are you trying to Avoid Foreclosure? www.KnowYourOptions.com - 08/04/10 01:28 PM
Fannie Mae has recently come out with a great website if you are facing foreclosure.  www.KnowYourOptions.com.  This website is very helpful if you do not know where to start.  Some of the helpful options on the website are:
Options to Stay in Your Home Options if you want to leave your home How to avoid Scams Find out if Fannie Mae owns your mortgage and how they can help  
Even if your Mortgage is not owned by Fannie Mae, this website still has very helpful information.   While everyone's situation is different, this website is very helpful on … (0 comments)

harris county: Pay Attention to Your Credit Cards Fees, They maybe trying to trick you. - 08/04/10 06:15 AM
Yahoo.com recently had a great article on the new changes many credit card companies are making.  The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, known as the Card Act was suppose to help the consumer against unfair credit card fees.  Since this Act could lose the credit card companies $390 million in revenue, they have come up with some ways to get that money back.  Here are just some of the tricky ways they are trying to do it:
Increasing Rates- Per the new Act the credit card companies are not allowed to increase your rate on your … (1 comments)

harris county: Your Weekly Mortgage Rate Update for Fort Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, Harris County or anywhere in Texas. 7/4 - 08/04/10 04:33 AM
Here is your weekly mortgage rate update:
Conventional 30 year Mortgage: 4.25%
Credit score:740
Loan Amount:$200k
APR: 4.875%
FHA 30 year:4.25%
Credit Score:640
loan amount:$200k
Conventional 15 year:3.75%
Credit score:740
Loan Amount:$200k
Call me today if you are thinking of refinancing or buying a home, for the best mortgage rate possible. 

harris county: Conroe Market Report - 08/03/10 06:35 AM
This is great info if you are thinking of buying a home in the Montgomery County(Texas) area.  www.DaveYourMortgageGuy.com. 

MLS area 19: Conroe and the immediate surrounding area.
MLS area 19, one of four MLS areas that comprise Montgomery County, is the third most active MLS area in our county. It normally averages about 15% of this county's home sales. So how did it do in the first six months of 2010 versus 2009? The answer is............ FANTASTIC!
Single family residence sales increased an astonishing 27.76% over the first six months of 2009. Yes that's correct. A 27.76% … (0 comments)

harris county: Top 10 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living, McAllen and Harlingen make the List - 08/02/10 07:00 AM
Klipinger.com just released their ranking of the top 10 least expensive cities to live in.  They compiled their rankings based on the ACCRA Cost of Living Index produced by the Council for Community and Economic Research. The Index measures relative price levels for housing, utilities, transportation, grocery items, health care and miscellaneous goods and services (it does not include taxes).  So their research covers all aspects of life.  Here are the two cities in Texas that made the list:

3. Harlingen- It is the southernmost city in Texas.  The cost of housing is below the national average.  Harlingen is … (1 comments)

harris county: 5 Things you SHOULD always RECYCLE - 07/30/10 04:18 AM
1.  ELECTRONICS - You'll keep toxic materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, & brominated flame retardants out of landfills. And useful materials will be recovered, saving energy & resources.
2. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES - Batteries contain heavy metals & other chemicals best kept out of the waste stream. 
3. COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS -  Use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs but contain a small amount of mercury so they should not be thrown in the trash.
4. PLASTIC BAGS -  They're made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource & when thrown away they take a very long time to decompose.
5. … (4 comments)

harris county: The Woodlands - 07/29/10 06:09 AM
This is great information if you are interested in buying a home in The Woodlands(TX).  www.DaveYourMortgageGuy.com

MLS area 15: Oak Ridge, Shenandoah, The Woodlands and west to the county line
MLS area 15, one of four MLS areas that comprise Montgomery County, is the most active MLS area in our county. It normally averages about 55% of this county's home sales. So how did it do in the first six months of 2010 versus 2009? The answer is............ not bad at all.
Single family residence sales increased 11.61% over the first six months of 2009. … (0 comments)

harris county: You have a chance to win a $25 Gift Card when parking at Town Square in Sugar Land - 07/28/10 11:18 AM
Sugar land Town Square currently has a parking campaign.  Now thru the rest of the Summer they will award a $25 town square gift card to random winners.  These winners must park in any of the 3 FREE parking Garages.  Park for free and Good Luck winning a Gift Card.  For more information go to Town Squares website www.sugarlandtownsquare.com.  Here is a map of where the parking garages are located.

harris county: Man fights to park in his own Driveway - 07/28/10 08:36 AM
My Fox in Tampa Bay(www.myfoxtampabay.com) recently reported about A.J. Vizzi and his fight to park in his own drive way.  When A.J. moved into his home he was told he could park in his driveway.  This was important to him since his truck is oversized for his garage.  The Eagles Masters Assoc, his homeowners assoction said he was in violation and could not park his truck there.  A.J. took them to court and 2 years later the case was ruled in his favor.  The HOA challenged the verdict and finally it was settled for $187k which covered AJ's legal fees.  What … (7 comments)

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