job: Who can Gift Me My Down Payment for a Home? - 02/25/15 11:14 PM
As you may already know, when getting a FHA mortgage you can have your Parent’s gift you your whole down payment.  But did you know that there are other ways to have you down payment gifted to you?  If not this is the article for you as I will go over the list of acceptable forms of gifted down payment when getting a FHA mortgage.  Here they are:
Immediate Family or Relatives- This obviously includes your Parents, but can also include your Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents, etc
Employer or Labor Union- You maybe close enough with the owner … (9 comments)

job: 10 things that could MURDER your Loan Approval - 11/04/14 03:11 AM
You may have already read all the nice and polite articles about what to do and not to do when getting a mortgage.  And many of them may have had real cute titles.  Well, this article is to get your attention on things that could MURDER your loan approval.  Here is a list of 10 items that could cause your loan to be denied.  These are all things to think of before making an offer on a home, as you could lose your dream home over them.  Here they are
Opening new credit- Once you are pre-approved for a mortgage do … (2 comments)

job: You can get Approved for a Mortgage while on Maternity Leave - 09/16/13 04:23 AM
There was a major lawsuit where a lender originally denied a client’s mortgage, since they were on maternity leave.  Unfortunately these type of situations happened a lot due to mortgage guidelines that required you to be working and not on maternity leave to get approved.  Well, the Government finally realized how unfair this was and has changed the rules.  You can now get a mortgage while you are on maternity leave.  Here are the guidelines for being on Maternity leave and qualifying for a mortgage:
You may not need to be making income to qualify if you are … (2 comments)

job: The Truth about Your Job and Getting a Mortgage - 02/26/13 12:48 AM
I recently read an article on a major website that went over how your job can affect your mortgage.  It had some scary info in there, that was just down right not true.  So I wanted to tell you the Truth about Your Job and Getting a Mortgage.  Here it is:
1.      New Job- If you are getting a new salary job(or paid hourly), it does not need to be in the same line of work as your previous job.  In the article it said you have to be in the same line of work for 2yrs, this is not … (0 comments)

job: I Am New To The United States, How Do I Eventually Get A Mortgage?? - 07/14/11 08:55 AM
When coming over to the US, you have a couple items to pay attention to so you can eventually get a Mortgage.   I will go over the specific things to address when you move to the United States and how to be better prepared for eventually getting a Mortgage.  Here they are: 
Your Visa- Most likely you will be here on a Visa.  You want to make sure that Visa is an approved Visa to get a mortgage.  For the list of Visa's: Immigration Visa.  If Your Mortgage Lender denied you for a mortggage because of your Visa, but it appears on this list, … (1 comments)

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