lender: I have just been Denied for a Mortgage….. now what?? - 06/16/15 01:08 AM
Getting denied for a mortgage when you want to buy a home is a horrible experience.  It can crush your dreams if you let it.  As a mortgage lender I was thinking of what you can do after you have been denied for a mortgage, so that eventually you will get approved to buy that dream home.  And here are my main points of advice to get you back on track after being denied for a mortgage:
Why was a I denied?- When the lender tells you are denied ask why?  And it better be a thorough answer or keep asking questions.  … (2 comments)

lender: When applying for a USDA loan make sure you know the Requirements - 05/20/14 02:20 AM
USDA loans are a fantastic loan option when buying a “rural home”.  It allows a 0% down payment, which is a huge benefit.  But it is important to keep in mind that USDA loans also have additional requirements to qualify for their mortgage vs conventional, FHA or VA loans.  Here is the list of the major requirements to know when applying for a USDA mortgage:
You can not own any other real estate
There are income limits based on your family size and county.  Here is the website to verify if your family makes too much money to qualify … (2 comments)

lender: Do Yourself a Favor and Thank Someone Today! - 07/30/12 04:22 AM
I recently read an amazing article that talked about the key to success  is really Gratitude.  And it got me thinking….. they are right.  So I started to brainstorm on how this relates to the Real Estate Business.  And here are my random thoughts:
·         You Did it!!- Give gratitude to yourself after a closing.  We all have those difficult or hard deals, so when one closes take a moment to congratulate yourself.  It will feel  GREAT!
·         Thank Your Title Company- If you are like me, you have a preferred title company to work with.  Take 5 minutes … (2 comments)

lender: What is a Teaser Rate? And Questions You Need to Ask. - 06/06/12 02:14 AM
We have all seen the advertisement on the internet of a woman in a bikini and her quote “mortgage rates are at 2%”.   Any time you see an interest advertised that is too low to believe, it is called a Teaser Rate.  That lender is advertising that rate to get you to call and then give you a higher rate.  Teaser Rates can be found anywhere, even advertised by a local lender.  Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before you believe a Teaser Rate:
1.      Does it sound reasonable?- If other lenders are quoting 4% and you found a … (0 comments)

lender: 6 Steps to make sure your Mortgage Process Goes Smoothly! - 04/11/12 11:45 PM
Often you will hear that someone had a lousy experience getting their mortgage.  Now 99% of the time this is due to the lender doing a poor job.  Granted this is not all lenders.  My #1 Goal is to make the process as stress free as possible.  Here are the top 6 ways you can make sure your mortgage process will go smoothly:
1.      Local Lender- Getting a mortgage is a HUGE financial decision, so do not leave it up to an internet lender that you do not know.   Or some lender who is promising some unbelievable rate.  Ask for … (3 comments)

lender: Property Condition Grading Has Changed on all Appraisals. Know your C’s!!!!! - 12/21/11 09:56 AM
Recently the condition assessment on appraisals has changed.  Before the condition options were Excellent, good, poor, etc.  That has now changed, they are now rated with letter “C” and a number 1 thru 6.  It is important to know these ratings or grades and how it can affect your client.  Here is the short explanation of each grade:
·         C-1  This is a brand new constructed home that has not been lived in
·         C-2   This home has no physical depreciation, deferred maintenance or needed repairs.  And all work has been done recently and is similar to that of a … (18 comments)

lender: How can I get a Home Financed with No Oven? Here is how - 10/18/11 07:54 AM
Many times when purchasing a foreclosure, the home will be missing some items.  Some things are required for a mortgage lender to lend on the property.  Or give you a mortgage.  One of these items is the oven.  A home must have an oven to get financed.  But what do you do if the home doesn’t have one and the seller won’t install one?  Your answer is the Escrow Holdback, and here is how to structure the escrow holdback  in regards to the oven:
1.      Seller- When negotiating the contract you can ask the seller to do an escrow holdback.  … (4 comments)

lender: Your FHA, VA, USDA, HomePath Mortgage Lender for All Houston Area Zip Codes. www.DaveYourMortgageGuy.com - 07/06/11 11:03 AM
When getting a mortgage you want to make sure you in good hands.  You want to make sure you are getting a great deal and the best mortgage for you.  No Matter what Zip Code you live in I can help you with your Mortgage.  Here are just some of the Benefits of using Dave Your Mortgage Guy for your mortgage:
I'm Local- I am here in the Houston Area.  Whether you live in The Woodlands, Sugar Land or any part of the Area, I am close by. Documents- Since I am local I will go thru the mortgage documents with … (0 comments)

lender: That Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter Ain’t Tellin You Nothin! 5 questions to ask the Lender - 06/23/11 06:28 AM
All realtors know that the "pre-approval" letter is what tells you that a buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage.  No two letters look the same, but you can bet they will have the buyers name, sales price, loan to value, owner occupied, etc.  Some letters may tell you more or less.  A buyer being pre-approved is only half the battle.  Here are 5 questions you should ask their lender:
1.       What type of Loan?- Is it FHA, VA, Conventional, HomePath, USDA, etc.  Some homes won't qualify for certain loans, is the home approved for USDA, is the Condo FHA approved, is … (4 comments)

lender: Your Woodlands Mortgage Lender. Get the Service You Expect! - 08/31/10 04:53 AM
Getting a mortgage to buy your dream home or refinance that home is a major financial decision. When making this decision, you do not want to just go with a company on the Internet that advertises a lower rate. There is more to expect from a lender, then just an advertised rate. Here is just some of the things that separates me from my competition:
 I am available 7 days a week, not just 9-5 (bank hours)  I have my own FHA and Conventional underwriter, allowing me to get answers quicker. And close your loans quicker  I am local, not a … (1 comments)

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