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Phil Faranda articulates why choosing a lender solely based on rate is a bad decision.  Using his experience of closing over 400 transactions, Phil also explains why obtaining a referral from a trusted source is a better decision, even at the expense of receiving what may seem to be a higher inte...
Kate's post articulates why it is so important to surround yourself with a winning team when buying or selling a home.  When considering an agent for representation, you should look for leadership traits. Real estate is a team sport!   Try playing it alone and you'll quickly learn you are playing...
Lenn Harley explains how a GREAT agent should represent their clients.  Lenn represents clients in Maryland and Northern Virginia looking to purchase a home.  I highly endorse Lenn's expertise after reading her blogs for the past 3 years and being a student of her wealth of information about real...
I received a phone call today from a real estate broker that I have worked with over the last few years.  I have some very loyal clients that I've done many loans for when they have purchased homes in Phoenix.  These clients actually found her after I had pre-approved them.  They have purchased a...
This video breaks down one necessary step to avoid having your Phoenix condo purchase transaction fall apart. Many condo HOA's have high delinquency levels due to a weakened economy in Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area. Most HOA management teams projected around 10% delinquency rates of these ...
The purpose of this article is to articulate some of the most common benefits of utilizing a FHA loan to finance a home purchase in Phoenix.  The first bolded sentence is what many real estate professionals believe to be truth. Phoenix FHA mortgage interest rates are higher than conventional.With...
Growing up, I usually did enough to get good grades and never worked too hard at school.  When I was in high school, my English teacher required our class to write a term paper at the end of my junior year.  Our assignment was due at the end of the semester and of course I waited until the last w...
Todd Clark's blog provides an excellent explanation on why shopping for the best rate may not always provide the best end results for a home buyer using a mortgage to purchase a home.  Although, the new regulations are supposed to prohibit lenders from changing things at the closing table, it sti...

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