gold coast real estate school: 3 days left to graduate. - 09/17/09 03:20 PM
 I'm extremely tired from all the information that I'm digesting into my brain but I love it. That's why Peter my teacher at Gold Coast said he practices real estate because he loves it. I'm so curious about what direction I will take to base my business on, what will be my calling per say. That sounds really corny but its basically as real as I can be.You just never know how your career will lay out in front of you. I've been involved in managing night clubs on my beach for the past 5 yrs and what an adventure that's … (1 comments)

gold coast real estate school: Second day of real estate school. - 09/15/09 02:33 PM
  Wow, I'm writing about my second day at real estate school while I'm watching the CNBC show called "House of Cards"all about the real estate boom and crash,scary.Today was easier to wake up then the day before,I slept great last night.I was excited to learn more about real estate today. First I need to clear something up, I spoke about the reference my teacher made about "Pimps and Ho's" yesterday and maybe I should add, the reference was not that offensive in class but after I wrote about it I have to say I'm sorry if I offended anybody who read … (1 comments)


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