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The Gettysburg Homes and real estate information blog is my way of giving back to Gettysburg's people and my personal sphere of influence. The objective is to provide real time real estate infomation and it's potential effect on Gettysburg, PA. The current real estate market is far from what one would call "normal." Changes are constant, which requires professional realtors to be knowledgable and capable of shifting with the market. The governments attempts to stimulate the market has also caused a steep learning curve for most buyers and sellers in the market. An understanding of the policies and procedures is just one way I can help you to the successful sale or purchase of a Gettysburg, Pa property. I work both as a Gettysburg buyer agent, and a Gettysburg Listing agent. I also enjoy the challenge of finding quality investment properties and helping buyers to ensure a desired profit margin. If I can help you in any way feel free to call or send me an email. Quick response time and great communication are always my goal.



Another picture from my trip to Germany a few years ago. This was a relatively new building. I don't know much about its significance but it made for a nice landscape shot.
Gettysburg, PA is a very rural area located within Adams County.  Some parts of the county have public water and sewer while other parts have their own on lot septic systems.  In fact some of the homes in Adams county are actually on holding tanks because the soil was not able to produce a perc. ...
According to radon Radon is a colorless chemically-unreactive inert gas. The atomic radius is 1.34 angstroms and it is the heaviest known gas--radon is nine times denser than air. Because it is a single atom gas (unlike oxygen, O2, which is comprised of two atoms) it easily penetrat...
I can't even begin to tell you how often people ask, "how did you get into real estate anyway?"  I've come to find out that most Realtors have a fairly interesting story about why they are real estate professionals.  This doesn't end with Realtors either.  Lenders tend to have equally as interest...
I wrote a blog this week entitled "Start Preparing for 2010 - Seek Opportunity not Opposition." It was a bit of a ra ra type post, but my objective was to create a pull to change the way we are viewing the market.  Instead of looking at all the negative aspects of the market, lets seek some new f...
Each year over the holidays families gather in familiar locations.  If they are lucky it's the house they grew up in, or perhaps Grandma's house that she has lived in forever.  There is just no place as comfortable as coming home or going to the familiar place to spend time with family.  In this ...
This is a book that I've wanted to order and been meaning to read from day one. Was procrastination the cause, to that I say NO. I could use the argument that I was too busy or that I was reading other material but that would also be false. At any rate, its on my list of books to buy. It's a boo...
I came across this gem when I was overseas. For those of you that don't know it has 1000hp, is capable of well over 200mhp. 4 turbos and 16 cylinders. It's absurdly fast. If you check Youtube you can find some clips of this monster in action.
I had written a blog a while back about a 1 mil increase in the Gettysburg Borough taxes.  This has indeed come to fruition.  I received my mortgage bill for December and the payment increase was roughly 50.00/ month.  Now I escrow my taxes and insurance.  This means that I pay money into my mort...
I keep seeing and hearing about redfin.  So today I logged onto their site.  I will admit they have a really nice website for searching for homes, but only if you are in a large area.  They don't cover smaller areas, atleast not yet.  I clicked on the tab where they are recruiting new agents (may...

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