gettysburg real estate: Buying Listings IS NOT a Cool Thing to Do - 12/21/11 05:47 AM
About 2 weeks ago I was referred to a person that wants to list their 2008 new home to move south to Miami.  My short sale nerve was struck immediately but I hoped and prayed that maybe just maybe they put a boat load of money down on the house.  It turns out, they didn't.
I'm a 2-stepper, so always preview the house before coming to any conclusion on listing price.  Let's face it, any agent that is in the market frequently could price a house blind without using comps but It's more intelligent to have the proof so that when … (7 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Myth's About Buying For The Listing Agent - 10/29/10 02:46 AM
I'll start by saying that dual agency is still legal in PA.  I also must admit that I have closed a few dual agency deals in the past.  Last week I took a class to obtain my ABR with Mike Perry, who is an AR member out of Lancaster.  A lot of the focus revolved around dual agency and the LACK of representation provided to the buyer and seller under dual Agency. 
Yesterday my own sister emailed me about sending her some listing information about a home about 45 minutes from home.  It's not quite in the area I work, but … (7 comments)

gettysburg real estate: A Good Contractor or Handyman is HARD to Find - 08/31/10 09:19 AM

Given the state of the economy and the continued slowing of the building industry and real estate in general one would think that quality contractors and handymen would be readily available.  The simple truth is that plenty of them are readily available but finding a professional that does quality work seems to be more difficult than one might expect. 
The contractors and handymen I've been calling lately for quotes and jobs have been far from impressive.  I can't imagine that people essentially begging for business can lack accountability.  Weeks are going by with no price quotes, no shows, and so … (2 comments)

gettysburg real estate: New Real Estate Companies Popping up Everywhere - 08/05/10 09:11 AM
I highly doubt that these companies are only sprouting up in Adams County because we just aren't a large market, but there are awful lot of signs I don't recognize.  There are also a lot of Maryland Agents with listings in our area.  I know state lines are little more than an imaginary line, but it seems slightly odd that so many other companies are creeping into our area.
I suppose part of it is a by product of the current market.  More and more short sales are popping up and ofcourse we still have plenty of foreclosure inventory.  I suppose some … (0 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Gorgeous Rancher in Colt Park Development - Gettysburg PA 17325 Real Estate -$255,000 - 07/27/10 06:09 AM
Beautiful Rancher … (2 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Forget Your Contract the Owner is Turning the Deed Over in Lieu of Foreclosure - 07/24/10 03:44 AM
When a Buyer enters into a contractual agreement on a short sale they typically understand that there is a fair amount of associated risk whether it be time, money, or a combination of the two.  About a week and a half ago today I recieved a ratified contract on a short sale.  This particular short sale had an attached document from a lawyer limiting the amount of time and recourse for inspections.  Due to this document we ordered the inspections right away to be performed and completed with report within 10 days. 
Wednesday of this week we had inspections done, but … (14 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Land Moving Again in Gettysburg, PA - 06/17/10 08:58 AM
Interest in raw land has seemingly increased over the past few months.  There are currently 15 pending land sales and 25 that have already settled in Gettysburg, PA. 
2009 Land volume was 87 for the year, so we are running at about the same volume as last year, but the inquires seem to be increasing.  However buyers are being extremely selective and price has certainly played a roll in their selections. 
If you're considering purchasing land in Gettysburg, Pa note that some sellers have been willing to negotiate a bit more than they would have in the past.  Now is the … (4 comments)

gettysburg real estate: How Much Competition Is In Your Price Bracket? - 06/16/10 06:21 AM
Most sellers are interested in one thing and one thing only, and that one thing is...(drum roll) MONEY!  How much money can I get for my house?  We've beaten the price the house right more than a dead horse, but not everyone has realized what competition does for listing price....stay with me here.  I was reading a post by Gerry Michaels earlier today titled "Gettysburg Adams County Area by the Numbers." 
Gerry posted two graphs of our local market.  One with active listings, and one with pending sales.  I evaluating these graphs and started to consider the average absorption rate per … (2 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Buy A Move In Ready Home or Fix One Up? - 06/15/10 12:53 PM
Buy A Move In Ready Home or Fix One Up? Gettysburg PA Real Estate is available in all forms, but what is the best choice for each individual buyer? 
We've already established that there isn't a buyer in the market that isn't taking advantage of the inventory and looking for the best deal, at least what they seem to think is the best deal.  So recently the "fixer upper" has been mentioned quite a few times.  The particular people I'm working with have gone to both ends of the spectrum.  We've seen move in ready, foreclosures, and the god awful. 
This is a great opportunity … (2 comments)

gettysburg real estate: 10 Tips To Sell Your Home - 05/18/10 08:17 AM
These tips could be the difference between selling your home quickly at the price you want or a house that lingers on the market forever and sells well below expected value.
1.) I can't harp on this enough, price the house correctly from the beginning.  There is no such thing as lets try it at this and then we'll do what you, the professional, suggest.  People know what things should cost, and will quickly move past overpriced homes.  Get it right the first time because you will win in the end. 
2.) Nasty pet odors, smelly shoes, and so on do not … (1 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Income Property - 05/12/10 06:53 AM
Income producing properties are a great way of taking the financial strain off of a mortgage payment.  However, haphazard design, and poor quality can create a financial burden instead of financial relief. 
A few tips:
1.) Know the regulations in your area.  For example, what is required for a LEGAL basement apartment? 
2.) Know the rental rates in your area so that you can spend appropraitely.   It is important not to spend more than your apartment can cover.  The goal is to make money not break even.
3.) Carefully screen tenants.  Check credit scores, verify employment, review job history, call references. 
4.)  … (3 comments)

gettysburg real estate: There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect House - 04/01/10 06:01 AM
I suppose the day we set out on the quest to make a home purchase we have visions of grandeur and perfection.  These visions are soon confronted with reality as expectations are brought back to earth.  Buyers that are reaching for the stars have to understand that reaching the moon is a big deal too. 
This scenario seems to apply to entitled first time buyers more so than any other category of buyers in the market.  It's simply naivety that results in lofty unachievable expectations that are soon crushed by realism.  Perhaps the media is painting a Picasso of distressed … (1 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Maryland Developer Buys Gettysburg Country Club - 03/25/10 09:41 AM
Maryland developer buys the Gettysburg Country Club. Gettysburgians have been anxiously awaiting a verdict on the fate of the Gettysburg Country Club.  The once popular Country club received a face lift in 2007 that would ultimately result in it's demise.  The face lift created a financial burden that was beyond the possible income capacity of the club.  Falling memberships and failed outside expected income resulted in a Susquehanna bank foreclosure in 2008.  Since then the club has sat idle. 
The military park worries that the former Country club will fall into the hands of a developer.  In fact the park service … (3 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Random Realtor Incentives are Unnecessary - 03/23/10 06:01 AM
The current real estate market is extremely competitive as I'm sure most of us have found out.  It's competitive mostly because there is a limited number of qualified buyers in the market.  There truly isn't enough business to go the whole way around, but there is enough to go around the professional agents.
This leads me to believe that these little teasers listing agents are posting in the private notes are completely ridiculous.  I don't know about your Mr. or Mrs. Real Estate reader, but if a client wants to see a home I'm likely going to show it regardless of whether … (1 comments)

gettysburg real estate: So You Want to Buy Investment Properties - Income or Not? - Part VI - 03/21/10 06:27 AM
So You Want to Buy Investment Properties - Evaluate with me
So You Want to Buy Investment Properties - The Property - Part II
So You Want to Buy Investment Properties - Lending - Part III
So You Want to Buy Investment Properties - Evaluating Financing Optioins - Part IIII
So You Want to Buy Investment Properties - Operating Expenses - Part V
Below you will see three different evaluations of expenses based on actual financing options with 20% down.  I will introduce each one seperatetly an explain as needed.  The first five phases of the project are linked above.  Don't … (1 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Wordless Wednesday - St. Patrick's Day - 03/17/10 03:53 AM
If you follow my blog you'll know that I never post my own pics.  I have a talented friend so whenever Wednesday or Sunday come around I cruise through her pics and select on that works for whatever I'm trying to accomplish, with her permission of course.  She actually likes that I post pictures here because she isn't sure how to share them.  I think this particular photo is quite fitting of St. Patrick's day and the typical scenes associated. 


gettysburg real estate: Rumors From HUD that USDA Rural Housing Might get Funded Prior to October - 03/16/10 10:46 AM
As you know the USDA Rural Housing loan is a fantastic loan product for rural areas like Gettysburg, PA.  It's come out this week that the USDA has run out of funding already and typically isn't refunded until October (beginning of the USDA fiscal year). 
My lender said that she spoke to someone who works for HUD and it's sounded like there is a good chance the USDA will be refunded prior to October.
Keep your fingers crossed.  This loan provides a lot of people the opportunity to buy with no money down and with no PMI.  If you're debt to … (0 comments)

gettysburg real estate: NO CASINO Gettysburg Continues to Provide Opposition - 03/12/10 03:55 AM
David LeVan is currently making his third attempt at opening a casino in Gettysburg, Pa.  His intention is to open a casino resort, at what is currently operating as the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center.  The category 3 license would allow for up to 500 slot machines and potentially 50 table games.
LeVan has a contingent contract on the property, but in order to move forward he will need to be granted the category 3 license.  The community seems to be split about whether or not we should have a casino.  Many people have been victims of the economy so the … (4 comments)

gettysburg real estate: Gettysburg, PA Short Sales - 03/04/10 05:35 AM
Current economic conditions have caused home values to recede in the vast majority of the United States.  The little to no money down loans that were originated in the early to mid 2000's have created a scenario that is far from ideal for most Sellers in today's real estate market.  With values plummeting up to 50% in some areas of the country many home owners find themselves under water and drowning in excess unexpected debt.  Many people bought homes under the pretense that home values always increase.  In general this rule of thumb appears to be true, but currently values are … (0 comments)

gettysburg real estate: LEED Certification For Green Homes - 02/19/10 09:03 AM
The Green movement continues to gain steam as we try to take better care of our environment and battle ever rising energy prices.  A lot of green concepts revolve around using local resources to avoid the additional energy used to import products.  It also focuses on renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and the oceans waves to generate energy.  This prevents us from burning coal, gas, or using nuclear energy to run our homes.  It is possible to get your home off the grid or actually receive payments from the energy companies for generating too much energy.  Wouldn't it be great to … (2 comments)

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