David Saks

Education & Training - (retired) - TN LIC# 290452
David Saks is a musician, retired real estate broker, and long-time ActiveRain member. David's blog features important information relevant to the safety, integrity and security of the industry. In addition to his widely read real estate fraud blog, a comprehensive overview of real estate continuing education is a weekly addition for his subscribers and the ActiveRain community at-large. Thank you for subscribing to and for visiting David's ActiveRain home on the internet. Please join. Membership in ActiveRain will enrich your life !



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Who was Albert Dongle and what does this ad mean to you ?Ethics are regarded as the philosophical study of moral values and rules. Motivation based on ideas of right and wrong. The principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group.Best wishes,David

David Saks

May God Bless You, Always. David
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