david saks: Tuesday's Tune - "John Henry" Little Jimmy Dickens - 01/06/15 01:38 PM
Little Jimmy Dickens
(December 19, 1920 – January 2, 2015)
Left This World 
A Couple of Days Ago
Here He Is For You
To Remember
Have A Great Day Ahead !

david saks: Cheers ! - 01/01/15 05:21 AM


david saks: What I Do For Fun ! - 12/22/14 09:32 PM
Merry Christmas !
Happy New Year !
Save a home for a family today.
(ps...I'm not a singer, just a piano player, but I try)
For Joe Cocker(20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014) … (4 comments)

david saks: My Backyard - 12/20/14 04:57 AM
Here's what wintertime looks like in
the backyard at Saks' Manor.
Doesn't it look peaceful, like a Hallmark card, or like a beautiful Currier and Ives print ?
If you only knew the truth.....
I like to leave refreshments out there for the little critters that come a knockin'.
The winged and furry variety.
Haven't seen any reindeer yet, but I'm usually asleep when they arrive anyway.
I enjoy sitting in the window where the lamp is in my garden building above the landscape and looking out over the yard and the street beyond.
Usually it's pretty quiet, unless … (5 comments)

david saks: Honest Mister Mailman !!! - 12/19/14 03:08 AM
Ever wonder why your cards, letters, packages and
eBay purchases never make it to your mailbox, and
ripped apart before they make it to you ?
Click the pic for more :
 So you think you know your mailman ?

david saks: Playing AR The Game ! - 12/17/14 04:36 PM

Admit it !
Some stick around AR for the game !
The point chase !
Period !
They snatch their point totals
daily till their boring,
irrelevant front page post
is kicked to the back pages
and forgotten like most !!!
They suffer from serious back and neck pain from
sitting on their butts in front of their computers all
day copying and pasting irrelevant comments
while at the same time nickle and diming the tally
trying to catch up.
And they constantly curse the AR player … (12 comments)

david saks: Happy Hanukka ! - 12/14/14 04:29 PM

Have a Great Hanukka !

Enjoy the Latkes !

david saks: Graceland Is Not For Sale ! - 12/12/14 12:14 AM


Graceland Is Not For Sale !

david saks: Wednesday's Warble - LaVern Baker & "Tweedle Dee" 1955 - 12/02/14 04:23 PM
Here's a Toe-Tapper
To Get Your Day
Off to a Good Start !
LaVern Baker
& "Tweedle Dee"
From 1955
Enjoy !

david saks: How To Make It To The Top In ActiveRain - 11/26/14 06:54 AM
The Answer :
By not becoming a frustrated point piggy who can't make it because you're playing ActiveRain like a scoreboard trying to rack-up numbers with toady-suggested, lame, front page blog entries, such as the mule wrestling event schedule for your county fair instead of relevant information that impacts the real estate business.

There's so much garbage on the front page now that it looks more like a gabby supermarket tabloid than an industry-related source of information.
Happy Thanksgiving !
(use caution when ingesting your sliced ham with schnapps !)

david saks: Saturday Sightings - 11/15/14 04:28 AM
My Sister Sheila and Me
Memphis Fairgrounds
Summer 1958

Have a Great Week Ahead.

david saks: Agent Sues Client After Being Attacked by Housecat - 11/11/14 07:33 AM
thanks to Jim Gibbs

david saks: Holiday Time HVAC Repair Scam Alert ! Check the Thermostat Batteries ! - 11/05/14 10:04 PM
A shady HVAC service technician tried to pull a fast one on me.     He tried to sell me a thermostat for 300 bucks.   One that sells for less than 25 bucks at Home Depot.   One that any third grade kid could install.   Here's a picture of the thermostat in the original packaging:     That swindler wanted an additional 120 bucks (which incidentally would have pumped up the charge to 420 bucks before taxes and service call charges) to remove a couple of screws to replace the old bracket with the new one, which, incidentally, already lined up perfectly with the … (10 comments)

david saks: Did Your Wall Charger or Power Supply Conk Out ? Here's Good Advice ! - 11/02/14 09:52 PM

I had a wall charger cable snap on me. I drove around town for a while checking out the prices on various power supplies and wall chargers for my trusty little notebook. You know, I made the usual geek palaces, Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, K-Mart, the various hobby electronic parts dealers around Memphis.
Much to my disbelief, a replacement wall charger / power supply for a notebook computer could not be found for under 90 dollars, anywhere, with some as much as 200 dollars. Sheeesh !!!! For an 18.5 volt dc power supply ? Arrrgghhh !!!! No way.
I … (50 comments)

david saks: When the Rooster Crows - Not For Insomniacs - 10/28/14 02:18 PM
Not For Insomniacs !
Hold On to Your Hat !

david saks: Monday's Melody - Itzhak Perlman "Schindler's List" - 10/27/14 04:11 AM
The Violin of
Itzhak Perlman
Performing the Theme From
Schindler's List
Never Forget !
Be Well This Day, and Always.

david saks: The Career Institute Weekly Newsletter From My Friend Jim Gibbs - 10/26/14 06:33 PM

david saks: Saturday Sounds - "In Love" by Dorothy Collins - 10/24/14 05:21 PM
Here's the Late Great
Dorothy Collins
"In Love"
circa 1952
Enjoy !

david saks: Celebrating 50 Years of Radio - 10/23/14 06:06 PM
click the pic

david saks: Today's Wall Street Report for Wednesday October 22, 2014 - 10/22/14 02:36 PM

Not much difference in gambling and investing is there ?
They can both cripple you !

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