david saks: Here's Your "Real Estate Agent Agent of the Day" Photo - 10/12/14 11:55 AM


david saks: Masking the Odor of Punk - 10/08/14 02:49 AM
Some time ago an agent commented that my contempt for
Facebook was stupid.

My response was &!@%$ because I've always believed that
Facebook is inherently evil.
I've never subscribed to it.
Never will !

These things happen.

Some consider anger to be a healthy emotion unless the
expression of it abuses others or is violent.

I believe that labeling your feelings
can help you manage their control.

It also helps you move away from … (4 comments)

david saks: ActiveRain Expired & Withdrawn Listings Could Spell TROUBLE ! - 10/07/14 05:49 PM
Do You Have Withdrawn or Expired
Listings Posted on ActiveRain ?

Thousands of withdrawn and expired listings reside on the servers of social and professional real estate networks.
Agents find these withdrawn and expired listings, contact sellers and ask them to relist their homes.

What could happen to you if you call the seller of an expired listing who just so happens to be included in the National Do Not Call Registry ?

If the former seller you call files a complaint you and your broker can be punished.

You and your broker could … (0 comments)

david saks: Is ActiveRain a Waste of Time ??? - 10/05/14 03:59 AM
Not No !!!
But Hell No !!!
A comment on an earlier blog suggested that,
"...ActiveRain is a waste of time, and one should,
 ...investigate, do...due diligence, and interview..." 
 prior to selecting an agent.
I disagree with the first part of his
crap-filled assertion !

But what about a cornucopia of great content, great testimonials from associates, blog content which manifests the quality of the material in fine order and is extremely abundant, fertile with good advice and the mutual cooperation your colleagues?
I've yet to discover the obloquy, any false accusation … (1 comments)

david saks: Wearable Flying "Wristband Drone" for a VidTour ? Are You Kidding Me ? - 10/02/14 02:39 AM
I've seen some amazing things in my lifetime.
When something surfaces
that merits a second look
I'm compelled to share it with you.
Watch what this creative inventor has accomplished.
It's an amazing "wrist drone" that you can
wear like a watch,
command it to take off,
and return to you like a boomerang.
Incredible !

david saks: Monday Melodics - Gotta Love That Steinway - 09/29/14 01:11 PM
I sat down to practice for
a couple of minutes at
the Steinway
in the concert hall
at the university.
Have a great week ahead.

david saks: Saturday Sounds - Ernie Freeman & "Rockhouse" - 09/26/14 06:04 PM
Here's a Blast From the Past !
Ernie Freeman
(16 August 1922 – 16 May 1981)
And His Band With
Ernie was the "Spaceman of Pop"
Have a Great Weekend !

david saks: Happy Birthday George Gershwin - September 26, 1898 - July 11, 1937 - 09/25/14 03:03 PM

Oscar Levant
Morton Gould
The Second Piano Rhapsody

david saks: Cool Fabulous Fashions For Today's Sharp Dressed Real Estate Pro ! - 09/23/14 09:23 AM
How can you lose with these fabulous,
cool fashions designed for today's home tour guide !
Your clients will revel in the splendor of your
dazzlingly beautiful contemporary appearance !

just joshing, of course :-)

david saks: Watch What the Average RE Agent Does In Secret When the Deal Closes ! - 09/22/14 01:50 PM
Watch What the Average
 Real Estate Agent
Does In Secret
When the Deal Closes !

david saks: If ActiveRain Was A Prime Time TV Show This Would Be The Theme Song - 09/18/14 06:27 PM
If ActiveRain Was
A Prime Time TV Show
This Would Be The
Theme Song
(my 7000th post)

david saks: Does This REALTOR® Board Document Violate Trade &/or Anti-Trust Laws ? - 09/13/14 01:42 AM
Does this REALTOR® Board document violate
fair trade, labor or anti-trust laws ?
Does it restrict fair trade ?

Realtors who refuse to use the multiple listing service of their board are required to sign this document stating that they will not represent real estate in four categories within the jurisdiction of this particular Realtor organization.
A member that lists real estate without subscribing to this mls will be penalized, as will the brokerage.
The Realtor member must be "engaged solely and exclusively in a specialty of the real estate business separate and apart from listing, selling, … (8 comments)

david saks: Jimi Jamison 1951 -2014 - 09/02/14 01:02 AM
Jimi Jamison died yesterday.
A friend of mine picked him up at the Memphis airport Sunday night
after he returned from his concert in California.
She took him home, he laid down, and he died in his sleep from a heart attack.
I spoke with her last night.
He had just celebrated his birthday a week earlier on the 23rd.
Jimi and I had been friends for a long time.
Here we are together at a show we played  some years ago to raise money for a local charity, long before I cut my … (6 comments)

david saks: Blast From the Past : Agent Hates My Hair - September 16 2008 - 08/30/14 05:58 AM

Originally posted by David Saks • September 16 2008
A disgruntled agent had been bombarding me with insults about the photographs on my biography pages. He's spent a great deal of time examining my life.
He even spammed me with things I didn't know about myself, such as Wikipedia articles about my life.
This is the new 53 year old blonde.
The girls at the hotel, where I played the piano, The French Quarter Inn, loved it. The old hotel shut down last month. Maybe it was because of my hair. I played there for seven years on Monday afternoons. … (7 comments)

david saks: How Much Does The Typical Real Estate Agent Make A Year ? - 08/19/14 06:01 AM
Here's the link:
 Do you believe it ?
I sort of believe it's a bunch of bulls@#$ !

I think the average agent makes less.
It's the broker,
that can exploit all the
naive salespeople he or she can muster,
that racks up !

david saks: Fabulous Beautiful and Mysterious Speechless Sunday - 08/17/14 04:02 AM
Our Elegant Miss Points Piggy
( click the beautiful Miss PP for more )


david saks: Elvis - January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977 - Graceland Candelight Vigil - 08/15/14 11:57 AM
Watch the Candelight Vigil at Graceland !
Join the Many Thousands of Elvis Fans In Memphis Now
And His Fans Throughout the World Watching
August 15, 2014
August 16, 2014


david saks: How to Recognize An "A$%" Kisser - Part 2 - 08/15/14 08:12 AM
Here's an example of the typical conversation an "A$%" Kisser will have with their broker and client. If you missed Part I click here !

david saks: How to Recognize An "A%$" Kisser - Part 1 - 08/15/14 08:08 AM

There's always one in the office.
I can think of a few here in ActiveRain.
"A" kissers are suck ups, people who will kiss someone's butt to gain points, favors and features.   These are folks that tend to be the goody-goody types whom one can't trust.   They'll use what you tell them against you for their own personal gain.   They're social nerds with few social skills.   The way they get attention is to play suck-up to someone important.
The best way to deal with an "A" Kisser is to avoid them, don't trust them or confide with them.   They suck … (7 comments)

david saks: Paying It Forward - 08/15/14 02:49 AM
Please take a moment to watch this.
Let this video resonate through your soul and generate love for your community.
Have a great weekend.

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