david saks: Monday Morning Melody - Frankie Laine "September in the Rain" - 01/19/14 09:07 PM
Frankie Laine
(March 30, 1913 – February 6, 2007)
Was One of the Greatest Popular Singers
Of All Time.
Some Film Maker Should Do
A Tribute to His Life.
Here He Is With a Toe-Tapper
Recorded in 1946
"September In the Rain"
Enjoy and Have a Fantastic Week Ahead !

david saks: Another Real Movie Review for Realtors : "August Osage County" - 01/13/14 09:07 PM


Image from Bing.Com
Once again another bunch of aging actors and actresses stereotyping potty-mouthed slackjawed yokels on drugs.
Amazingly, Dennis Quaid wasn't in this film.
I sat through it. And was in pain when I left.
I wanted to roll up the windows in my car and yell a sigh of relief when I drove away from the theater.

david saks: Real movie review for Realtors : "The Book Thief" - 01/11/14 05:47 PM
Spectacular beyond comprehension.
It's one of the greatest films I've ever seen.

david saks: Ambition ? - 01/10/14 05:37 PM


david saks: Real Movie Review for Realtors - "Her" - 01/09/14 10:37 AM
I saw another lousy film tonight.

I dare you to not walk out before the end of the first half.
I had to painfully force myself to sit through it.
It was like wading through molasses.
I believe that Rod Serling, of blessed memory, would have asked for his money back at the box office.
It's the HAL9000 become the SAL2014.
In a nutshell:
Geek in Sansabelt Slacks

That looks like Meher Baba

Falls in love with a computer program with a seductive female voice that sounds like a 3rd Street hooker.

The shock … (6 comments)

david saks: 2014 Business Plan - 01/09/14 09:51 AM
My New Year Resolution is Also My Business Plan
I'll be able to look back
at the end of the year
and see if it worked.


david saks: My Vision Board - 01/09/14 09:42 AM
A Few Things to Look Forward To

Play More Piano

Keep the Weight Off

Enjoy Time at Home

Obey the Ten Commandments

Battle Crooks in the Real Estate Business

Test Drive a Flying Car
What Are Your Plans ?

david saks: Happy Birthday Elvis ! - 01/08/14 05:59 AM

Elvis Presley
January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977

david saks: Movie Review - "The Wolf of Wall Street" - 01/08/14 05:51 AM
I saw Scorsese' new film last night.
It's three hours of obnoxiously loud, ridiculous vulgarity and makes the people working on Wall Street look like a bunch of unscrupulous money laundering dirt bags, swindlers and stoned drug dealers.
True, some who worked on Wall Street met the above description.
But the delineation is ludicrous and offensive.
Not a family movie !

Forget it !

david saks: November Mortgage Trends and Lending Analysis for Memphis - 01/06/14 05:08 PM
Mortgage Trends & Lending Analysis
There were 584 residential loans filed at time of sale in November, down 2% from last year.
The average mortgage amount was up 11% to $172,294 with an average sales price of $202,116 making the average loan to value ratio 85%.
Collierville had the most loans recorded at the time of sale with 75 total averaging $293,737.
354 loans filed were conventional fixed rate, 167 were FHA fixed rate, 22 were VA fixed rate and 11 were short term loans, loans due within one year.
The top lenders in November based on the total number of residential loans filed at time of sale were Magna Bank with 44 loans, Community … (4 comments)

david saks: November New Housing and Builder Activity for Memphis - 01/06/14 05:06 PM
New Housing & Builder Activity
New home sales were up 11% in November with 83 sales recorded compared to 75 recorded in November 2012.
The average sales price of a new home was down 7% from last year to $273,994.
Year-to-date new home sales are up 8% and average new home sales prices are up 4%. 
Collierville (28), Arlington (16) and Cordova-South (14) had the most new home sales recorded for the month.  
747 new home permits have been filed through the end of October, down 5.7% from last year. Arlington has had the most new home permits filed through the first 10 months of the year with 164 total averaging $250,112. 
Regency Homebuilders … (2 comments)

david saks: November Residential Foreclosure Analysis for Memphis - 01/06/14 05:05 PM
Residential Foreclosure Analysis
Residential foreclosures were down 18% in November with 225 recorded compared to 274 last year.
The average amount of a foreclosed property was $82,829 and the average tax appraisal value was $112,519, both down from November 2012. 
Year-to-date foreclosures are down 14% from the same period last year.
November foreclosure activity was down for every municipality except for Bartlett which had a slight increase. Foreclosures in the city of Memphis were down 23% from last November. 
Foreclosure notices were down 25% for the month with 437 recorded compared to 575 recorded in November 2012. 
Westwood (38109) had the most properties in foreclosure inventory at the end of the month with 227 homes … (0 comments)

david saks: November Commercial Market Report for Memphis - 01/06/14 05:03 PM
Commercial Sales
October commercial sales were up 34% with 94 sales recorded compared to 70 in October 2012.
Average commercial sales prices were up 11% to $1 million compared to $938K last year.
Through the first 10 months of the year overall commercial sales are up 11% and average sales prices are down 29% from the same period last year.
Multi-family has had the most sales revenue through October, $200 million of which $196 million is apartment sales.
The largest commercial transaction recorded in October was the sale of Sycamore Lake Apartments located at 2174 Raleigh-LaGrange Road in Memphis for $9 million. The 353-unit complex was purchased by Sycamore Lake Property Owner LLC on … (0 comments)

david saks: November Residential Market Report for Memphis - 01/06/14 05:01 PM
November Home Sales
November home sales were down 5% from the prior year with 1,124 recorded compared to 1,183 recorded in November 2012.
Average home sales prices were up 12% to $139,110 compared to $124,101 last year.
Bank sales were down 19% for the month with 190 recorded compared to 236 last November. A significant decline in foreclosure activity has resulted in a slight drop off in overall home sales totals for the month.
Year-to-date home sales are up 7% and average sales prices are up 11% from the same time last year.
14 out of 33 zip codes in the county had an … (0 comments)

david saks: "Happy Days Are Here Again" - 01/02/14 02:36 AM
Here's the Late Great
Jack Hylton
(2 July 1892 – 29 January 1965)
"Happy Days Are Here Again"
I Hope He's Right !
Enjoy !

david saks: My Only New Year Resolution (Just In Case You Missed It) - 12/29/13 05:05 PM
This Goes On the Front Door
My Only New Year Resolution
No More Stinking Drama !


david saks: Ecstasy - 12/29/13 04:31 AM
Barry White's
September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003
I'm Kicking 2013 to the Curb
And I'm Shakin' My Booty !

Happy New Year 
To All !
Crank It Up !


david saks: A Song & A Smile For Business (When It's Needed Most) - 12/08/13 03:10 AM
"When You're Smiling"
Business can really be an unbelievable downer sometimes.
Buyers lying on prequals.
Lenders burying appeals for loss mitigation.
Closing delays.
Killing a deal because the seller
 won't throw in the kitchen curtains.
Sellers covering the dog pee stains
 on the wooden floor with a cheap carpet.
Continuing education requirements
surfacing every five minutes.
Computers crashing and mls data with it.
Showing homes when it's ten degrees below zero.
Board dues increasing annually.
E and O insurance rates, too.
Pipes bursting under the commode
when … (6 comments)

david saks: My Only 'Me Agreement' New Year Resolution - 12/08/13 12:32 AM
My Only
'Me Agreement'
New Year Resolution:
No More Drama !
Until January 1, 2014
I'm only going to listen to
three more weeks of
bitching, whining and complaining.
This goes on the front door
New Year's Day !


david saks: Warning Sign of the Week - 12/08/13 12:14 AM
This Goes On the Front Door.
It's My
New Year Resolution.


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