david saks: Wednesday's Warble - Kenny Ball "Midnight In Moscow" - 12/04/13 03:15 AM
Kenny Ball
22 May 1930 – 7 March 2013
Was a Great Jazzman
Here He His With
His Classic
"Midnight In Moscow"
For Your
Wednesday Warble
Enjoy !

david saks: Tuesday's Tune - "The Story of Me" The Everly Brothers - 12/02/13 11:02 PM
One of My Favorite Songs
The Everly Brothers
"The Story of Me"
Recorded in 1984
Have a great week ahead.

david saks: No Big Deal - 12/02/13 10:13 AM
I was at my office
getting out of my Corvette
when this guy jumps out of a truck, rushes me,
and pleads with me to sell it to him.
I asked him why and he said,
"It'll save my marriage."
So I sold it to him.
I've learned that I can live with this decision
And that it doesn't change
the way that I do business :-)
No big deal, for Debbie's Challenge.

david saks: Sunday's Sounds - "Bud's Bounce" Buck Owens - 11/30/13 04:50 PM
The Pedal Steel Guitar
Rules In Country Music !
Here's Buck Owens and His Band
With the Late Great
Tom Brumley
"Bud's Bounce"
Have a Great Day !

david saks: Saturday Sounds - Glen Gray "Song of India" - 11/29/13 08:21 PM
Glen Gray 's
Band Could Blow The
Roof Off OfThe House
With a Brass Section
Louder Than the Trumpets
That Blew Down the Walls of Jericho
Here He Is With the Casa Loma Boys
"Song of India"
Have a Great Day Ahead !

david saks: Holiday Harmony - Maoz Tzur "Rock of Ages" Variations - 11/29/13 01:31 AM
In the Style of Beethoven,
Bach, Mozart, Handel, Hyden,
Gustav Mahler, Brahms,
Moussorgsky and Lavri,
Here are The
"Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages) Variations"
Arranged by Composer Tsvi Vigel
Enjoy !

david saks: Happy Thanksgivukkah - 11/27/13 12:04 AM

Created By LaughingShirts  Store … (10 comments)

david saks: Hanukkah 1942 - 11/26/13 01:42 PM

photo Yad Vashem
Hanukkah 1942
Jews In Transit Camp
Before Deportation To
Nazi Extermination Camps
In Poland
May God Protect You
And Your Loved Ones
During Hanukkah
And All the Days of Your Life

david saks: Tuesday's Tune - Joan Baez - 11/25/13 08:38 PM
Joan Baez
Is An American Treasure
I've Always Loved & Admired Her
Here She Is With A Tribute To
Bob Dylan
"Love Is Just a Four Letter Word"
Have a Fine Day Ahead !

david saks: Monday Night Madness - Victor Borge - 11/25/13 07:18 AM
Victor Borge
(January 1909 – 23 December 2000)
Was Affectionately
Known to All As
"The Great Dane"
Victor Wasn't Just One of the Funniest Comedians
In the World...
He Was Also One of the Greatest Pianists...
Here He Is With a Classic Laugh Track
Enjoy !

david saks: Sunday Night Sounds - Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant "China Boy" - 11/24/13 10:22 AM
Speedy West
Was Probably the Greatest Pedal Steel
Guitar Player Who Ever Lived
Jimmy Bryant
One of the Greatest
Electric Guitarists Who Ever Lived....
They're Gone Now & All But Forgotten !
But Not By Me, Ever !
Here They Are With
"China Boy"
Be Dazzled !!!

david saks: The Definition of A Lawyer - 11/19/13 05:19 AM
Someone who makes sure
he or she gets
what's coming to you.


david saks: Polls Show That Two Thirds of Americans Don't Trust Real Estate Agents - 11/18/13 11:02 PM
Consumer Polls Show That The Nation Doesn't Trust Real Estate Agents
About two-thirds of Americans do not trust real estate agents, based on responses to Choice Home Warranty's recent online poll of more than 1,100 people.
Do Americans Really Believe
That Their Real Estate Agents Are
While gender, region, and geographic area appeared to have little impact on opinion, researchers did note a correlation between age and trust.
Respondents in the 55-64 bracket trusted real estate agents 42 percent of the time, more than any other age group.
Those between the ages of 18 and … (2 comments)

david saks: Midnight Melody - Best Cowbell Performance "Incense & Peppermints" - 11/17/13 02:16 PM
Plug In the Lava Lamp
Here's a Blast From the 60's
Strawberry Alarm Clock
"Incense & Peppermints"
No Cowbell Needed On This One
Best Cowbell Playing Ever
Enjoy !


david saks: Sunday Serenade - Frankie Lymon "Goody Goody" - 11/16/13 11:25 PM
Frankie Lymon Was Great.
He Could Rock the House !
You Wouldn't Know He Had a Troubled Life
From the Sound of His Music.
He Died of a Heroin Overdose at 25 in 1968.
Here He is With
"Goody Goody"

david saks: Saturday Sounds - "Minnie the Moocher" - 11/16/13 02:25 AM
Here's the Great
Cab Calloway
With His Signature Melody
"Minnie the Moocher"
"The Blues Brothers"
For a Saturday Sound
Enjoy !

david saks: 2013 Winter Meet Up In Memphis - December 1, 2013 - 11/15/13 04:00 AM
ActiveRain Winter 2013 
Meetup in Memphis

1850 Union Ave
Memphis, Tennessee
Sunday Decmeber 1, 2013
11:30AM till 1:00 PM


You'll receive 1,000 points for your attendance !
Many thanks to:

Kerrie LaGuardia ActiveRain Community Manager  

david saks: Can Cyber Criminals Target ActiveRain Members With Survey Scams ? - 11/12/13 01:27 PM
ActiveRain is one of the most popular networking sites in the world for real estate professionals.
Because of it's intimacy, with under a half million participants, could that make ActiveRain vulnerable to scams and hoaxes designed to compromise the personal information of it's members ?
We already know that there are tons of malicious applications (malware) lying in wait like trap door spiders ready to pounce on victims in survey scams or other browser-participant sources.
And targeting of millions of mobile devices by filthy hackers.

Two dirty malicious programs known to be embedded in survey browsers, capable … (5 comments)

david saks: Midnight Melodics - Caterina Valente "Poinciana" - 11/11/13 03:35 PM
Every Tine I Heard This Song When
I Was A Kid
It Knocked Me Over !
The Yodel Got Me.
It Was Like Being Tickled With
A Feather For Three Minutes !
Caterina Valente
(The Song of The Tree)
She Could Knock the Bark Off the Tree
With Her Voice :-)
Enjoy !

david saks: A Veterans Day Message From Benjamin Franklin - 11/11/13 01:58 AM

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