david saks: Midnight Melody - "Impressions of Memphis" - 11/10/13 02:24 PM
I Wrote This Excursion Into Piano Madness
In My Early 20's
Here It Is In It's Entirety
Complete With the Score
For Veterans Day
"Impressions of Memphis"
Recorded in 1980
On Cheap Reel to Reel Tape
Honor Our Veterans & Have a Fine Holiday

david saks: How to Recognize An "A" Kisser - Part 2 - 11/08/13 02:58 PM
Here's the typical conversation an "A" Kisser will have with their broker. If you missed Part I click here. … (0 comments)

david saks: How to Recognize An "A" Kisser - Part 1 - 11/08/13 02:53 PM

There's always one in the office.
I can think of a few here in ActiveRain.
"A" kissers are suck ups, people who will kiss someone's butt to gain points, favors and features.   These are folks that tend to be the goody-goody types whom one can't trust.   They'll use what you tell them against you for their own personal gain.   They're social nerds with few social skills.   The way they get attention is to play suck-up to someone important.
The best way to deal with an "A" Kisser is to avoid them, don't trust them or confide with them.   They suck up all … (4 comments)

david saks: Midnight Melody - Wilson Pickett "Land of A Thousand Dances" to NAR SF - 11/07/13 12:56 PM
I Saw Wilson Pickett
When I Was Teenager
Around 1966
Wilson Was Working With
Steve Cropper And
Booker T and the Mg's
And Lived Here for a While
Here's He Is with
"Land of A Thousand Dances"
Enjoy NAR SF, and Everyone !

david saks: Morning Melodics - Art Garfunkel "Disney Girls" - 11/06/13 05:01 PM
Artie is One of My Favorite Singers
Of All Time
He Spent a Little Time Recording in Nashville
Here He Is With a Real "Feel Good" Tune
For Your Morning Melody
The Beach Boys'
"Disney Girls"
Enjoy With the Croissant, Latte, Good Vibes &
Have a Great Day !

david saks: Wednesday's Warble - Glen Gray "I May Be Wrong" - 11/06/13 01:44 AM
Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Boys
Kick Up the Dust With This Great Tune
From 1937
"I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're Wonderful"
For Your Wednesday Warble
A Great Old Tune That'll Get You From
Point A to Point B
Enjoy and Have a Fine Week Ahead.

david saks: Tuesday's Tune - "Moonlight Gambler" Frankie Laine - 11/04/13 11:13 PM
No One Could Sing Like
Frankie Laine
Here He is With a Golden Oldie
Recorded In 1956
"Moonlight Gambler"
Have a Great Day.

david saks: Business During the Winter & Holiday Season - Part 2 Personal Time - 11/04/13 11:45 AM
Here's my second installment for Sally and the Challenge.
Part 2 is a reflection about my personal time, how I have, and how I intend to maximize it, although some of the most personal things I plan on doing have been excluded from the following content :-)
Memphis can get cold.
You'd be surprised at how Jack Frost can ruin your banana tree.
But for the most part, Memphis isn't too bad during that time of year when the days are shorter, nights are longer and the wind is hurling the leaves of autumn to the earth … (8 comments)

david saks: Business During the Winter & Holiday Season - Part 1 The Benefits - 11/04/13 03:02 AM
To begin with, in response to Sally's challenge,
my seasonal holiday business time can be compared to watching thick molasses pour from a jug.
Or maybe televised chess.
Organizing my time during this downturn means putting a system of rules of conduct, and method of practice, into practical working order that will also  protect my resources.
It's easy to go off the scale spending money for holiday fanfare.
So when things start to go south I'll start making plans for the return of the March winds returning to put the wind beneath my wings. … (2 comments)

david saks: The "Reel" Deal - Not "Real" Deal - We're Talking Slots Here - 11/03/13 06:22 PM
Erin Bates wants some low-down for her ActiveRain contest this month, so here's the down and dirty for your dining and dancing pleasure for my November fulmination.
Most everyone whose been hanging around ActiveRain for the last six years knows that I live a pretty satisfied lifestyle as a single man.
A very satisfied life.
No drama.
No B&$# S%&#.
No illusions.
And double as a musician at times when the occasion arises.
Realtor board luncheon, studio stuff, holidays, parties, etc.
My radio show at the university keeps me pretty busy, too.
It's something I've been doing for several decades, … (9 comments)

david saks: Sunday Serenade - "Here, There & Everywhere" - 11/03/13 01:29 AM
 The Beatles Wrote Some Great Songs
Here's Percy Faith With An
Instrumental Version Of
One of the Greatest of Them All
John Lennon and Paul McCartney's
"Here, There & Everywhere"
Be well
Please have a great week ahead.

david saks: Saturday Serenade - "Meaning and Reason" - 11/02/13 05:02 AM
I Wrote This Song
"Meaning & Reason"
The Existentialist's Anthem.
Recorded Live Only Once On
Beale Street In 1990 !
I Never Recorded It Again
For the Sake of Humanity :-)

david saks: Ready For A Real Surprise ? - 10/30/13 03:45 AM

Happy Halloween !

david saks: Lessons In Life - Ralph Kramden On "How to Be A Success" - 10/28/13 01:26 PM
This Is One of My Favorite Episodes Of
"The Honeymooners"
Ralph Kramden Decides That It's
Time to Make Something Out of Himself
Something That Spells Success
He Wants to Hit That
"High Note"
60 Years Later,
March 24, 1956,
It Has As Much Meaning Now As It Did Then
And More.

david saks: Monday's Melody - "Young Man With A Horn" - 10/28/13 07:29 AM
One of the Greatest Films Ever Made
About Tragedy and Triumph Was 1950's
"Young Man With a Horn"
Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall
Doris Day
You Can Hear All of Life's Emotions
In Harry James' Trumpet
One of My Favorite Films of All Time

david saks: Free Search Engine Optimization Tool (SEO) ! It Will Blow You Away ! - 10/27/13 07:25 AM
I've been a fan of "Scrub the Web" for a long time.
Scrub the Web has been providing subcripted tools for search engine optimization and free resources to give you an idea of how you rank with the the search engines and web crawlers, and they've been doing this well since 1996.
Here are three great free resources I encourage you to see and use, and they are as follows:
Free Meta Tag Analyzer - This free seo tool will analyze your title, Meta Tags, and much more. It will show you what you need to do to optimize your … (2 comments)

david saks: Saturday Sounds - "Home" Michael Buble' - 10/25/13 10:49 PM
Here's a Song That'll
Make Your Autumn Breeze
Feel a Little Warmer
Michael Buble'
Have a Great Day.

david saks: My Ten Commandments For Avoiding a Predatory Real Estate Agent - 10/23/13 09:43 PM

1. Don't trust any real estate agent that would steer you into using any particular vendor, home inspector, lender, etc.
2. Don't assume that you can't qualify for a loan if you refuse to use any real estate agent's vendor, home inspector, lender or other service provider.
3. Don't let any real estate agent persuade you to make false statements on any required forms such as a disclosure statement or any other form.
4. Don't let any real estate agent persuade you to borrow more money that will exceed your debt to income ratio limits or ability to … (10 comments)

david saks: Doggone It ! Why Haven't You Joined ActiveRain ? - 10/23/13 02:45 PM
You just can't beat ActiveRain !

Whether your a new or seasoned real estate professional, buyer, seller, investor, educator, banker, market pro, or just surfed in looking for some important resources to help you make an informed decision, it just makes good sense to become an ActiveRain member !
You'll make great, new friends from around the nation
and enhance your skills !
Join Us ! 
It's Free !
You'll be very glad that you've made the decision to join ActiveRain !
Click the rising sun below to begin a great journey !

david saks: Membership Stats Memphis Area Association of Realtors® As of Sept 2013 - 10/23/13 02:38 PM

Membership Stats for Memphis Area Association of Realtors® as of September 2013

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