being kind: How Would It Feel, To Walk In The Shoes Of Another? - 08/17/21 11:30 PM
How Would It feel, if we had to walk in someone else's shoes? 
I am writing this about someone very special. Her name is Lady Darline Griffin.  This is her story.  I am doing this to get her story out. I have been approved to share her story via email and text.  She has a very moving story.
This is about a woman who is endured so much and never gives up.  This story is about her challenges and struggles and how she has managed to survive and help others, during her challenges and struggles.  I very much admire lady Darline and I … (1 comments)

being kind: If, An Older Person, Asks You For Help, Will You Help? - 08/09/21 11:52 PM
If an older person, asks you for help, will you stop what you are doing,  to help?
In my travels, all over the world, I have seen so much respect in the orient towards older people. For example, while visiting Japan, I have seen so much respect towards the elderly.  If someone in Japan, has gray hair or white hair, people respect the elderly in a way, that is most impressive to me.  I also have seen the young in Japan bend over out of respect to say thank you to the elderly.  Is this the way, it should be all over … (4 comments)

being kind: What Are You Thankful or Grateful For? - 07/14/21 12:45 AM
This is a shout-out to Vickie De Nicola.  Thank you, Vickie.  Vickie provided this photo and I have decided to mention her as well as share her testimony to you as well as introduce her to any and all, who wants to hear about CBD Oil.
As I reflect back on life and life, I wanted to stop,  to give thanks. 
In our busy lives, we sometimes are not as thankful as we could be
or should be.  When was the last time, we took the time to give thanks for not only the good that is happened to us but the bad? Yes, … (6 comments)

being kind: Are You Noticing, An Elevated Level In Anxiety From Others? - 07/03/21 09:34 PM
How many of you are noticing an increase in anxiety since 2019, with people?  Are people getting annoyed and are people getting more annoyed, from what you have seen?  I see some people having very little patience and I see and hear of others snapping.  People are stressed out and they want things to go back to the way, things were.
Who thinks things, will ever go back to the way, they were?  People do not like the change from what I have seen.  Change requires work.  Sometimes, change requires much work and sacrifice.  Are people wanting to change their lifestyle and … (8 comments)

being kind: Are We Choosing To See, The Beauty Or Ugly, In Others? - 06/29/21 01:17 AM
Can we choose to see the beauty or ugly in anything?
Remember, what we see is a choice.  We can either see the beauty or the ugly in anything.
For example, in the front, we might see beauty but in the back of the photo, we might see ugly in a flower.
What we choose to see is up to us.  Are you seeing the beauty or the ugly in this photo.  The same thing goes with life.  What are you seeing in someone?  Are you seeing his or her beauty or are you seeing the ugly?  We all have beauty in us and … (2 comments)

being kind: Is Every thing, Negotionable? - 06/24/21 11:00 PM
Is Every Thing, Negotionable In Life?
Am I making, anyone hungry?  How do you like your steak cooked?  Grilled? Steamed, deep fried, Oven baked, charcoal cooked, gas cooked? Personally, I like my steak cooked,  on my Traeger wood pellet grill, with onions and garlic and lots of sesame seed oil, with hot peppers.  I like my steak going in hot and I like my steak, going out.....................  Well, you get the picture.  Lol. 😅
I have had the opportunity and privilege to live all over the world as well as travel all over the world and here is what,  I can say, from … (2 comments)

being kind: My Client tonight. Making It About The Relationship and NOT The Sale! - 06/19/21 06:59 PM
This is my client Don.  This is a photo of my client Don and David.
I believe in making it about the relationship and NOT the Sale!
I was retained by Don and his wife,  Denise,  to perform an inspection to there home, with sampling and Mold Testing.  I performed an Infrared Scan with penetrating and non penetrating,  moisture level readings. Also, did a visual inspection around the out side  of there home and found issues that need addressing, which I will do.
How many of you are making it about the Relationship and Not the sale?  If you are making it about forming … (1 comments)

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