charlotte mold removal: Where Has 5 Star, Customer Service, Gone? - 06/01/21 09:04 PM
Where has 5 Star Customer Service Gone?
Why are people, not showing up for appointments?
Why are there so many companies, who do not care about Customer Service anymore?
Now, lets get started.  I have never seen customer service so lacking, since I have been in business since 1987.
If someone is running late, have the decency to call your client and say, you are running behind schedule or just reschedule.  I am hearing, from so many customers that companies are not even showing up to there appointment and not even having the decency to call to let the client know, what is going on.  … (6 comments)

charlotte mold removal: Can A Car, Have Mold? - 05/23/21 06:17 PM
Can a car, Have MOLD?
Let's talk about this.
My name is David Snell and I have been dealing with Water Removal and Mold Removal since 1987.
So, let us get into the subject of Water Damage to your car and Mold Removal.
Yes, Mold can grow on your car and in your car.  There are many ways that Mold can grow on your car or in your car and we are going to discuss some of the ways.
Is your car clean?  If your car is not clean, on the out side then Mold can grow on it.  One way you can limit Mold from … (2 comments)

charlotte mold removal: Newlywed New Home Blues - 07/02/12 01:29 PM
            Last year I attended the beautiful wedding of the daughter of one of my friends.  Everything appeared to be idyllic.  After the honeymoon, the couple returned to the suburbs of a large metropolitan city where they had purchased a new home.  It was a lovely two-story home, and since they both had wonderful jobs, they were able to decorate it in a charming, comfortable way which suited their taste perfectly.  My friend fairly beamed when she spoke of them, and it seemed as if their marriage had almost a fairy tale beginning.  As a special surprise … (2 comments)

charlotte mold removal: I Know I Have a Problem, but… - 06/19/12 02:15 PM
          Have you ever delayed getting a problem fixed around your house?  What were your reasons?  One huge factor causing people to procrastinate is uneasiness.  Having or suspecting mold in your home seems to be the type of problem that creates questions, doubts, and concerns that lead homeowners to feel immobile and avoid taking the action that’s needed to find solutions to their mold problems.  One fallacy about mold is that it won’t happen if your home is clean.  Just as most of us would avoid telling neighbors the house has roaches, some feel ashamed to admit they … (0 comments)

charlotte mold removal: Welcome to spring! - 06/05/12 01:23 PM
          Winter in the South this year appears to be nearly over.  People are getting out into their yards, planting flowers and gardens, and enjoying the sunshine; however, for some the season change brings something not at all pleasant.  It brings asthma and allergies.  According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one of every five people in the United States will be struck by asthma or allergies.  The group also states that of the 20 million Americans who have asthma, fifty percent of them have asthma that is related to allergies.  For some it may seem … (1 comments)

charlotte mold removal: Fixing Your Mold Problem Or Putting a Band Aid On Your Problem? - 05/10/12 12:05 PM
Have you taken a look lately at places within your home that may be harboring dangerous mold?  For example, when was the last time you checked under your sinks, around toilets or tubs, on ceilings where water may have entered your home, in basements, or in crawl spaces or attics?  These are all likely places to find mold, and if you find it, you must remove it for the health and well-being of those who live there.  Mold comes in thousands of species, multiple colors, and varying degrees of toxicity.  Some molds are relatively easy to remove, and others are very … (1 comments)

charlotte mold removal: When I Inspect Your Home, Please Hide the adult Toys! - 02/15/11 04:08 AM
When I Inspect Your Home, Please Hide the Adult Toys! - (I am reposting this one more time,  after modifying it slighly and adding some other fun things to it.  Please do not read this, if you are easily offended! Reader be warned.  Lol.Seriously!! It's one thing to walk into a home you know,  that they perform some freaky dance or ritual but please?! Having it,  out in the open is entirely another! I don't want to see adult mags under the bed, in the bathroom or your personal sex diary lounging on the bed or anything like that.  I get … (50 comments)


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