executive restoration: How Many People, Wash Fruits and Veggies, Before Eating Them? - 04/04/22 09:10 PM
How many people, do you think, wash their fruits and vegtables, before consuming them?
I know quite a number of people, who do not bother to wash their fruits and vegetables, before consuming them!  Nasty, huh?
Another thing.  Just because the packaging states, that the fruit or veggies or salad is prewashed, you might want to wash it anyway, if you want peace of mind and you want to make good and sure it is clean, before it goes down the hatch.
So, let us get started.  Some of the things, you will need are: 
1. white distilled vinegar.
2. baking soda
3. dish washing liquid soap.  … (2 comments)

executive restoration: Does This, Look Like Rag Weed or Golden Rod, To You? - 10/10/21 01:31 AM
I had some weeds in my back yard and I was going to cut them down.  I was going to cut them down because they looked ugly but I thought to myself, why not give these weeds a chance to prove themself to me and so, I did. I was certainly glad I did not cut them down because these are what the weeds look like.  They are simply beautiful.  In life, sometimes we do not give things the opportunity to prove themself to us and so we never know.  Wow!  Am I ever glad that I did not cut down … (7 comments)

executive restoration: What Is An Outside, Water Intrusion? - 08/17/21 09:39 PM
What is outside, Water Intrusion?  How do you get it?
This is a job, that I got from a homeowner, who used another restoration company, who did not take care of his Water Intrusion.  He had water coming from the outside of the home to the inside of the home.  The other company did not correct the issue and I had to completely redo the job and correct the issue.  I asked the homeowner, why he did not call the other restoration company to make it right and he said he did not have time to deal with the other company and … (3 comments)

executive restoration: Squirrels and Water Damage/Mold. - 08/12/21 08:40 PM
Have you ever heard,  of Squirrels creating Water Damage Or Mold?  Squirrels can create so much havoc in and around the home but I still feed them and watch them daily,  from  my big picture window.  Squirrels can be very destructive and can find ways into your Crawl Space and Attic areas.  Some people choose not to feed them because it causes and attracts more squirrels to your home.  I even know people who shoot the squirrels and trap the squirrels to get rid of them.  I would not do this because I love squirrels but some people just do not … (1 comments)

executive restoration: How Often, Should Someone Change, The Return Air Filter or Clean It? - 08/12/21 12:18 AM
I get this question,  all the time.
David, how often should I change or replace my return air filters or clean them? We all know, what a Return Air Filter is.  Right?  Actually, some clients of mine, have no idea what a return Air Filter is.   Much less, some, have never changed one or cleaned one. I am amazed how often, people do not even know, what a Return Air Filter is or even,  how to change one.  Typically, you will see a grill or protective barrier over the Return Air Filter.  To educate others, I am going to talk about the … (4 comments)

executive restoration: What Are Some Ways, You Can Show, Your Appreciation to Your Clients? - 08/10/21 09:16 PM
What Are Some Ways, We Can Show Our Appreciation, To Clients? Please add any other things to my list, in what has worked for you.
1/ thank you note
2/ communication or as-needed communication when the client reaches out to you by either in-person meeting, or texting, phone calls, and emails. Communicate when your client needs you.  Do not make the mistake of not communicating in some form or fashion.  If your client wants to chat on the phone, call him or her back.  One of the big things that people most appreciate is communication and if you do not communicate you just … (1 comments)

executive restoration: Could, Your Plants Be, Creating Mold Issues, In Your Home? - 08/10/21 02:38 AM
How many of you,  have plants in your home?
How many of you have had your plants leak or drip water?  When this happens, this can create, other issues such as Mold.  
If you have plants or your client has plants in their home, he or she is selling, you might consider, removing the plants and taking them outside or into the garage, the day before, the inspection, if you are having indoor air sampling and testing.  We do not want to do anything that could cause problems with the lab results, from AIR SAMPLING and TESTING.
How many of you, have ever thought, … (3 comments)

executive restoration: What Is A Tyvek Suit and Why Should You Wear One? - 08/09/21 10:47 PM
Who is this Easter Bunny? This is a photo of David Snell, modeling the Tyvek Suit. Of course, I also wear things like boots, gloves and a respirator, and much more.  The Tyvek Suit is just part of the protection, you want to wear, when conducting certain jobs and I give examples below. Some people also call this suit, a Body Condom, because of the way, it protects the body from danger, such as chemicals and things like LEAD, ASBESTOS, and even raw SEWAGE and even CRIME SCENE Cleanups.  If in doubt, wrap that rascal and protect your body.  If in … (1 comments)

executive restoration: How Has Your Business Evolved or Changed? - 08/07/21 03:14 AM
Once upon a time, back in 1987, I decided to start my own business.  Here is the story and here is my first carpet cleaning machine, that I still have that is a Bissell Carpet Cleaner that I bought for $150.00
I was living with my cousin at the time, in her condo and she had 2 big loveable sheepdogs that were consumed with fleas and our carpet was dirty so, I decided to call up a carpet cleaner to vacuum up the fleas and clean the carpet.  The fleas were absolutely consuming my biting and biting me.  They must have just … (0 comments)

executive restoration: Have You Ever Felt Rejected, Abandoned Or Unloved? - 08/04/21 01:28 AM
Have you ever felt rejected or abandoned or unloved?
At one point in our life, perhaps we have all felt rejected or abandoned, or unloved.  Or, have you?
I am writing about a subject that many may not want to touch with a ten-foot pole, so here goes.  Buckle up and get ready for some questions and what I went through in feeling rejected or abandoned, within the church and my personal life.  I am sharing this to help others and not to beat up any church but to help others.
You see when there is death in a family,  many churches may be … (2 comments)

executive restoration: How Is Your Journey Going, With Life? - 07/16/21 12:14 AM
Does anyone ever check on you, to see how your journey in life is going?  Do you have others who check on you from time to time?  I call others to check on others, from time to time.  If they pick up and chat, that is great.  If, they do not pick up to chat, that is fine as well.  I just call others to let him or her know that he or she is in my thoughts and prayers.  I do not call anyone to sell anything. There are people that I do not call anymore who have used me … (6 comments)

executive restoration: Are You Prepared For The Unexpected? Power Outages? - 07/15/21 11:15 PM
Have you ever been without power?  I am sure we all have, at one time or another.  I have learned to always be prepared.  One of the questions, I like to ask my client for inspections is, Do you have power?  Is this new construction?  Have you ever been to a building that did not have power and you needed electricity or power to run tools or instruments?  Better be prepared.  Always be prepared for the unexpected.  There is nothing worse than going to a job and realizing, there is no power for air pumps for Mold Sampling, High-Intensity Lighting, and … (2 comments)

executive restoration: A Deer Eating Corn, In My Back Yard. - 07/15/21 09:55 PM
As I walked on my back deck today, this is what I saw.
Sometimes, it is the simple things in life, that we see and experience, that brings the breath of fresh air to us.
The birds, the rabbits, the squirrels, the deer, the owls at night, and more. 
As I look back on life and at life, I realize that perhaps, nature and showing my love for nature, was something I needed to get back to.  I have bucks and doe's in my area, where I live.  You would think that animals would fear people and some do.  Perhaps, I am learning that … (1 comments)

executive restoration: What Are You Thankful or Grateful For? - 07/14/21 12:45 AM
This is a shout-out to Vickie De Nicola.  Thank you, Vickie.  Vickie provided this photo and I have decided to mention her as well as share her testimony to you as well as introduce her to any and all, who wants to hear about CBD Oil.
As I reflect back on life and life, I wanted to stop,  to give thanks. 
In our busy lives, we sometimes are not as thankful as we could be
or should be.  When was the last time, we took the time to give thanks for not only the good that is happened to us but the bad? Yes, … (6 comments)

executive restoration: Water Damage, Decay And Mold Damage. - 07/13/21 09:36 PM
Have you ever seen Water Damage, Wood Rot, and Mold Damage, all at the same time?  Well, here we are.  Here is an example.  Below, is the story. 
Once upon a time, there lived a man and woman, who lived in a home that had a smell to their home and they did not know, what the smell was.  Although, things did smell musty and they had had two other companies to their home to take care of the issue.  David Snell came and did an inspection with an infrared red scan to walls and ceilings to home and found an anomaly … (2 comments)

executive restoration: David Snell with Executive Restoration Cleaning Carpet! - 07/10/21 11:59 PM
This is a photo of David Snell who is the owner and operator of Executive Restoration cleaning carpet and area rugs.  He has his health back and he is going like an energizer bunny and he has much to be thankful for.  
Did you know that David Snell started out cleaning carpet and furniture with a $150.00 machine that he bought from Kmart, back in 1987, that he had to hook up to the kitchen sink for water to clean carpet with.  He then got into portable carpet cleaners and then truck mount carpet cleaning units.  He has done his fair share … (3 comments)

executive restoration: What Are Soil Filtration Lines? - 07/10/21 10:55 PM
What are Soil Filtration Lines?  Look to the right of the photo and along the edge of the carpet to the right.  We call this Soil Filtration Lines and a normal steam cleaning does not get this out unless you use the proper product that you apply to the edge of the carpeting and brush it and let the product dwell for about 15 minutes, and then rinse or flush the product and chemical. 
What could cause soil filtration lines?  It can be caused by a fireplace or even gas heat. Burning wood or a gas fireplace.   These are some ways to … (2 comments)

executive restoration: What Do You Think, This Is A Photo Of? - 07/08/21 02:32 AM
What does this look like to you?  I found this when I lived in Taegu, South Korea back in the sixties.  1960's.
For the longest time, I have tried to figure out what it could be but, all to no avail.  Now, I am seeking the help of the internet from others to see if you could share this to help me get some truth to what this rock is and what kind of writing is on it.  Does it look like some kind of writing on it, to you? 
Can anyone take a guess of what this rock it? 
I know this is … (5 comments)

executive restoration: Have Any Of You, Tried A Water Massage? - 07/07/21 11:38 PM
Have any of you tried a Water Massage?  This is one of my favorite massages ever.   I used to have a massage, once a week and one of my favorites is the Water Massage.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.
So, here is my story.  I was checking out fitness facilities, in the Rea Road area of Charlotte North Carolina.  I checked out the facility and I came across this unit.  The young lady acted surprised that I had never seen one.  I was like, I have to try this.  It was by far, one of the best massages I have … (1 comments)

executive restoration: Has Life Been A Lesson, Or A Blessing For You? - 07/07/21 03:01 AM
Is Life a Lesson or a blessing for you, in your life?
Our attitude about life is important.  Where is your attitude today? Are you having a positive or negative attitude, about anything?  Are we feeling sorry for our self or are we go-getters and realizing that life is a journey and that it takes work and it all starts with having a positive attitude.  When we change our attitude from negative to positive, everything changes.  I used to feel so sorry for myself because my life was going in the wrong direction.  Once, I changed my attitude and started going from … (3 comments)

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