got mold we have the cure: What Have I Done, To Improve My Life? - 05/19/22 09:37 PM
What Have I Done,  To Improve My Life?  What have you done to improve your life?
I was talking to a friend of mine, who has recently challenged me to write, about what have I done to improve my life?  I have been thinking and thinking about this and given it much thought, so here goes.
I am also writing this to be totally open about what I have changed in my life for the good.  
Eating healthy. I care about what I eat and what I drink now.  I am finding out that your health and my health is very important or at … (5 comments)

got mold we have the cure: Does This, Look Like Rag Weed or Golden Rod, To You? - 10/10/21 01:31 AM
I had some weeds in my back yard and I was going to cut them down.  I was going to cut them down because they looked ugly but I thought to myself, why not give these weeds a chance to prove themself to me and so, I did. I was certainly glad I did not cut them down because these are what the weeds look like.  They are simply beautiful.  In life, sometimes we do not give things the opportunity to prove themself to us and so we never know.  Wow!  Am I ever glad that I did not cut down … (7 comments)

got mold we have the cure: What Is An Outside, Water Intrusion? - 08/17/21 09:39 PM
What is outside, Water Intrusion?  How do you get it?
This is a job, that I got from a homeowner, who used another restoration company, who did not take care of his Water Intrusion.  He had water coming from the outside of the home to the inside of the home.  The other company did not correct the issue and I had to completely redo the job and correct the issue.  I asked the homeowner, why he did not call the other restoration company to make it right and he said he did not have time to deal with the other company and … (3 comments)

got mold we have the cure: Who Can Relate To Having, Computer Issues? - 08/17/21 03:29 AM
This is a referral and a write-up of someone I do business with and who has helped my business.
As you will notice in my articles, from time to time,  I write about others and their service.  I do not get paid anything,  to do this.  I do this because I have had an excellent experience with their service.  and I appreciate their service.  Keeping my computers up and running,  is very important to me.  Internet safety is also important to me.  Is,  your internet safety and a computer or computers running like the wind, important to you?  Do you need viruses … (4 comments)

got mold we have the cure: How Often, Should Someone Change, The Return Air Filter or Clean It? - 08/12/21 12:18 AM
I get this question,  all the time.
David, how often should I change or replace my return air filters or clean them? We all know, what a Return Air Filter is.  Right?  Actually, some clients of mine, have no idea what a return Air Filter is.   Much less, some, have never changed one or cleaned one. I am amazed how often, people do not even know, what a Return Air Filter is or even,  how to change one.  Typically, you will see a grill or protective barrier over the Return Air Filter.  To educate others, I am going to talk about the … (4 comments)

got mold we have the cure: What Are Some Ways, You Can Show, Your Appreciation to Your Clients? - 08/10/21 09:16 PM
What Are Some Ways, We Can Show Our Appreciation, To Clients? Please add any other things to my list, in what has worked for you.
1/ thank you note
2/ communication or as-needed communication when the client reaches out to you by either in-person meeting, or texting, phone calls, and emails. Communicate when your client needs you.  Do not make the mistake of not communicating in some form or fashion.  If your client wants to chat on the phone, call him or her back.  One of the big things that people most appreciate is communication and if you do not communicate you just … (1 comments)

got mold we have the cure: How Has Your Business Evolved or Changed? - 08/07/21 03:14 AM
Once upon a time, back in 1987, I decided to start my own business.  Here is the story and here is my first carpet cleaning machine, that I still have that is a Bissell Carpet Cleaner that I bought for $150.00
I was living with my cousin at the time, in her condo and she had 2 big loveable sheepdogs that were consumed with fleas and our carpet was dirty so, I decided to call up a carpet cleaner to vacuum up the fleas and clean the carpet.  The fleas were absolutely consuming my biting and biting me.  They must have just … (0 comments)

got mold we have the cure: How Many Of You, Network Daily? - 08/05/21 11:42 PM
How Many Of You Network Daily?
How many of you are networking Daily?  Notice the web with the spider?  Wink.  What does networking really mean to you?  No matter where you go, be friendly and ask others how you can assist others.  Do not sell.  No one wants to be sold too.  I have a confession to tell.  I used to be the worst person to sell, sell, sell.  People do not want to be sold too.  People want relationships!  Once people trust you, you will get the business, I assure you!  Do not make it about the sale but make it … (4 comments)

got mold we have the cure: Are You Prepared For The Unexpected? Power Outages? - 07/15/21 11:15 PM
Have you ever been without power?  I am sure we all have, at one time or another.  I have learned to always be prepared.  One of the questions, I like to ask my client for inspections is, Do you have power?  Is this new construction?  Have you ever been to a building that did not have power and you needed electricity or power to run tools or instruments?  Better be prepared.  Always be prepared for the unexpected.  There is nothing worse than going to a job and realizing, there is no power for air pumps for Mold Sampling, High-Intensity Lighting, and … (2 comments)

got mold we have the cure: David Snell with Executive Restoration Cleaning Carpet! - 07/10/21 11:59 PM
This is a photo of David Snell who is the owner and operator of Executive Restoration cleaning carpet and area rugs.  He has his health back and he is going like an energizer bunny and he has much to be thankful for.  
Did you know that David Snell started out cleaning carpet and furniture with a $150.00 machine that he bought from Kmart, back in 1987, that he had to hook up to the kitchen sink for water to clean carpet with.  He then got into portable carpet cleaners and then truck mount carpet cleaning units.  He has done his fair share … (3 comments)

got mold we have the cure: How Clean And Safe, Is Your Bird Feeder? - 07/06/21 10:16 PM
How many of you have bird feeders? How many of you enjoy watching the birds, from your windows?  I know, I love watching them.  Yes, I am into bird watching.  Smiles.
How clean and safe is your bird feeder?  Bird feeders get dirty and they get bird droppings on them as well as get Mold developing on them if they are not maintained.  I would recommend at least bathing and washing your bird feeder every 2 or 4 months.  The way I was mine is to put it in the sink and put some Dawn Liquid soap in the sink with white … (3 comments)

got mold we have the cure: What Is It Like, To Have Your Own Business? - 07/05/21 06:50 PM
What does it feel like,  to own and operate your own business?
Do people even understand, what it is like, to have a business and all the sacrifice that goes into it? Let's dive into this subject.  
Some people I know, get up with the roosters and even before daylight, while others I know, stay up all night working on something, that has to do with their business. Sometimes I stay up all night writing articles about certain topics or working on paperwork or keeping up with the industry I am in to stay abreast of things that I need to be aware … (1 comments)

got mold we have the cure: What Kind Of Dish Do You Think This Is? Special Requests Welcome! - 06/30/21 07:33 PM
What kind of dish, do you think this is?
Who likes Chicken and Beef Chow Mein?
I cook dishes from all over the world. 
I love to cook.  I would rather cook than go out and eat because I know what I cook and I know how clean I am.
It was in the orient, that I was taught how to cook.
Make special requests and I will cook you a dish and I will eat it.  Smiles.  Wink.
Who likes Korean, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Indonesia, Guamanian, and more.
My name is David Snell and I love to cook for others.
I am also passionate about Inspections.  If … (2 comments)

got mold we have the cure: Who Remembers, Your First Camera? - 06/30/21 04:48 PM
Who remembers your first camera?  Who remembers getting your first camera:  I got my first camera in the early seventies and I have taken photos with it from all over the world.  This is my first camera and then I upgraded to other sophisticated cameras.  Cameras have come a long way and I love still pictures more than I like moving pictures but I do both.  I have a YouTube Channel with over 350 videos but I do not like doing videos as much as I do still photos.  Still, photos capture the moment in time and freeze the moment for … (4 comments)

got mold we have the cure: Proper And Needed Inspections To A Home, Before Buying. - 06/29/21 03:03 AM
I get asked this question all the time.
David, just because a home is brand new or it looks perfect, does that mean that the home does not have issues? Every home has issues but I have never seen a home that had issues that,  could not be corrected.  
I have a client who is a Medical Doctor who was building a home.  The home looked stunning.   Absolutely stunning and the husband and wife were so excited about their new home being built.  I got on location and first of all, there was no power.  No problem.  I just happened to bring my … (5 comments)

got mold we have the cure: What Is A Tankless, Water Heater? - 06/28/21 01:20 AM
What is a tankless water heater?
A tankless water heater is just that.  It is a water heater without a holding tank and that heats water on demand, as you need the hot water. It typically has a recirculating pump that keeps the water in constant motion when you need the hot water.   I have had a water heater with a tank and I have a water heater, without the tank.  I prefer the tankless water heater.
Remember that a tankless water heater will typically be much more money than a water heater with a tank.  The water heater with the tank holds … (16 comments)

got mold we have the cure: When, Was The Last Time, You Cleaned The Inside of Toilet Tank? - 06/02/21 04:08 PM
When was the last time you took off your lid, to the toilet fresh water holding tank?  Is it clean or dirty?  If your toilet looks like the above photo, you might want to clean it.  Read, my suggestions below. Remember, every thing adds up in the home, for Mold Issues and Mold Removal Issues.  Also, check the water plumbing  line to the toilet, to make sure, things are tightened up and also check the water line, going down into the crawl space if you have one. Lubricate your toilet shut off valve, before closing or opening water line.  You do … (4 comments)

got mold we have the cure: Where Has 5 Star, Customer Service, Gone? - 06/01/21 09:04 PM
Where has 5 Star Customer Service Gone?
Why are people, not showing up for appointments?
Why are there so many companies, who do not care about Customer Service anymore?
Now, lets get started.  I have never seen customer service so lacking, since I have been in business since 1987.
If someone is running late, have the decency to call your client and say, you are running behind schedule or just reschedule.  I am hearing, from so many customers that companies are not even showing up to there appointment and not even having the decency to call to let the client know, what is going on.  … (6 comments)

got mold we have the cure: What Is In, Our Pillows and Mattress, We Sleep On? - 05/31/21 10:26 PM
What is in, our pillows and bed mattress, we sleep on?
Did you know the human body loses over 1 million skin cells a day? Did you know,  that the human body, sheds its skin? Many spend some,  one third of there life,  sleeping but, what many people do not know, is that the dead skin that he or she sheds, has to go some where.  Right? Where do you think or believe it goes? Our dead skin from our body is food for roaches, spiders, mites and more. Did you know that the human body produces over 10 to 12 pounds … (2 comments)

got mold we have the cure: How Important, Are The Words, Thank You? - 05/29/21 10:04 PM
Being Thankful, How Important Are The Words, Thank You?
When someone calls me,  on the phone,  I have learned, how important it is saying "Thank you for calling me". 
Some times, in our busy schedule, we can some times, forget to say these two words but they are very important words to say, to others and mean them, as we are communicating with others in our phone call, to see, just how we may assist and help others.  This may sound like a small thing to say but so many forget to say these simple words.  These simple words, will have a big … (3 comments)

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