inspector david snell: Who Has Ever Heard Of, The Himalayan Salt Lamp? - 09/28/21 09:41 PM
So, what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?
Well, it is a lamp that is inside a block of salt.  The heat from the light creates, what it does to the air.  What does the salt lamp create?  The salt lamp creates negative ions, that create indoor air particles to clump together and fall to the floor of the home. Either on the carpet or the hard surface floor.  The weight of the floor causes them to fall to the floor and then you easily vacuum up these particles.  Things like smoke, chemical odors, carbon monoxide, and other things like viruses, bacterial, and … (1 comments)

inspector david snell: Squirrels and Water Damage/Mold. - 08/12/21 08:40 PM
Have you ever heard,  of Squirrels creating Water Damage Or Mold?  Squirrels can create so much havoc in and around the home but I still feed them and watch them daily,  from  my big picture window.  Squirrels can be very destructive and can find ways into your Crawl Space and Attic areas.  Some people choose not to feed them because it causes and attracts more squirrels to your home.  I even know people who shoot the squirrels and trap the squirrels to get rid of them.  I would not do this because I love squirrels but some people just do not … (1 comments)

inspector david snell: How Can I Get, Mold Growing On My Windows? - 08/12/21 07:01 PM
How Can I Get Mold,  Growing On My Windows?
Have you ever heard the expression, where east meets west? Well, the answer to the question of how can I or you or anyone get Mold growing on their windows, is when heat meets cold or when cold meets heat.  Another way, this will create moisture on the windows, and this can create Mold issues on your window and you will need to Clean Up the Mold growing on your windows.  One way to clean up the Mold growing,  on your windows,  is to use white distilled vinegar with a small amount of … (2 comments)

inspector david snell: How Often, Should Someone Change, The Return Air Filter or Clean It? - 08/12/21 12:18 AM
I get this question,  all the time.
David, how often should I change or replace my return air filters or clean them? We all know, what a Return Air Filter is.  Right?  Actually, some clients of mine, have no idea what a return Air Filter is.   Much less, some, have never changed one or cleaned one. I am amazed how often, people do not even know, what a Return Air Filter is or even,  how to change one.  Typically, you will see a grill or protective barrier over the Return Air Filter.  To educate others, I am going to talk about the … (4 comments)

inspector david snell: How Many Of You, Network Daily? - 08/05/21 11:42 PM
How Many Of You Network Daily?
How many of you are networking Daily?  Notice the web with the spider?  Wink.  What does networking really mean to you?  No matter where you go, be friendly and ask others how you can assist others.  Do not sell.  No one wants to be sold too.  I have a confession to tell.  I used to be the worst person to sell, sell, sell.  People do not want to be sold too.  People want relationships!  Once people trust you, you will get the business, I assure you!  Do not make it about the sale but make it … (4 comments)

inspector david snell: Are You Prepared For The Unexpected? Power Outages? - 07/15/21 11:15 PM
Have you ever been without power?  I am sure we all have, at one time or another.  I have learned to always be prepared.  One of the questions, I like to ask my client for inspections is, Do you have power?  Is this new construction?  Have you ever been to a building that did not have power and you needed electricity or power to run tools or instruments?  Better be prepared.  Always be prepared for the unexpected.  There is nothing worse than going to a job and realizing, there is no power for air pumps for Mold Sampling, High-Intensity Lighting, and … (2 comments)

inspector david snell: A Deer Eating Corn, In My Back Yard. - 07/15/21 09:55 PM
As I walked on my back deck today, this is what I saw.
Sometimes, it is the simple things in life, that we see and experience, that brings the breath of fresh air to us.
The birds, the rabbits, the squirrels, the deer, the owls at night, and more. 
As I look back on life and at life, I realize that perhaps, nature and showing my love for nature, was something I needed to get back to.  I have bucks and doe's in my area, where I live.  You would think that animals would fear people and some do.  Perhaps, I am learning that … (1 comments)

inspector david snell: How Do I Clean Out, My Washing Machine? - 07/06/21 11:00 PM
We use our washing machine to wash our clothes.
How many people ever think,  about washing the washing machine,  in an empty load.   Do enough people realize, that everything, has to be cleaned?  Do people realize, that everything gets dirty and many things can even grow Mold and the growth has a way of building up with growth and dirt and debris if you do not maintain your washing machine.  So, when was the last time you cleaned, your washing machine.  Let's find out.
David Snell gets a clean rag, some white distilled vinegar, some baking soda and gets them ready to use.  … (3 comments)

inspector david snell: How Clean, Are Your Vegtables? - 07/03/21 09:31 PM
How clean are your vegtables that you just bought from the grocery store or the fresh farmers market?  Are we ready to find out?  Lets do this.  Ready?
So, you just got in from the grocery store or the stand on the side of the road and you think and feel you have fresh vegtables.  Lets say, you do have fresh vegtables.  Now, how clean do you think or feel like they are?  Great question, right?  No matter how clean you might feel or think your fruits and vegtables are, lets get them clean and I will proceed to tell you how … (1 comments)

inspector david snell: Have you cleaned out your gutters? - 06/30/21 04:55 PM
When was the last time, you cleaned out your gutters or had someone, clean them out for you?
What do you think would happen, if you did not clean out your gutters? Your gutters would fill up with leaves and debris and your gutters would flow over with water and affect the foundation of your house and could create issues to the foundation slab the house is built on.  For crawl spaces, water could overflow and you could create water intrusions into your crawl space.  I would suggest you clean your gutters out at least yearly but I know some who clean … (4 comments)

inspector david snell: How Soon, Can Mold Attack, Fruits And Vegtables? - 06/30/21 04:53 PM
How soon can Mold attack fruits and vegetables?
This was the client of mine who just got this orange from a grocery store some two days before and the attack has already started.  Imagine that.  Grocery stores should move the produce around regularly at the grocery store.  If they do not do this, the product will be attacked, like the above.  I suggest to grocery stores that not only keep the produced moved around regularly but also wipe the produce as well.  
Something that I do that is helpful is to: put all fruits and vegetables in the sink and let them soak … (2 comments)

inspector david snell: Proper And Needed Inspections To A Home, Before Buying. - 06/29/21 03:03 AM
I get asked this question all the time.
David, just because a home is brand new or it looks perfect, does that mean that the home does not have issues? Every home has issues but I have never seen a home that had issues that,  could not be corrected.  
I have a client who is a Medical Doctor who was building a home.  The home looked stunning.   Absolutely stunning and the husband and wife were so excited about their new home being built.  I got on location and first of all, there was no power.  No problem.  I just happened to bring my … (5 comments)

inspector david snell: A Thank You Note To Active Rain. Thank you Active Rain. - 06/28/21 11:48 PM
First, I wanted to say thank you to Active Rain and this platform.  It is awesome. Thank you to the ones who are behind the scenes and who are doing an excellent job keeping it going. I signed up with it years ago but have just recently discovered the power of Active Rain.  Keep up the great job, Active Rain.  I love ya!
Secondly, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who have followed me and for those who will follow me,  in the future.
I am on many other sites but Active Rain has become … (7 comments)

inspector david snell: What Is A Tankless, Water Heater? - 06/28/21 01:20 AM
What is a tankless water heater?
A tankless water heater is just that.  It is a water heater without a holding tank and that heats water on demand, as you need the hot water. It typically has a recirculating pump that keeps the water in constant motion when you need the hot water.   I have had a water heater with a tank and I have a water heater, without the tank.  I prefer the tankless water heater.
Remember that a tankless water heater will typically be much more money than a water heater with a tank.  The water heater with the tank holds … (16 comments)

inspector david snell: Who, Do You Think I Ran Into, Today? - 06/25/21 12:34 AM
Who do you think I ran into today?  Oh, my goodness!
Today, can you guess, who I ran into, while performing Air Sampling and testing in a Mint Hill Home?  If you guessed, Mr. Rabbit, you would have guessed correctly.  If you guessed, Hugh Hefner, I am sorry  That answer, would be incorrect. Let me tell you, what happened.  I was opening up a door to an upstairs room and I was startled by this big rabbit!  I about jumped out of my skin.  Mr. Rabbit, was dressed to impress and he put me to shame.  He was all decked out, to … (2 comments)

inspector david snell: Do You See A Problem, With This Photo? Think, Duct Work. - 06/20/21 08:48 PM
Do you see a problem or issue,  with this photo?  Look, very carefully.  I would remove this duct work as well as replace this duct work.  Replace with new.  Notice the insualtion that is around the duct work?  This acts like a sponge and holds water so it is best to remove it.
This was a crawl space that had water damage from the kitchen and water affected the kitchen area as well as water got down into vent and the weight of the water disengaged duct work in crawl space.  Notice, any other issue?  Do you see any other issue?
Water damage … (3 comments)

inspector david snell: Is It Respectful To Take Off Your Shoes, Before Entering a Home? - 06/19/21 10:12 PM
My name is David Snell and I have lived and traveled all over the world.  Some of the places, I have lived in, are: South Korea, Indonesia, Sweden.  I have also been to Japan and traveled there many times.  It is very kind and respectful to take off your shoes upon entering the home.  These shows respect to the people you are visiting and it also is good because the home is kept cleaner by not wearing shoes, in the home or building.  Keep the building clean and it keeps it so you do not have to vaccuum or dust as … (7 comments)

inspector david snell: My Client tonight. Making It About The Relationship and NOT The Sale! - 06/19/21 06:59 PM
This is my client Don.  This is a photo of my client Don and David.
I believe in making it about the relationship and NOT the Sale!
I was retained by Don and his wife,  Denise,  to perform an inspection to there home, with sampling and Mold Testing.  I performed an Infrared Scan with penetrating and non penetrating,  moisture level readings. Also, did a visual inspection around the out side  of there home and found issues that need addressing, which I will do.
How many of you are making it about the Relationship and Not the sale?  If you are making it about forming … (1 comments)

inspector david snell: What Can, We Each Do, To Create A Healthier America? - 06/03/21 11:07 PM
In your opinion, is America Healthy or Unhealthy?
What can each of us do or provide,  to have a healthier America?
Have you ever heard the exprssion, Your Health is your wealth. When we are not healthy, we are not able to give and offer our very best, to others.
This piece of writing is more about my heart and how I feel, to help others.  Caring about others, should mean sharing with one another and making things real. I decided to go deep with this blog and make things real and have a plan to help the small business man and woman in … (2 comments)

inspector david snell: When, Was The Last Time, You Cleaned The Inside of Toilet Tank? - 06/02/21 04:08 PM
When was the last time you took off your lid, to the toilet fresh water holding tank?  Is it clean or dirty?  If your toilet looks like the above photo, you might want to clean it.  Read, my suggestions below. Remember, every thing adds up in the home, for Mold Issues and Mold Removal Issues.  Also, check the water plumbing  line to the toilet, to make sure, things are tightened up and also check the water line, going down into the crawl space if you have one. Lubricate your toilet shut off valve, before closing or opening water line.  You do … (4 comments)

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