inspector mold charlotte: Why Do You Think The Paint is Peeling, on, this ceiling? - 06/25/21 05:17 PM
How and why do you think this paint is peeling here in this  photo?
I get asked this question all the time.  There are a number of reasons, why this occurs.  Why does paint, peel on ceilings and walls?
Lets discuss this?  Was the surface prepared, properly?  Is there water damage or has there been water damage, in this area before?  Does  the area, have high  humidity, such as bathrooms?  Is the exhaust fan working and is the humidity being drawn out of the room and into the out side,  from the bathroom?  When the room was painted, were the surfaces prepared properly?  … (4 comments)

inspector mold charlotte: Does, Where You Live, Matter Regarding Getting Mold/Mildew? - 06/24/12 06:53 AM
         One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to mold is the humidity and moisture in your home.  Those of us who live in the South know that our climate is most often hot and wet.  This produces a great chance that there is excess moisture within our homes, and anywhere there’s a high level of moisture, there is likely to be mold.  Of course, the logical thing to do is to control the amount of moisture in the home.  The amount of moisture required to produce mold, however, may not be great, and … (1 comments)

inspector mold charlotte: Welcome to spring! - 06/05/12 01:23 PM
          Winter in the South this year appears to be nearly over.  People are getting out into their yards, planting flowers and gardens, and enjoying the sunshine; however, for some the season change brings something not at all pleasant.  It brings asthma and allergies.  According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one of every five people in the United States will be struck by asthma or allergies.  The group also states that of the 20 million Americans who have asthma, fifty percent of them have asthma that is related to allergies.  For some it may seem … (1 comments)

inspector mold charlotte: Will My Insurance Company Drop Me If, I File this Claim? - 04/18/12 03:23 PM
 This is a thought that has gone through most of our minds. I know it has mine, when I have filed a claim. This is a legitimate fear that comes with filing an insurance claim; for either your Auto or Homeowner’s Policy. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to figure out if you will be dropped. However, what I can do is share my experiences with you to help you make a decision.  First and foremost, we buy insurance to protect ourselves and our families for the “what if’s” in life. Insurance exists for life’s risks, to help us … (2 comments)

inspector mold charlotte: When I Inspect Your Home, Please Hide the adult Toys! - 02/15/11 04:08 AM
When I Inspect Your Home, Please Hide the Adult Toys! - (I am reposting this one more time,  after modifying it slighly and adding some other fun things to it.  Please do not read this, if you are easily offended! Reader be warned.  Lol.Seriously!! It's one thing to walk into a home you know,  that they perform some freaky dance or ritual but please?! Having it,  out in the open is entirely another! I don't want to see adult mags under the bed, in the bathroom or your personal sex diary lounging on the bed or anything like that.  I get … (50 comments)


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