mold clean up: Does, Where You Live, Matter Regarding Getting Mold/Mildew? - 06/24/12 06:53 AM
         One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to mold is the humidity and moisture in your home.  Those of us who live in the South know that our climate is most often hot and wet.  This produces a great chance that there is excess moisture within our homes, and anywhere there’s a high level of moisture, there is likely to be mold.  Of course, the logical thing to do is to control the amount of moisture in the home.  The amount of moisture required to produce mold, however, may not be great, and … (1 comments)

mold clean up: I Know I Have a Problem, but… - 06/19/12 02:15 PM
          Have you ever delayed getting a problem fixed around your house?  What were your reasons?  One huge factor causing people to procrastinate is uneasiness.  Having or suspecting mold in your home seems to be the type of problem that creates questions, doubts, and concerns that lead homeowners to feel immobile and avoid taking the action that’s needed to find solutions to their mold problems.  One fallacy about mold is that it won’t happen if your home is clean.  Just as most of us would avoid telling neighbors the house has roaches, some feel ashamed to admit they … (0 comments)

mold clean up: Why do they call insurance folks and realtors agents? - 06/07/12 01:28 AM
I have always wondered about this.
Would the proper term not be sales rep?
Insurance folks and realtors are both selling a product or service.
Thank you,
David Snell

mold clean up: What Is Your Favorite, Social Platform? - 06/07/12 01:08 AM

mold clean up: Familiar with the term Aspergillius? - 05/13/12 02:49 PM
    Have you ever heard of Aspergillus Penicillium?  It sounds like penicillin has been used as an antibiotic since the 1900s, and they are somewhat related. The truth is, however, that it’s a dangerous type of mold that has been found in homes in many places.  Since there are hundreds of types of mold and some of them are helpful, you need to be able to distinguish among them to see whether or not you have a problem.  You should also remember that mold removal and remediation vary depending on many factors. Most people have mold checked out after they spot … (1 comments)

mold clean up: Fixing Your Mold Problem Or Putting a Band Aid On Your Problem? - 05/10/12 12:05 PM
Have you taken a look lately at places within your home that may be harboring dangerous mold?  For example, when was the last time you checked under your sinks, around toilets or tubs, on ceilings where water may have entered your home, in basements, or in crawl spaces or attics?  These are all likely places to find mold, and if you find it, you must remove it for the health and well-being of those who live there.  Mold comes in thousands of species, multiple colors, and varying degrees of toxicity.  Some molds are relatively easy to remove, and others are very … (1 comments)

mold clean up: is now getting about 100 followers per day on Twitter - 09/18/11 11:31 AM
If you would like to follow on Twitter please feel welcome to do so.
We also have many back links in place as well as being truly optimized.  To check out how well we are
optimized please go to Google search bar and type the following: ca Florida nc sc vermont Texas TN Georgia NY
just add in what state you want to check us out in if you want to see our progress and how you 
can network with us if you are an evrionmental company such as carpet … (2 comments)

mold clean up: Why scoop the pooP? - 06/04/11 09:58 AM
Did you know that cleaning up pet waste, pet droppings is not only good for your health but good for our environment?
Did you know that in Mecklenburg County that we have over a quarter of a million dogs and these dogs are producing in excess of more than 72,000 pounds of droppings each day?
Did you know that if you do not take care of animal waste in your yard that it gets transported to strom drains which then goes to your local water ways without being treated?
Did you know that there is bacteria, viruses, parasites that are in … (1 comments)

mold clean up: What is the difference between the AT@T directory and Much! - 05/28/11 10:35 AM
What is the difference between the AT@T directory and
Aloha ladies and gentlemen! We have made some major changes to our home page and welcome you to see for yourself 
what changes we have made at
We also we appreicate you being friends of ours on FaceBook and Twitter.  If you are number 10,000 to follow us on Twitter then you will get a one hundred dollar gift certificate to Carabbas or Out Back Steak house.
For the month of June, we are offer folks front page place ment on our home page with a banner add for only … (2 comments)

mold clean up: I am going to let you folks in on a couple of little secrets that you might already know - 05/24/11 01:23 AM
Some secrets that should not be so secret and that will help you make more dollars by using the below suggestions if you will take them to heart and apply them.
We are all busy but did you know that so many folks do not even return their phone calls?  Did you know that so many folks wait so long to return a phone call?  Did you know that most folks do not even check their caller identification and call folks back even if a message is not left?  You may wonder why to all these questions.  I know I wonder … (4 comments)

mold clean up: Do you believe in UFO 's(unidentified flying objects)? - 04/24/11 05:16 AM
Do you believe in the sightings of a UFO or UFO/s?  After reading the below information and checking this out with your own eyes and ears you just might change your mind if you are not already a believer.
First of all, let me start out by saying that if humans can build airplanes that fly in the air then why can we not be willing to believe that others are smart enough to build space crafts?
2/ Also, check out on YouTube what the rest of the world news media is saying about the sightings of so many space crafts all … (6 comments)

mold clean up: Insurance Company Adjuster Verses Independent and Public Adjuster. - 04/15/11 09:52 AM
Do you know the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster?  The Public adjuster is on the side of the homeowner and protecting the mortgage company.
The Independent Adjuster works for the insurance company and is supposed to be a neutral party.
The Public Adjuster works for the homeowner and is paid with a percentage of the job of the loss, once the money is collected.  
The insurance company adjuster works directly for the insurance company.
The insurance company has their representation and so should you.  If,  you have any issues with your claim or the insurance company wants to deny your … (2 comments)

mold clean up: What is the law of the land or jungle? - 04/13/11 07:45 AM
I have been thinking about our economy and how it has not been the best but then again I got to thinking about how and what has happened to companies.   The depression that we are in and it is a depression is doing some things that are actually good.  Some of the things that this depression is teaching others is that many folks had it so good before and now many folks are starting to appreciate what they once had.  Some times it takes us losing some thing to realize what we have in life.  Or what about all of … (0 comments)

mold clean up: Suffering the consequences when you have water damage - 04/03/11 12:51 PM
When some one has water damage to their home and they do not do what needs to be done then be ready to suffer the consequences.  
First of all, get the water out of your home or out of your office by extracting the water with a truck mount unit or portable machine.  Please remember that if water sits in a cool dark place that mold has a wonderful and perfect breeding ground.  Make sure that you spray an antimicrobial application to the affected areas that have been wet and soak up wet areas with dry rags or just extract … (2 comments)

mold clean up: What Are You Looking For, With A Service Provider? - 04/03/11 11:55 AM
When you are looking for a service provider, what are you looking for?
1/will they be on time for their appointment with you?
2/ do they have great reviews on Google, Yahoo, Insider Pages, etc?
3/ what is their score with the Better Business Bureau
4/ do they return your call when you call them?
5/ have they provided you with references?
6/ does the company speak intelligently about what their service is and do you understand them?
7/ how long have they been in business?
8/ Are they a legit business?
9/ is the company insured?
10/ are they certified in their area of expertise or do they have the … (0 comments)

mold clean up: Getting to the "Root" of Your Mold Exposure Symptoms (Part 2) - 03/08/11 04:30 PM
Followed up from Mold Exposure Part 1
Let us take a look at two individuals who are Mary and Bob.  They happen to be married to each other and love each other very much as,  a matter of fact.
Well, about six months ago, Mary and Bob downsized and bought a cute little cottage for just the two of them on one of the Outer Banks islands in North Carolina.  Although, it was a bit of a fixer upper because of the age and the weather conditions.  They plan on replacing the roof shingles, because it has moldy growth under the shingles, flashing, … (7 comments)

mold clean up: The danger of the U.S dollar losing more value and more - 03/01/11 06:21 AM
What is happening in this great land of ours called the United States?
Why is our company on the verge of bankruptcy but our government just keeps on spending?  How can our government keep spending when we do not have the money?
Before I continue, I would like for you to hear and read some thing and it can be found on:
After you read this and watch this clip, I believe you are going to realize what a real crises this great land of ours is in.  I know that some folks will not be open to our problems … (0 comments)

mold clean up: How often should you have your carpets cleaned and why should you have them cleaned? - 02/19/11 09:51 AM
How often should you have your carpets cleaned and why should you have them cleaned?
Typically, I have my carpets cleaned about once a year.
The reason I have them cleaned is because your carpet acts like a filter in your home and we need to clean the filter so that it is 
cleaned for health reasons.  
I recommend steam cleaning as well as pre spraying the carpet and giving the carpet pre cleaner a chance to work before
the carpet is steam cleaned using very little soap because using too much soap on your carpet or furniture is not 

mold clean up: What are 10 things we should know about mold from the Center of Disease Control - 01/11/11 07:27 PM
What are 10 things that we should be aware of with mold from the Center of Disease Control?
1/ Mold can be found almost anywhere in the world and mold can grow on any substance.  What does mold need to grow? One of the things mold needs to grow is moisture.
2/ In areas where there are continual moisture problems, it is not a good idea to install carpeting by water  drinking fountain areas, by class room sinks or on concrete floors with leaks or frequent condensation.
3/ Do your best to try to prevent condensation around windows, piping, exterior walls, roof and … (4 comments)

mold clean up: My name is David Snell and I have enjoyed getting to know you guys - 11/12/10 09:30 AM
To the ones that I have talked to over the phone and to the ones who have commented on what I have written let 
me say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please call me any time.
When you need a mold inspection, mold clean up, mold remediation, structural dry out, water extractions, water clean up, dehumidifier rental, dehumidification, air movers, air scrubbing, air purification, air purifiers, u.v. light cleaning, antimicrobial applications, crawl space dry outs, water extraction from crawl space, truck mount water extractions, hepa vac of mold, disposal of mold, mold contamination, mold clean up, all natural product that we … (0 comments)


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