mold exposure: What Do You Know About Glutathione? - 12/12/22 10:17 PM
What do you know about Glutathione?  What is Glutathione?  Did you know that your body creates glutathione but the older we get, the more we typically could use to help our body run better and be cleaner as well as help us with aches and pains that we all can suffer,  along our journey of life.  
Web MD states that Glutathione is a substance that is made from amino acids glycine, cysteine,  and glutamic acid. It is producd by the liver and and involved in many body processes.   It is also involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins,  that … (6 comments)

mold exposure: Welcome to spring! - 06/05/12 01:23 PM
          Winter in the South this year appears to be nearly over.  People are getting out into their yards, planting flowers and gardens, and enjoying the sunshine; however, for some the season change brings something not at all pleasant.  It brings asthma and allergies.  According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one of every five people in the United States will be struck by asthma or allergies.  The group also states that of the 20 million Americans who have asthma, fifty percent of them have asthma that is related to allergies.  For some it may seem … (1 comments)

mold exposure: Is Your Family as Safe as You Think? - 04/29/12 02:31 PM
          Last January our family was blessed with a new addition, a precious little girl, my third grandchild.  If you’re a grandparent, you know the delight and inexplicable feeling when that child first smiles at you and melts your heart.  I can truly say there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her or to protect her.  That’s why I’ve been doing some research lately on the internet about allergies.  Both of her parents suffer from migraines and other painful symptoms caused by allergies.  I was disappointed to find that she’s 75% more likely to have allergic reactions since … (0 comments)

mold exposure: Varying levels of health risks associated with mold exposure. - 04/25/12 09:35 AM
Mold is a sneaky thing that can creep into the tiniest of crevices where it will fester, unnoticed for years. Mold spores can multiply very quickly, so even if it is left for a couple days, it can start to spread. Not only is that incredibly gross, it’s also quite dangerous.  As mold grows, it produces a variety of mycotoxins including trichothecenes, beta glucans, nitric oxides and aflatoxins, which is why it can affect people in so many different ways.  Mold can cause a lot a health issues, ranging from mild allergic reactions to serious diseases including lung cancer.
The minor effects … (4 comments)

mold exposure: Mold Could Change Your Life - 04/16/12 04:35 AM
I was just watching one of my favorite shows on TV when I heard a singer remark that his career had to be put on hold because of a mold problem that caused him to have a constant illness.  After the problem was found and the mold removed, his health improved, and he was able to continue with his career.  Stories like this are very common.  Some of them may even appear too farfetched to believe. That’s one of the problems you face when dealing with mold.  People just don’t seem to be sure about where to find it, what to … (1 comments)

mold exposure: Mold as Old as Time - 01/24/12 09:30 AM
In Biblical days when people were given the Levitical laws concerning purification of their bodies, their food, and their homes, they were warned to stay away from the carcasses of dead animals, to wash clothes that had come in contact with any impure thing, and to destroy earthenware containers into which dead things had fallen.  They were also required in certain circumstances to present themselves or their property to a priest who would certify that the problem had been corrected.  These ancient writings offered sound advice to protect the health and safety of the people.
          In our day, most people … (1 comments)

mold exposure: Do You Know The Difference Between Allergies and Mold Symptoms? - 01/16/12 11:33 AM
I have spoken a lot in the past about mold and its toxic effects on humans…especially children. I have written article after article on how to find mold in your home, how to get rid of mold and even how to hire an expert in the area to help you when you are over run with mold.
 What I have never talked about is how to spot the signs and symptoms of mold when you don’t know that it is in your home. Mold can grow and hide anywhere, so unless you have somebody come to your home and inspect … (3 comments)

mold exposure: Frequently Asked Questions about the Dangers of Mold - 03/11/11 07:08 AM
If we have learned anything from our 3 part series on mold exposure we know that it's dangerous.
Mold Exposure Part One we talked about the root of some health issues and how they are grounded in the air we breathe, the home we live in and the environment we are used to.
Mold Exposure Part Two talked about two different situations where not seeing a problem doesn't mean there isn't one. Taking note of health concerns or unusual symptoms can mean the presence of mold in a home.
Mold Exposure Part Three gave some mild to serious symptoms that mold … (5 comments)

mold exposure: Why Featured Blogs Are Sometimes Not that Important - 03/09/11 07:43 AM
I see a lot of blog posts about why that got featured and this one didn't, or why can't I get featured, or how to get featured. Yes, being on that homepage does get you more exposure from ActiveRain and those comments from members are exciting.  One of the best reasons to get featured, I think, is to gain more subscribers. Your subscribers are your life blood of a blog that can extend the viewing time longer. Once your blog rolls off that page it may never be seen again except by your subscribers......  or could it?
I think we as … (16 comments)

mold exposure: Getting to the "Root" of Your Mold Exposure Symptoms (Part 2) - 03/08/11 04:30 PM
Followed up from Mold Exposure Part 1
Let us take a look at two individuals who are Mary and Bob.  They happen to be married to each other and love each other very much as,  a matter of fact.
Well, about six months ago, Mary and Bob downsized and bought a cute little cottage for just the two of them on one of the Outer Banks islands in North Carolina.  Although, it was a bit of a fixer upper because of the age and the weather conditions.  They plan on replacing the roof shingles, because it has moldy growth under the shingles, flashing, … (7 comments)

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