mold inspection: Could Mold Really Be the Problem? - 07/06/12 03:42 AM
          On the internet you can read about children, adults, and even pets that have suffered, and some eventually died from exposure to toxic mold in their homes, schools, workplaces, etc.  As I thought about this, I hoped that the people who read this article would take the warnings seriously before heartbreaking predicaments occur that could cause them to lose their health or other truly important things.   Although some of the stories I’ve read seem almost too unlikely to believe, there are many that cannot be discounted.  The danger from mold is a reality, and one that is … (0 comments)

mold inspection: Where You Live Matters - 06/24/12 06:53 AM
          One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to mold is the humidity or moisture in your home.  Those of us who live in the South know that our climate is most often hot and wet.  This produces a great chance that there is excess moisture within our homes, and anywhere there’s a high level of moisture, there is likely to be mold.  Of course, the logical thing to do is to control the amount of moisture in the home.  The amount of moisture required to produce mold, however, may not be great, and … (1 comments)

mold inspection: I Know I Have a Problem, but… - 06/19/12 02:15 PM
          Have you ever delayed getting a problem fixed around your house?  What were your reasons?  One huge factor causing people to procrastinate is uneasiness.  Having or suspecting mold in your home seems to be the type of problem that creates questions, doubts, and concerns that lead homeowners to feel immobile and avoid taking the action that’s needed to find solutions to their mold problems.  One fallacy about mold is that it won’t happen if your home is clean.  Just as most of us would avoid telling neighbors the house has roaches, some feel ashamed to admit they … (0 comments)

mold inspection: Why do they call insurance folks and realtors agents? - 06/07/12 01:28 AM
I have always wondered about this.
Would the proper term not be sales rep?
Insurance folks and realtors are both selling right?
Could you kind folks help me undertand this please?
Thank you,
David Snell

mold inspection: Did you know that Linked In has been breeched? Some one hacked in. - 06/07/12 01:08 AM
You might want to consider changing your pass word immediately.
This has been brought to you by David Snell with

mold inspection: Condo Flood Disaster (Part 2) - 05/23/12 03:33 PM
  Here is the second part of the flood disaster I outlined in previous article. This part will focus more on the remediation process that had to take place. It was a timely process, and the family was definitely put through a lot as well. In the end though they pulled through great and were able to happily move back into their homes.
  As I proceeded with getting the home owners moved into a hotel, I discovered that returning all five condos back to normal status would be a battle that was going to be more difficult than any other … (2 comments)

mold inspection: Condo Flood Disaster (Part 1) - 05/22/12 08:45 AM
  This is part 1 of 2 of one of the more serious cases of water intrusion that I have had to deal with in my career. The first part of the story covers a little bit of background leading up to the initial disaster. Part 2 will cover the remediation of the water damage in the condo’s to illustrate a firsthand account of handling water intrusion on a large commercial scale.
    The background of the situation is rather simple... nine years ago (2003) Charleston, South Carolina experienced one of the largest real estate growths the city had ever seen.  … (0 comments)

mold inspection: How well is your home built? - 05/16/12 02:04 PM
The US has been experiencing more than its share of natural disasters over the past few years.  These include ravaging hurricanes,   tornados that destroy entire towns, extreme flooding, disastrous mudslides, devastating wildfires, and gigantic sink holes that swallow up whole blocks.  For the people who experience the loss of a home caused by one of these, the logical thing to do seems to be to rebuild as quickly and simply as possible and to get things back to normal immediately.  Because of the huge expense of rebuilding a home and the amount of time it requires, many people have chosen to … (0 comments)

mold inspection: Familiar with the term Aspergillius? - 05/13/12 02:49 PM
    Have you ever heard of Aspergillius Penicilum?  It sounds like the penicillin that has been used as an antibiotic since the 1900’s, and they are somewhat related. The truth is, however, that it’s a dangerous type of mold that has been found in homes in many places.  Since there are hundreds of types of mold and some of them are helpful, you need to be able to distinguish among them to see whether or not you have a problem.  You should also remember that mold removal and remediation vary depending on many factors. Most people have mold checked out after … (1 comments)

mold inspection: Fixing Your Mold Problem - 05/10/12 12:05 PM
Have you taken a look lately at places within your home that may be harboring dangerous mold?  For example, when was the last time you checked under your sinks, around toilets or tubs, on ceilings where water may have entered your home, in basements, or in crawl spaces or attics?  These are all likely places to find mold, and if you find it, you must remove it for the health and well-being of those who live there.  Mold comes in thousands of species, multiple colors, and varying degrees of toxicity.  Some molds are relatively easy to remove, and others are very … (1 comments)

mold inspection: Avoid Mold When Building or Decorating - 05/01/12 03:14 PM
            The media is full of horror stories today about toxic mold.  They’re reported from all over the world, and most people have begun to pay attention to them and to take care of water problems or mold as soon as they discover it.  Many people are aware now of some of the symptoms to look for when you suspect illness caused by dangerous mold.  I believe, however, that the average home or property owner has failed to consider mold when they are building and decorating a new structure or redecorating and renovating an old one.  The … (0 comments)

mold inspection: Sensible Mold Allergy Information - 04/23/12 09:35 AM
        A friend of mine recently joked that he might just paint his auto yellow so that it would match the pollen that covered his car every day.  The overabundance of pollen may seem like a nuisance to some, but spring is an especially miserable season for people with allergies.  Whether they are seasonal and change with the weather, or year long and change when you go indoors or outside, allergies are at least irritating, and at their worst can cause real damage to your health if not diagnosed and treated properly. One of the most common types of … (1 comments)

mold inspection: Will My Insurance Company Drop Me If I File this Claim? - 04/18/12 03:23 PM
 This is a thought that has gone through most of our minds. I know it has mine, when I have filed a claim. This is a legitimate fear that comes with filing an insurance claim; for either your Auto or Homeowner’s Policy. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to figure out if you will be dropped. However, what I can do is share my experiences with you to help you make a decision.  First and foremost, we buy insurance to protect ourselves and our families for the “what if’s” in life. Insurance exists for life’s risks, to help us … (2 comments)

mold inspection: Mold Could Change Your Life - 04/16/12 04:35 AM
I was just watching one of my favorite shows on TV when I heard a singer remark that his career had to be put on hold because of a mold problem that caused him to have constant illness.  After the problem was found and the mold removed, his health improved, and he was able to continue with his career.  Stories like this are very common.  Some of them may even appear too farfetched to believe. That’s one of the problems you face when dealing with mold.  People just don’t seem to be sure about where to find it, what to do … (1 comments)

mold inspection: What to do with a wet home - 03/13/12 04:53 AM
Hoping that this never happens to you, but would you know what to do if you came home to find that you had suffered water damage to your home? Pipes in the wall break, supply lines break, appliances break or malfunction. It’s always unexpected, of course.
First things first, protect your contents. Anything on a wet floor or countertop should be removed to the garage or a room that isn't wet. For furniture you can place aluminum foil or sandwich baggies under the legs. Wood stain can be damaged, or the stain from the legs can get onto the carpet or … (1 comments)

mold inspection: Hassles of Handling Mold - 02/23/12 08:14 AM
There are over 100,000 species of mold.  Some are readily detectable because of their musty odor and the appearance of black or white patches in areas that normally contain water—such as a bathroom or kitchen.  However, some are not so easily identified, and removing them permanently can be a seriously daunting task. 
          Most experts say that an area ten square feet or larger will most certainly require removal by a professional, but smaller areas in your home or business may also demand the attention of someone with expertise in the mold removal or remediation field.  For example, suppose you … (1 comments)

mold inspection: Is A Mold Inspection Really Worth The Money? You Decide - 02/23/12 07:45 AM
Is mold a topic that is worth losing sleep over? With so many “professional” opinions that are floating around the internet, this is a question that has a lot of people divided. Some authorities on this subject feel that mold is a topic that has been hyped up for the sake of marketing, and poses no real long term effects to people who are exposed to it. Yet scientific research shows that certain strands can produce mycotoxins, which are in fact highly carcinogenic to human beings. Whatever side of this debate you decide to align yourself with, keep in mind that … (0 comments)

mold inspection: Mold as Old as Time - 01/24/12 09:30 AM
In Biblical days when people were given the Levitical laws concerning purification of their bodies, their food, and their homes, they were warned to stay away from the carcasses of dead animals, to wash clothes that had come in contact with any impure thing, and to destroy earthenware containers into which dead things had fallen.  They were also required in certain circumstances to present themselves or their property to a priest who would certify that the problem had been corrected.  These ancient writings offered sound advice to protect the health and safety of the people.
          In our day, most people … (1 comments)

mold inspection: Wintertime Water Woes - 01/17/12 03:18 PM
In the winter one of the most aggravating problems for any homeowner is the problem of frozen or broken water pipes.  This has been an especially difficult problem for me because I live in a rural area, and my water comes from a household well.  My water problems usually centered around the well at the pump or at the point where the water comes into the house.  Of course, you can prevent the pump from freezing by insulating it and your well house.  Cover the pump and inside of the well covering with a thick barrier of rolled insulation material which … (2 comments)

mold inspection: Do You Know The Difference Between Allergies and Mold Symptoms? - 01/16/12 11:33 AM
I have spoken a lot in the past about mold and its toxic effects on humans…especially children. I have written article after article on how to find mold in your home, how to get rid of mold and even how to hire an expert in the area to help you when you are over run with mold.
 What I have never talked about is how to spot the signs and symptoms of mold when you don’t know that it is in your home. Mold can grow and hide anywhere, so unless you have somebody come to your home and inspect … (3 comments)

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