mold removal charlotte: Who Has Ever Heard Of, The Himalayan Salt Lamp? - 09/28/21 09:41 PM
So, what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?
Well, it is a lamp that is inside a block of salt.  The heat from the light creates, what it does to the air.  What does the salt lamp create?  The salt lamp creates negative ions, that create indoor air particles to clump together and fall to the floor of the home. Either on the carpet or the hard surface floor.  The weight of the floor causes them to fall to the floor and then you easily vacuum up these particles.  Things like smoke, chemical odors, carbon monoxide, and other things like viruses, bacterial, and … (1 comments)

mold removal charlotte: What Does This Look Like, To You? - 08/17/21 10:23 PM
What does this look like to you?
If you are trying to sell your house, this will definitely turn some people off.  Remove the air conditioner from the crawl space door.  Unless of course, you are trying to ruin the sale of your home and trying to sell your home.
If you guessed an air conditioner, you guessed correctly. An air conditioner in a Crawl Space Door, at that. 😉 
When I got to this inspection, I was like, what?  I could hardly believe my eyes.  The crawl space vents were open and not closed.  So, do you think this was helping?
The homeowner was … (3 comments)

mold removal charlotte: How Can I Get, Mold Growing On My Windows? - 08/12/21 07:01 PM
How Can I Get Mold,  Growing On My Windows?
Have you ever heard the expression, where east meets west? Well, the answer to the question of how can I or you or anyone get Mold growing on their windows, is when heat meets cold or when cold meets heat.  Another way, this will create moisture on the windows, and this can create Mold issues on your window and you will need to Clean Up the Mold growing on your windows.  One way to clean up the Mold growing,  on your windows,  is to use white distilled vinegar with a small amount of … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: How Often, Should Someone Change, The Return Air Filter or Clean It? - 08/12/21 12:18 AM
I get this question,  all the time.
David, how often should I change or replace my return air filters or clean them? We all know, what a Return Air Filter is.  Right?  Actually, some clients of mine, have no idea what a return Air Filter is.   Much less, some, have never changed one or cleaned one. I am amazed how often, people do not even know, what a Return Air Filter is or even,  how to change one.  Typically, you will see a grill or protective barrier over the Return Air Filter.  To educate others, I am going to talk about the … (4 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Could, Your Plants Be, Creating Mold Issues, In Your Home? - 08/10/21 02:38 AM
How many of you,  have plants in your home?
How many of you have had your plants leak or drip water?  When this happens, this can create, other issues such as Mold.  
If you have plants or your client has plants in their home, he or she is selling, you might consider, removing the plants and taking them outside or into the garage, the day before, the inspection, if you are having indoor air sampling and testing.  We do not want to do anything that could cause problems with the lab results, from AIR SAMPLING and TESTING.
How many of you, have ever thought, … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: What Is A Tyvek Suit and Why Should You Wear One? - 08/09/21 10:47 PM
Who is this Easter Bunny? This is a photo of David Snell, modeling the Tyvek Suit. Of course, I also wear things like boots, gloves and a respirator, and much more.  The Tyvek Suit is just part of the protection, you want to wear, when conducting certain jobs and I give examples below. Some people also call this suit, a Body Condom, because of the way, it protects the body from danger, such as chemicals and things like LEAD, ASBESTOS, and even raw SEWAGE and even CRIME SCENE Cleanups.  If in doubt, wrap that rascal and protect your body.  If in … (1 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Water Damage, Decay And Mold Damage. - 07/13/21 09:36 PM
Have you ever seen Water Damage, Wood Rot, and Mold Damage, all at the same time?  Well, here we are.  Here is an example.  Below, is the story. 
Once upon a time, there lived a man and woman, who lived in a home that had a smell to their home and they did not know, what the smell was.  Although, things did smell musty and they had had two other companies to their home to take care of the issue.  David Snell came and did an inspection with an infrared red scan to walls and ceilings to home and found an anomaly … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Wood Rot, Decay, Termite Activity, Water Damage and Mold Removal. - 07/13/21 09:34 PM
This is chapter 2 of wood rot, decay, termite activity, and mold.  This is and was stage 2 of the process.
All of the above was cleaned up.  Notice how clean things are now.  All of the wood rot and decay and termites and mold are gone and removed.  Does it look a little better?
When you are working on a home, make sure you are exhausting or putting the house under negative pressure so you do not have debris and wood dust and sheetrock ducts flying everywhere and put plastic around things to protect.
It is simply amazing how things progress if you … (3 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Can Mold Grow About Anywhere and Where Can It Grow? - 07/09/21 11:37 PM
Most people do not know this, but Mold can grow about anywhere.  Did you know that Mold can grow on about any surface if it has a food source?  For example, a plastic fence.  As long as there is a food source and moisture, you've got mold.  Did you know that dust is a food source?  Did you know that dead organic matter is a food source for mold?  Look at the forest floor for an example.  Mold can even feed on dead insects and Mold can feed on animal and insect feces. 
How about dust mites as a food source.  Did … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: What Is A Tankless, Water Heater? - 06/28/21 01:20 AM
What is a tankless water heater?
A tankless water heater is just that.  It is a water heater without a holding tank and that heats water on demand, as you need the hot water. It typically has a recirculating pump that keeps the water in constant motion when you need the hot water.   I have had a water heater with a tank and I have a water heater, without the tank.  I prefer the tankless water heater.
Remember that a tankless water heater will typically be much more money than a water heater with a tank.  The water heater with the tank holds … (16 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Why Do You Think The Paint is Peeling, on, this ceiling? - 06/25/21 05:17 PM
How and why do you think this paint is peeling here in this  photo?
I get asked this question all the time.  There are a number of reasons, why this occurs.  Why does paint, peel on ceilings and walls?
Lets discuss this?  Was the surface prepared, properly?  Is there water damage or has there been water damage, in this area before?  Does  the area, have high  humidity, such as bathrooms?  Is the exhaust fan working and is the humidity being drawn out of the room and into the out side,  from the bathroom?  When the room was painted, were the surfaces prepared properly?  … (4 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Do You See A Problem, With This Photo? Think, Duct Work. - 06/20/21 08:48 PM
Do you see a problem or issue,  with this photo?  Look, very carefully.  I would remove this duct work as well as replace this duct work.  Replace with new.  Notice the insualtion that is around the duct work?  This acts like a sponge and holds water so it is best to remove it.
This was a crawl space that had water damage from the kitchen and water affected the kitchen area as well as water got down into vent and the weight of the water disengaged duct work in crawl space.  Notice, any other issue?  Do you see any other issue?
Water damage … (3 comments)

mold removal charlotte: How Important, Are The Words, Thank You? - 05/29/21 10:04 PM
Being Thankful, How Important Are The Words, Thank You?
When someone calls me,  on the phone,  I have learned, how important it is saying "Thank you for calling me". 
Some times, in our busy schedule, we can some times, forget to say these two words but they are very important words to say, to others and mean them, as we are communicating with others in our phone call, to see, just how we may assist and help others.  This may sound like a small thing to say but so many forget to say these simple words.  These simple words, will have a big … (3 comments)

mold removal charlotte: What Do You Think Happens, With An Improper Building, Dry out? - 05/28/21 09:09 PM
What do you thinks occurs, with an improper building dry out?
Once upon a time, a company came out to a home, to do a Water Removal with Water Extraction with a Structural Dry Out.  The inside of the home was affected as well as the Crawl Space. Because it was improperly dried out, Mold started to grow.  My point is this. If you have a Water Damage and the home is improperly dried out, Mold can develop from the moisture if,  the home is not dried out properly dried out and you will then have a Mold Removal job,  to contend … (3 comments)

mold removal charlotte: What Is A Respirator And When Do You Use One? - 05/26/21 07:00 PM
What Is A Respirator And When Do You Use One?
In the above photo, you will see a Respirator and I recommend you use one if you are spray painting or around fumes that you need to have lung and eye protection.
A Respirator is also known as PPE. Personal Protective Equipment.
It is used to protect your lungs from Mold and to protect your lungs while performing 
Mold Remediation or Mold Removal. There are various types of filters that can be used with it.
Please make sure if you are using chemicals that emit odors that you use the cartridge type filter so, you are  … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Think, Before You Clean. - 07/11/12 02:24 PM
            The normal thing for a person to do in the aftermath of a fire, flood, or storm damage in the home or business is to rush right back into space, try to assess the damage, and begin the clean-up process.  This may not, however, be the best plan of action.  It may result in some serious consequences to the property owner’s health, the amount of money he or she spends for restoration, and the success of the project.  Many people believe that as soon as the fire department or emergency workers have left it is safe … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Could Mold, Really Be the Problem? - 07/06/12 03:42 AM
          On the internet, you can read about children, adults, and even pets that have suffered, and some eventually died from exposure to toxic mold in their homes, schools, workplaces, etc.  As I thought about this, I hoped that the people who read this article would take the warnings seriously before heartbreaking predicaments occur that could cause them to lose their health or other truly important things.   Although some of the stories I’ve read seem almost too unlikely to believe, there are many that cannot be discounted.  The danger from mold is a reality, and one that is … (0 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Condo Flood Disaster (Part 2) - 05/23/12 03:33 PM
  Here is the second part of the flood disaster I outlined in the previous article. This part will focus more on the remediation process that had to take place. It was a timely process, and the family was definitely put through a lot as well. In the end, though they pulled through great and were able to happily move back into their homes.
  As I proceeded with getting the homeowners moved into a hotel, I discovered that returning all five condos back to normal status would be a battle that was going to be more difficult than any other challenge … (2 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Familiar with the term Aspergillius? - 05/13/12 02:49 PM
    Have you ever heard of Aspergillus Penicillium?  It sounds like penicillin has been used as an antibiotic since the 1900s, and they are somewhat related. The truth is, however, that it’s a dangerous type of mold that has been found in homes in many places.  Since there are hundreds of types of mold and some of them are helpful, you need to be able to distinguish among them to see whether or not you have a problem.  You should also remember that mold removal and remediation vary depending on many factors. Most people have mold checked out after they spot … (1 comments)

mold removal charlotte: Should You Avoid Mold When Building or Decorating? - 05/01/12 03:14 PM
            The media is full of horror stories today about toxic mold.  They’re reported from all over the world, and most people have begun to pay attention to them and to take care of water problems or mold as soon as they discover it.  Many people are aware now of some of the symptoms to look for when you suspect illness caused by dangerous mold.  I believe, however, that the average home or property owner has failed to consider mold when they are building and decorating a new structure or redecorating and renovating an old one.  The … (0 comments)

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