smoke damage: Be Prepared for Smoke and Soot in Your Home - 07/09/12 04:46 AM
            Having a fire in your home is one of the most disturbing, unsettling things that can happen to a homeowner.  After double checking to be sure everyone is safe and sound, there is the daunting task of dealing with the aftereffects of the fire—the destruction, smell, smoke, and general mess.  The smoke and soot must be removed before cleaning and deodorizing can begin.  It will usually save time and money to consult an expert in fire restoration and remediation after it’s safe to reenter.  New technology allows professionals to reclaim items you may have felt were … (2 comments)

smoke damage: Not Everyone Likes the Smell of a Fire - 03/26/12 01:08 PM
Have you had a fire in or near your home? If so, regardless of the type or location of fire, there is a pretty good chance you’ll never forget that smell. I have restored hundreds of homes that have been damaged by fire and almost every homeowner complains of the odor. Oftentimes myself and my crews smell the odor at first. However, as the demolition and the fire cleaning processes occur, the odor dissipates greatly. Once the reconstruction is complete the odor is completely gone. If for some reason there is a lingering odor there are additional processes that certified restoration … (3 comments)

smoke damage: Have you checked your caller identification to see if you have missed calls? - 08/14/11 09:35 AM
Have you or do you check your caller identification every day to make sure that you have not missed 
any calls?  We do this every day and always call folks back even if they do not leave a voice mail and 
find it very rewarding.  You see some folks do not want to leave a message so that is ok with us
because we will follow up with them with a phone call.  Also, are you one of the ones who does not
take the time to make your communication personable?  If not, you are missing out on potential business.
We … (5 comments)

smoke damage: Why do I get the feeling that some Realtors do not like inspectors? - 06/05/11 08:28 AM
Happy New year to all.
Why do I get the feeling that Realtors do not like some  inspectors? Could it be because inspectors are paid to perform an inspection and if the house has problems or conditions that need addressing then, he or she puts them down in the report.  If an inspector is worth their salt then he or she is going to be detailed as well as find problems.  Look hard and long enough at anything and anybody and you will find faults.
I get the feeling that some time the Realtor wants some inspectors to not be very thorough. … (6 comments)

smoke damage: Hi There! - 06/03/11 05:51 AM
Hi there Active Rain! I have been writing articles for some time now, and loading you up with tons of information! With all the craziness, I have completely neglected to tell you who I am, about me, and why you should read what I have to say!  So, I guess I will start off with some generic stuff and hope that you figure the rest out though my writing and maybe let me know a little about who is reading my stuff!
My name is Elizabeth however, since I became a teach, instructor, taxi driver, cook and mommy I have become … (2 comments)

smoke damage: What is the difference between the AT@T directory and Much! - 05/28/11 10:35 AM
What is the difference between the AT@T directory and
Aloha ladies and gentlemen! We have made some major changes to our home page and welcome you to see for yourself 
what changes we have made at
We also we appreicate you being friends of ours on FaceBook and Twitter.  If you are number 10,000 to follow us on Twitter then you will get a one hundred dollar gift certificate to Carabbas or Out Back Steak house.
For the month of June, we are offer folks front page place ment on our home page with a banner add for only … (2 comments)

smoke damage: Suffering the consequences when you have water damage - 04/03/11 12:51 PM
When some one has water damage to their home and they do not do what needs to be done then be ready to suffer the consequences.  
First of all, get the water out of your home or out of your office by extracting the water with a truck mount unit or portable machine.  Please remember that if water sits in a cool dark place that mold has a wonderful and perfect breeding ground.  Make sure that you spray an antimicrobial application to the affected areas that have been wet and soak up wet areas with dry rags or just extract … (2 comments)

smoke damage: When you are looking for a service provider, what are you looking for? - 04/03/11 11:55 AM
When you are looking for a service provider, what are you looking for?
1/will they be on time for their appointment with you?
2/ do they have great reviews on Google, Yahoo, Insider Pages, etc?
3/ what is their score with the Better Business Bureau
4/ do they return your call when you call them?
5/ have they provided you with references?
6/ does the company speak intelligently about what their service is and do you understand them?
7/ how long have they been in business?
8/ do they have a business license?
9/ is the company insured?
10/ are they … (0 comments)

smoke damage: Don't be Scared to Call your Insurance Company - 03/07/11 02:16 AM
Don't Be Scared to Call Your Insurance Company This is a story of my friend that had the most interesting week. I think all things happen for a reason, many times we don't know why and may never know but with someone going through something first, it can really help anyone else that follows. Here's a great story that you can pass onto folks that fear their deductible so much they are scared to call the insurance company. My friend had parts of her roof blow off last fall and was tired of fixing it herself all the time so she … (2 comments)

smoke damage: Dealing with smoke damage and how Executive Restoration can help U! - 03/02/11 02:03 PM
Executive Restoration and Snell Experts would like to know if you know of any one or yourself who is having to deal with smoke damage.  Are you or some one you know experiencing smoke damage and you need guidance or help?
Unlike fire damage, smoke damage can be hard to find and thus hard to deal with but it can be dealth with and cleaned up as well as the smoke odor gone and removed. Please note that smoke travels farther than the area of the fire of course and it affects far more surfaces and items in your home or … (4 comments)

smoke damage: How often should you have your carpets cleaned and why should you have them cleaned? - 02/19/11 09:51 AM
How often should you have your carpets cleaned and why should you have them cleaned?
Typically, I have my carpets cleaned about once a year.
The reason I have them cleaned is because your carpet acts like a filter in your home and we need to clean the filter so that it is 
cleaned for health reasons.  
I recommend steam cleaning as well as pre spraying the carpet and giving the carpet pre cleaner a chance to work before
the carpet is steam cleaned using very little soap because using too much soap on your carpet or furniture is not 

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