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  It is that time of the year that you need to get your Christmas decorations up. So you drag it all out and begin the installation. Uh Dear! Are we just going to do the same thing? What was wrong with last year? Nothing! Just wondered if there were going to be any adjustments. SURE! It is going...
I was shopping with my wife for some additional garland for our Christmas tree yesterday. We have some strands of white large fluffy garland; however part of one was damaged and we wanted to save what we have and just find an extra strand. Not an option. Looked at at least a dozen diffferent sto...
  You may or may not know the story, but the Earp brothers and their accomplices brought law & order to Tombstone by killing their opponents at the OK Corral. They eliminated the threat of lawlessness and brought security and prosperity to the poplace of Tombstone ( as the story goes). By the en...
On any given day some areas in the USA are sunny, partly cloudy, overcast or stormy. That is my opinion of the foreclosure crises. Some areas of the country look better than others. The market reports in the Chicago MSA indicate 5 months of price appreciation. Foreclosures are still happening, b...
  Black Friday must mean that retail is in the black by Tuesday, Wanna Bet! The slide down is very slippery and not many opportunities to stop and make an upturn. Congress will have to resign in order for that to happen. If every one charges to the limit on their credit cards, we will pull it ou...
Latest reports are that you may be shot if you show up at Walmart on Black Friday. Incidents of people being shot, pepper sprayed and robbed were the norm for Walmart today. These are the result of an economy going into free fall. Apparently more people are attempting to solve their own problems ...
Too much tripto fan equals you missed your customer because they were going to buy the day after Thanksgiving. OOOPPPs! If this is your problem you have neglected your responsibility of 24/7. Contact me for resolution to the problem.
  Today's real estate environment has many traps on the road to credit worthiness. Waiting on the Sheriff is not the correct choice. Homeowners have choices other than vacating before the sheriff puts everything on the curb. The mortgagor (homeowner) needs to communicate with the mortgagee (bank...
  The Chicago Bears quarterback is out for the season after playing San Diego. Jay Cutler broke his thumb after trying to stop a player that had intercepted his pass. Will wait and see if this is a bad thing or not. Maybe the Packers quarterback will break his thumb, or the Bears backup quarterb...
    What do you get when you cross a turkey with an octopuss? Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving.   How can you make a turkey float? You need 2 scoops of ice cream, some root beer and a turkey.   Which side of the turkey has trhe most feathers? The outside.     May you have a pleasant Thanksgivin...

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