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Jan 20, 2010 By New England Design and Construction You grew up dreaming and imagining great things. Isn’t it time to make good on those dreams? Isn’t it time for a bedroom remodel, complete with all the amenities? At New England Design & Construction, we’re passionate about bedroom design and ...
Energy Saving Tip of the day! Refrigerator coils can get especially dirty. Dirt and dust can built up from years of build up and impedes air flow thus making the appliance less efficient and forcing the refrigerator to work harder. It has been estimated that dirty coils can cut energy use by 6%. ...
It’s important that in all rooms that are not being constantly used are sealed and closed so that there’s no loss of energy. Close the vents and make sure all windows are locked. Even when windows are not locked, it can still allow air to travel through.
Is your client’s kitchen, tired, old, and outdated? Is doing a full kitchen remodel out of the budget? At New England Design and Construction we understand it is not always possible to hire a firm to completely gut and remodel a kitchen. This is why we have put together a list of seven easy ways ...

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