real estate in florida: DownTown at SunDown - 06/25/08 10:40 PM
Downtown at Sundown
Saturday Night Cruise on the Circle
By Dawn Dell, Dell Realty                                              
April 12, 2008, Saturday Night Cruise 
I often hear in Highlands County that "there's nothing to do around here", well I beg to differ. You just have to be in the know, since I am a business owner in downtown Sebring I have really started getting involved in what activities are actually occurring downtown. Last night was the April Saturday Night Cruise. First off I must admit I am somewhat a car buff, I really like the old muscle cars and of course the 57 Chevy's and … (1 comments)

real estate in florida: choosing the right realtor - 03/01/08 07:35 AM
Choosing a Realtor to List your Property!!!   Prior to listing your home you should do some home work yourself. First look around your neighborhood and see if a certain Realtor specializes your area, if so definitely contact that Realtor (regardless if you use them or not) and see what they have to say. Second, look at the local advertising and see who is going to aggressively market your property. Thirdly, ask around, see if someone recommends someone they have recently done business with and possbily hear their story. Then you should get at least 2 opinions of price from your local … (0 comments)

real estate in florida: Hot Potato Market - 03/01/08 07:33 AM
Hot Potato Market Strange heading I know, but let me explain as I always do. This is what I called what happened during the BOOM. Here it goes, take where I live for example, in 2003 you could find a home on a golf course home in a gorgeous community 3 bed 2 bath 2 car garage, pool, CBS (concrete block stucco) with over 1800 LSF (living square footage), now brace yourself, for $130,000 or high end $200,000. oK SO, an investor from another inflated market area comes to my market and finds this prize piece of property for an excellent … (0 comments)

real estate in florida: Central Florida is Different - 03/01/08 07:30 AM
Central flrida real estate Here is Central Florida we have a different situation rather than the most of Florida. Here are just some of the reasons why: -We are south of the freeze line for all general purposes, meaning, we usually do not see much cold weather, and northern Fla is prone to that in the winter. -We have a low crime factor. -We still have plenty of land that is rural and undeveloped, for potential growth and maybe for State to purchase for future parks etc... -Our taxes for the most part are generally lower than the rest of the … (1 comments)

real estate in florida: Pigs get Fed, Hogs Get Slaughtered - 03/01/08 07:28 AM
Pigs Get Fed..... Hogs Get Slaughtered!   Wow, what a headline, should bring some kind of attention from some of you, No, this is not a recipe, I guess you can tell I am from the south with this headline also. Someone told me this back probably 2 years ago, he is wiser than his years, and yet I did not listen to him. Now let's discuss the meaning. This is about GREED!!!!!! Pigs get fed, Hogs get slaughtered, well, if you are selling your home and are expecting a huge profit in today's market, then you are a HOG. Offensive … (2 comments)


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