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Come one come all for your free domain name from GoDaddy! Shoot on over to SEO Diva for the link - you can also get a 15% off coupon code for GoDaddy purchases. It's a limited time offer; I don't know when it ends - so don't delay. P.S. Yes, you do have to sign up for their email communications, ...
Semenvironment just came out with the very handy Keyword Research Wordpress Plugin. I've borrowed a couple of screenshots from their site to show you how it changes your admin when you write a post. As you can see below, it gives you links to 3 popular and free keyword tools right there...with on...
Yahoo Domain Name Renewal Sky High! Yahoo increased the renewal cost of domains to $34.95 effective July 1, 2008. This is a huge increase from the $8.95 to initially register a domain. Considering the cheap price of domains elsewhere, you have to wonder why Yahoo would make such a move. This is o...
When you're looking for free WordPress themes you quickly discover there are thousands, if not millions, of them online! Some are better than others - a lot are rehashes of common themes, but then there are some beautiful and unusual themes that are freely available. One thing to keep in mind is ...
You’ve done everything right, your site is still not showing up in Google searches after several months, and you can’t figure out why. It could be your IP location - specifically the country in which the server that hosts your web site is located. The problem is some USA companies have servers in...
CommentLuv has proved such a boon to my blog already! I just added it yesterday (Luv Luv Me Do), yet not only have I seen an immediate increase in readership and comments, I've been clicking on the links to my readers blogs and getting great ideas from them (and leaving comments too). If you have...
Often web users forget all about common courtesy once they get online. They seem to forget that they are interacting with other people with feelings just like their own, not soulless computers. It's important to make the effort to ensure you are coming across as polite online. Facial expressions,...
Giveaway of the Day is offering iSpring Pro, a program that converts PowerPoint Presentations to Flash. This program normally sells for $199 and is fully functional. You can only download and set it up free today, July 9, 2008. If you’re reading this after the offer has ended, you may want to reg...
One of my favorite WordPress plugins is Comment Luv, and I have finally been able to add it to my SEO Diva blog after a theme upgrade. Comment Luv is a nice way to thank a visitor for leaving a comment on your blog by automatically listing the most recent blog post for their blog, with a link to ...
I had to try it - use the new magic marketing words Kathy blogged about in Beyond Niche Marketing. Although I'm doing it for fun and may have slightly overdone the whole thing in my title, the fact is you can work trendy popular keywords into your marketing message if you get creative. It's a fun...

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