notary public: Great Tool For Appointment Setting - 06/26/08 06:59 AM
I'm not sure I'm going to use this, but it's definitely worth looking into.
I found an online Flash Calendar that people can use to schedule appointments with you. The reason I'm not sure I'll use this is I'm not sure I want this open to the public. The reason I might want to use this is my dedicated agents can see my schedule and add loan document signings to it.
One of the issues I've had is scheduling conflicts. If my agents can see my schedule while they're on the phone setting a signing appointment, it will help them know … (2 comments)

notary public: Now THAT was FAST!!! - 06/19/08 07:01 PM
A couple of days ago I put a web page up to promote my notary business ( Then I went to my personal blog that I have set up on blogger (owned by Google) and put a post announcing my new web page. I think maybe that helped Google add it to their system faster. This afternoon I got a call for a notary job from my new web page. How's that for a quick return on investment?
I've been in marketing mode lately. It's nice to see it starting to pay off. Of course this is only one small job. … (6 comments)

notary public: Marketing Idea I Had Last Night - 06/16/08 11:41 AM
I've been thinking of ways to get some free marketing done and create some relationships at the same time. Last night I had a no-brainer idea that has started some good dialogue. I attend a mega church in South Orange County. I got to thinking there must be several members in the home loan business I could network with to drum up some business.
I went to Google and typed in "mortgage" and then the name of my church. I came up with several pages of websites. I went through a few of them and e-mailed the people I found. I … (12 comments)

notary public: Notarizing Loan Modification Docs - 06/15/08 11:53 AM
If you've done notary work for loan modifications, can you give me some information? I am doing one of these on Tuesday and don't know what I'm getting into. I was told that the client already has the docs so I can't even look them over. Is it true that there are only a few pages? I was told that there should only be two pages to notarize. What is a reasonable fee for this? I'm getting next to nothing. There are only 2 reasons I agreed to do this 1) I was curious what it would be like, 2) it … (6 comments)

notary public: Marketing Myself - 06/13/08 12:16 PM
Today for me was marketing day. I've been trying to find a couple more loan agents to use me as their notary public. I decided to think back to past conversations I've had to think of leads instead of cold calling. Here's what I came up with:
1. My friend Steve is best buddies with the owner of a local mortgage company2. My friend Jake (who happens to be Steve's son) - his wife let her notary commission expire recently so she has some contacts she's not using anymore3. My pastor is a great networker. He loves making business connections for … (6 comments)

notary public: Getting Into The Commercial Loan Notary Business - 06/12/08 09:11 PM
I'm at the research stage of getting into commercial loan notary work. I've got plenty of experience notarizing home loan documents. However, it's been a little discouraging trying to learn about commercial loan notary work. Any Active Rain-ers out there doing notary work for commercial loans? Do you have any advice? I'm so unfamiliar with this segment of the market that I don't even know if there's much of a differnce in difficulty between residential and commercial loan notaries.
I appreciate any help you can give in any of these areas:
1. Advice specific to notarizing commercial loans in Southern California2. … (3 comments)

notary public: Taking Care Of Business - 06/11/08 05:42 PM
This morning I was woken up by one of my dedicated home loan agents. He had a set of documents that needed to be signed TODAY. The husband and wife would not be available at the same time so I would have to meet each of them at different times in their home. There was about 2 hours of time to kill between each of them. He should have known better, but he was bargaining with me and begging me and telling me to charge him more for the appointment. He was very apologetic for the last-minute notice.
When will he … (1 comments)

notary public: Got A Boost From A Fellow Active Rain-er - 06/10/08 08:08 PM
I had a great meeting on Tuesday with a fellow Active Rain member. We were discussing how to expand my notary business with a couple more agents and possibly start dabbling in the commercial loans for notary work. This man gave me a list of industry professionals who could help me.
He eximplifies what I hoped to find in the Active Rain community. He had nothing to gain by helping me except the joy that comes from being helpful. It makes me anxiously wait for the day when I can pass that favor along to another Active Rain member... or anybody … (2 comments)

notary public: Today's Idea For Increasing Your Value To Mortgage Brokers - 06/10/08 05:30 AM
I'm always looking for ways to increase my value to mortgage brokers and their agents. Today I posted a blog about an important webinar. It's about some new rules that could have a severe negative affect on mortgage brokers. Click here to view the blog.
A way to use this to make yourself more valuable is to send a link to it to your mortgage brokers with an e-mail like this:
Dear ,
I found this important webinar that will discuss new propsed rules for RESPA that could have an adverse effect on your business. I thought about you when I … (0 comments)

notary public: Electronic Notary Becoming A Reality Soon - 06/08/08 10:53 AM
The National Notary Association has an article about the development of electronic notary services. I've been watching this for a while now. I'm not sure if this will work its way into the mortgage industry, but it could be great.
This article is a great read not only for the general population of notary publics, but for those who love to stay on top of the latest technology.
Here's the link to the article: Click here
Have a great day,
Dennis BecknerSouthern California Notary PublicSpecializing in Home Loan Document Signings(949) 842-7682

notary public: Another Way To Increase Your Value - 06/05/08 01:17 PM
Today I went on a loan document signing appointment. It was a little unusual because the agent drove. While it's not uncommon for an agent to go with me on the doc signing, I always drive.
What the agent had forgotten was that when he drives, I charge less. He was pleasantly surprised when I told him my bill was $50.00 less because I didn't have to use my gas or add miles on my car.
Two ways I can see this helping me are:
1. This agent will send more work my way because I gave him a break2. I … (2 comments)

notary public: Higher Gas Prices Saves Time and Money? - 06/03/08 07:03 AM
In my mobile notary business I drive from South Orange County, California to north of Los Angeles frequently. While the 5 Freeway is the most direct route, it is also typically the worst way to go. There is a lot of construction and a few bottlenecks to contend with. Basically it's a parking lot.
Yesterday I took the 5 freeway intending to go until traffic got thick. My plan was to switch over to another freeway when that happened. To my astonishment, traffic never slowed down the whole way. My commute took much less time, was shorter than if I used … (8 comments)

notary public: New Notary Nugget - 06/02/08 03:32 PM
I did a home loan document signing today for a couple who made several critical comments about the notary who did the document signing for their previous mortgage.
Here are some comments they made:
1. His head was not in it. He was looking around the room instead of paying attention to the paperwork.2. He did not seem to know anything about being a notary (he seemed very unsure of himself).3. When they asked him questions about being a notary, he did not know how to answer them.4. He seemed very inexperienced
This made me very happy because it reinforced why … (0 comments)

notary public: Notary Advertising Options Ranked - 06/01/08 08:07 PM
Tonight I was looking into some notary stuff online and found a great website that shows several websites that where notary publics advertise. Prices are shown (some are free) as well as how their websites are ranked on Google and some other search engines. When considering where to put your advertising dollars, that is vital information (even better that it's free). There is also a lot of other great information on this site. Keep scrolling down on the main page to harvest the nuggets.
The URL for this page is
Thanks for reading and have a great day,
Dennis BecknerSouthern … (1 comments)

notary public: Why Didn't I Think Of This Before? - 06/01/08 02:58 PM
This wouldn't work for most of my home loan document signings. However, for the signings I do within a few miles of my home office, I've decided to leave a my notary business card with the home loan clients. One of my soapbox issues is having a secondary source of income in case the bottom ever falls out of my business. A great source of outside business could come from home loan clients who may use notaries in their day-to-day business.
What got me thinking about this is my appointment for tomorrow morning. I happen to know that they use notary … (8 comments)

notary public: Looking For Two Busy Loan Agents - 05/30/08 07:50 AM
I am a notary public based in South Orange County. My business is done a little different than others. I am independent which means I don't work for a notary service and I don't subcontract like notary services do. I work with a few high-producing home loan agents based in Orange County, California notarizing loan documents for all of their clients.
To provide excellent service, I limit the number of agents I work with and am only interested in working with high-volume agents. I currently have room for two more agents on my list. If you do a brisk business and … (0 comments)


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