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Yes you read the title correctly I need help.  Next month I am speaking at the AE Institute in Quebec City and I want to build a "Top 10 Things you haven't considered using your smartphone to do". Yes I know all about the host programs on the phone but things outside the box is what I am looking ...
I am quickly approaching my 10th Anniversary of working with REALTORS and I have lived through many technology changes.  I can remember back in 2001 telling agents "If you don't email, you will be limiting your business".  I had agents argue that email was a passing fade and wasn't here to stay. ...
If your like me you have received the following email; "Cell phones will go public this month.  This means that cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketing companies.  The National Do Not Call List will block your number for 5 years.  To register, call 888-382-1222.  You must call from t...
Today I got a robo call from AT&T about my phone service, just for the record I do have an account with Sprint also and yes I do pay my own cell bills.  They wanted me to know I was available for a free upgrade of a phone.  So I called in and started asking questions about my bill within 30 secon...

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