areas of the villages fl: Yesterday’s Article About The Villages Florida Growing - 12/07/23 04:49 AM

I think yesterday’s article “3,700 More New Homes to be Built in The Villages, Florida” set a record for comments, shares and likes.  I post my articles not only on my Facebook page but 10 other platforms with national exposure which lead to questions and comments throughout North America.  Many didn’t realize the area The Villages cover when I wrote top to bottom about 31 miles it was a real eye opener.
Most of us Villagers have our own turf or area.  Many times, our golf carts help us decide our area.  Some of you know I live just north of 466 … (4 comments)

areas of the villages fl: New Listing Completely Remodeled and Updated - 12/05/23 04:10 PM

8338 SE 178th Deveaux Lane
The Villages, FL 32162
G5075653 $399,000
The perfect home in The Villages this exceptional property is strategically situated near the Mulberry Grove shopping district, VA Center, and a wealth of amenities, ensuring your daily convenience. Enjoy immediate access to numerous pools right in your neighborhood. Nestled between the renowned Glenview Champion Golf Country Club and the Nancy Lopez Legacy Country Club, the Village of Piedmont offers a prime location for golf enthusiasts. Step inside this beautifully completely updated home completely redone by one of the leading remodelers servicing The Villages this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, where an open floor plan … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Update on Interest Rates - 12/05/23 04:24 AM

Three days ago, I shared about interest rates and the possibility rates would be coming down.  On December 2nd, I wrote rates were 7.22% today working with a client I called Ronda my lender guy, she’s not a guy, anyway 6.875%.  Ronda told me rates are changing hourly and actually dropped a little more from when we spoke at 4:00 until 5:00.
Just so you can understand the difference between a 7.22% mortgage and 6.875% mortgage.  You purchase a $400,000 home and put 20% down so financing $320,000 at 7.22% the amount of principle and Interest would be $2,176 a month at … (8 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Great Evening at Christmas Pajama Movie Night - 12/04/23 06:21 AM

All day of weather watching, nervous, making up a Plan “B” which is moving inside and watching radar.  Looked like clearing in time for the party so put the 10’ projection screen together in the garage.  By 4:30 rain was done and start setting up equipment outside.  5:30 all set up Christmas Carols playing and wintery scenes projected on screen, time to put on my pajamas.  Glad we switched from Ugly Sweater to pajamas this year as the temperatures were in the mid 70’s all evening.
Shortly after 6:00 the people and golf carts started arriving, area for chairs and drive-in movie … (10 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Reminder Christmas Pajama Party Movie Tonight - 12/02/23 08:09 PM

Tonight, is the night, you don’t want to miss it! We started a Holiday Tradition about 12 years ago hosting a Christmas Movie Night which we have hosted annually even during Covid when people stayed in their golf carts like a drive-in movie.  Few years ago, we added The Ugly Sweater to the movie night and this year we have added Christmas Pajamas to the program.  If by chance you already bought your Ugly Christmas Sweater, no problem just pick up a pair of Christmas Pajama Pants.
Over the years, we have added more equipment for this event, a 10’ screen, on … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Interest Rates a Double Edge Sword - 12/02/23 05:23 AM

I am not an economist, I don’t have a crystal ball but yet I am asked regularly about the market and interest rates.  My experience comes from buying and financing my first home about 45 years ago and being in the real estate industry for 23 years.  I do know when interest rates drop home prices go up the key is to hit that sweet spot and try to figure out when that is.
The National Association of Realtors has a team of economist with some having the word doctor before their name that do research and share opinions and this came … (14 comments)

areas of the villages fl: New Member of The Betts Team - 12/01/23 07:15 AM

I am proud to announce a new addition to The Betts Team, David Anderson who has been a Realtor for 20 years in Canada and currently manages a Real Estate Brokerage with 200 agents in two separate provinces, Ontario and Nova Scotia.
This from David:
I’m absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news that I’m embarking on my Florida Real Estate journey with the incredible “Betts Team” in The Villages. It was a top priority for me to join forces with a dynamic team of real estate agents who truly get the ins and outs of Buying and Selling in The Villages.
Bringing almost … (8 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Let’s Talk Christmas Celebrations Happening This Weekend - 11/30/23 08:27 AM

Busy weekend to help get you get in the Christmas Spirit starting today Friday December 1st at Brownwood Paddock Square Tree Lighting starting at 4:00 pm.  If you missed the celebration at the other two squares don’t miss this one.  Apparently, the parade at Spanish Springs was a big hit Wednesday as I saw pictures and videos, sorry I missed it!
How about a “Christmas in Space” Parade?  Yep, Saturday December 2nd starting at 10:00 am Lady Lake, Florida is hosting an extraterrestrial Christmas spectacle! Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey this holiday season, as the annual Lady Lake Christmas … (5 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Lake Eustis Waterfront Grille - 11/29/23 04:15 PM

We were meeting friends from Orlando and needed a place convenient for them and us.  We started looking around about the halfway point and remembered we attended a function a few months ago at Lake Eustis Waterfront Grille.  Perfect we only had drinks and appetizers there so decided this would be a chance to try a meal and we were not disappointed.
We were seated with a great view of the lake at sunset, great service and good food.  I almost decided on “Not Your Mama's Bologna Sandwich” which is smoked thick sliced bologna topped with pimento cheese, an egg sunny side … (10 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Not from Here? The Villages are Big! - 11/28/23 06:17 PM

Few years ago, when I was traveling the country regularly someone would ask if I knew their friend that moved to The Villages, Florida.  Back then I would tell them The Villages was 120,000 people, about 155,000 today and they would be shocked thinking this was a little village not a good size city.  Yesterday was a perfect example of the size of this place.
Yesterday I had three real estate appointments, I left home about 10:30 in the morning, drove about 40 miles and never left The Villages and got back home around 4:00.  The amazing fact I wasn’t even at … (8 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Most Affordable Village in The Villages - 11/28/23 04:47 AM

Last week I got a call from a client and he said do you know the most affordable village in The Villages?  My answer was depending on what you are looking for in a home, you want close to certain things, do you consider the CDD Bond, you thinking updated home, I must have asked 10 questions to understand what he was looking for in a home.  His answer Village of Tall Trees, my response was really, and how did you come up with that, this guy lives 1,000 miles away.  I found it on the internet he answers, Google it … (2 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Getting Ready for our Christmas Pajama Movie Night Party - 11/25/23 06:38 PM

Now that Thanksgiving is in our rearview mirror time to start decorating and preparing for our annual Christmas Party and this year we changed it up from Ugly Christmas Sweater to Pajama Party and as usual it is our outdoor movie night.  I predict ugly sweaters and pajama bottoms!
This year we are bringing back a decoration we haven’t done in 5 years, Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling.  We already started and when people come in it is a wow factor.  Our 10’ceilings work great for this and can hang them different lengths.  You only need five things to accomplish this, … (20 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Christmas Tree Lighting at The Squares in The Villages - 11/25/23 04:38 AM

This is tree lighting week here in The Villages, Florida.  Having three town squares you get to enjoy the event three times this week.  It is worth the time to attend if you never attended in the past, I remember my first time back in 2011.  It is much more than just flipping a switch, music, singing, dancing, shopping, eating and maybe a beverage.  So here is the schedule:
Today Saturday November 25th from 4:00 until 9:00 at Lake Sumter Landing.  Should be a nice evening a little on the chilly side for us Floridians with a high of 73º dropping to … (22 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Black Friday Price Improvement and Open House - 11/24/23 04:56 AM

Welcome to your dream home 251 Landale Loop, The Villages, FL in the desirable Village of Hadley! With an AMAZING PRICE IMPROVEMENT, this rarely available 3-bed, 2-bath designer home is nestled "BETWEEN THE 6's" and just a short drive from the vibrant scenes of Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood Paddock Square, with live music every night of the week. The expensive "Whispering Pine" floor plan boasts a spacious 1,724 sf and is only 15 years young! The open-concept living and dining area features solid WOOD FLOORS and VAULTED CEILINGS, creating an atmosphere for both relaxation and entertainment. Enjoy numerous upgrades including … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Canada Celebrated Before We Did! - 11/23/23 04:42 AM

We are a proud country as well as a competitive country and we like to be first. The Olympics for an example we want all the gold metals, any world competition either sports or business we want that brass ring of success.  When one of our international sports teams lose to small country we are like how can that be, we are the United States, the same goes for celebrating holidays.
Did you know our neighbors to the north beat us celebrating Thanksgiving by 40 years?  Yep Canada started celebrating in 1578 and us slow Americans didn’t start until 1621, the shame … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: What is the Best Room in a Home to Remodel? The Kitchen - 11/22/23 04:19 AM

What is the most popular room to remodel?  The kitchen!  What room has the highest return on investment?  The kitchen!  What are the two rooms buyers focus on the most? Kitchen and master bedroom!  I think you see my point, thinking where you can spend money to improve your home, possibility adding resale value and where you spend a lot of time the kitchen.
When it comes to request from buyers I normally hear no carpet, open concept and updated kitchen with white or gray cabinets.  Not sure what the trend in cabinets will be in the future but I doubt maple, … (15 comments)

areas of the villages fl: People on the Move! - 11/21/23 04:16 AM

Does it seem to you more people are moving today then before?  It turns out they are, before the Covid pandemic 13% of Americans moved each year after the pandemic 22% of Americans are moving.  Whether it’s retirement, remote work protocols, or in the face of inflation, we’re witnessing new post-pandemic moving trends and patterns for movers nationwide. One where movers continue to seek out nature and affordability.
The dense urban areas are seeing the most outbound movers as people are choosing North Carolina, Florida and Colorado as their new homes.  Beaches, warm weather and big skies seem to be on the … (6 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Lake Sumter Landing Christmas Tree Lighting - 11/20/23 04:34 AM

The Villages, Florida has three town squares which means three Christmas Tree Lighting and they know how to make it a great time!  The first tree lighting this year is Lake Sumter Landing Saturday November 29th and it is much more than flipping a switch.  How about for entertainment Live Effect Band, Photo Booth, Prime Time Twirlers, Sugar N’ Spice, Hula Ohana, Mystic Jewels, Merrie Melodies and Plant Guy.
Close to 50 Market Vendors will be on hand to help with your last-minute shopping needs and let’s not forget about food.  At the event, you will have plenty of choices, BBQ Brazil … (6 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Christmas in The Villages and Central Florida - 11/18/23 06:20 PM

The holiday season is upon us and The Villages and Central Florida has something for you to experience daily if you like.  I know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet but I need to get a head start on what options you have.  Fifteen years ago, I moved to Ocala, Florida just up the road from The Villages and they know how to celebrate the holiday season.  You need to visit the square in Ocala, it is amazing the tree lighting happened on Saturday November 18th and while there I recommend dinner at Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill located on the square … (10 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Free Jigsaw Puzzles at Silver Lake Rec Center - 11/18/23 04:39 AM

We discovered something we knew nothing about, the Silver Lake Recreation Center on the north side of The Villages, Florida has two jigsaw puzzle exchange rooms.  Michelle’s mom is into jigsaw puzzles and our friend Carol told us about the rec center having them.  So off we go to check it out and they have the puzzles.
One room is for 500 pieces and under and the other room is 1,000 piece puzzles and they have a large selection of puzzles.  I know some of my friends do jigsaw puzzles for health reason so I Googled the benefits of doing Jigsaw Puzzles … (6 comments)

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