areas of the villages fl: Percentage of International Buyers by State - 11/26/22 04:21 AM

Since 2009 the National Association of REALTORS® has been tracking international buyers by country and the state they are buying.  The report released is based on from April 2021 until March 2022 and details country the buyers are from and where they are buying.  Reading the report I was surprised by a few facts and wasn’t with a few.
I was expecting a different country being number one but it turns out Canada leads by almost twice with 11% the second-place country Mexico with 8%.  Rounding out the top 5 was China with 6%, India 5%, Brazil 3% and Columbia 3%.  Before … (18 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Just Follow the Money! - 11/25/22 04:22 AM

Some states have recovered from the pandemic better than others I am sure there could be other factors either way it’s worth taking a look.   The map provided was presented by Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at National Association of REALTORS®.  The map is the percentage of growth from March 2020 which was the beginning of Covid until October 2022, the country as a whole has rebounded from a high of unemployment of 13% to the current rate of 3.7%.
Green is good on this map and red and shades of orange not so good.  The more jobs should translate into more spending … (14 comments)

areas of the villages fl: We Americans Always Think We Were First, Nope! - 11/24/22 04:27 AM

We are a proud country as well as a competitive country and we like to be first.  The Olympics for an example we want all the gold metals, any world competition either sports or business we want that brass ring of success.  When one of our international sports teams lose to small country we are like how can that be, we are the United States, the same goes for celebrating holidays.
Did you know our neighbors to the north beat us celebrating Thanksgiving by 40 years?  Yep Canada started celebrating in 1578 and us slow Americans didn’t start until 1621, the shame … (14 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Free Newspaper? No Thanks! - 11/23/22 04:01 AM

My local newspaper is running a promotion for a month.  They are giving me a free newspaper seven days a week, they didn’t ask just started throwing a newspaper on my driveway.  There is a reason I don’t subscribe I don’t read them.  Seeing this pile of newspapers reminded me of a presentation I did about 12 to 15 years ago. 
It was part of a marketing class I was presenting and I had read an article about where to spend marketing dollars and saw a recent marketing test on newspapers and habits of the different generations.  Turns out Millennial and … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Bowling in The Villages, Florida - 11/22/22 04:10 AM

Yep the golfing capital of the world with 711 holes of golf and more being built has a robust bowling community!  We have two 32 lane bowling alleys about a mile from my home but never bowled there, been to both bowling alleys as they double as a sports bar and host certain college and NFL team fan clubs which is another story later.
A friend of mine works at one of the bowling alleys and has been bugging me to get a group together and come bowl some Friday night.  The reason for Friday night they have morning, afternoon and evening … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: How to Sound Intelligent Without Knowing Anything about Rates! - 11/21/22 03:18 AM

I host a lot of open houses a week so get the chance to meet potential buyers and many bring up interest rates.  They ask what do you think will happen with interest rates, hmmm I need an answer that sounds good without making a prediction.
Here is my plan: I went to Amazon and ordered a crystal ball and started researching terms and trends to build my presentation, here is my line I plan on saying while staring into my crystal ball:
Interest rates are tied to many factors and most consumers see what the fed is charging for financial institutions which … (10 comments)

areas of the villages fl: I’m an American - 11/20/22 04:24 AM

What a title let me explain.  Growing up I never knew who my parents voted for, it was never discussed but I know they voted as my mom served as a poll worker.  I asked they said voting was a personal decision and nobody needs to know.
I guess that impacted me as of today nobody knows for sure my choice and I never discuss politics which has served me well being a person that has worked with the public as a business owner, speaker and now a Realtor. 
Please don’t think I don’t have strong political views which I do I … (25 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Up to 5 Feet of Lake-Effect Snow Forecast for Buffalo - 11/19/22 04:50 AM

That was the headlines on ABC News, 5’ of lake effect snow starting Saturday.  Would you to escape for a few days?  The Betts Team makes it easy for you!
Where to stay?
We are in a very unique position to offer a visit to explore and learn about The Villages.  The past few years we have worked with investors who have properties available for short term rentals in the off season.  One of our agents will meet you at the property, have guest passes and help you make the most of your visit.  There are no strings attached, you don’t need to … (16 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Open House Saturday, November 19th - 11/18/22 05:01 AM

This the season for Open Houses, scheduled my third of the week for Saturday.  1409 Arredondo Drive here in The Villages, Florida.  The Open House starts at 11:00 am until 2:00 pm on Saturday, November 19th.  This home is available turnkey and very tastefully decorated, roof and HVAC replaced in 2020.  The was recently repainted, granite countertops, pullout shelving, new wood looking vinyl tile, five large screen TVs and lanai is under heat and air conditioning.
This home is located in the heart of the northern end of The Villages with mature landscaping and close to so much!  Dining, shopping, medical, country … (10 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok oh My! - 11/17/22 04:34 AM

I am pretty sure I taught the first state Social Media CE class back about 2007 or 2008 and for a few years it was a very popular session.  Alabama and Oklahoma launched my social media CE classes and shortly after that many more states were hiring me.  Back then it was Facebook, today it is dozens of platforms and too many to count.  I believe strongly in social media and business as it gives small businesses and one person shows a megaphone to spread the word about their business and services at no cost.
I have the proof, back in 2020 … (26 comments)

areas of the villages fl: My Listing I count the Wows! - 11/16/22 05:18 AM

I currently have a listing I love hosting Open Houses for folks to see.  I advertise it as one of the most contemporary homes in The Villages, Florida.  When you enter the home the bright polished porcelain floors and the white walls, I quickly explain the gentleman that brings these homes to market wants to give them a blank canvas to work with, so the wows start quickly.  Everything in the home is new and the stainless appliances speak for themselves, the granite counter tops, the backsplash and the newest trends in lighting.  As we move through the home I am … (6 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Aging in Place - 11/15/22 04:56 AM

Living and working in a 55+ community many plan on staying in their homes as long as possible which is my plan.  We all need to face the fact that at some point if we are lucky we need to have our home prepared for when we have limited mobility, health problems and special needs.  Accepting that fact might be a hard one for some but not me as I have and will be making changes to my home so I can stay here as long as possible. 
Trip and fall hazards is big as many elderly end up falling and … (8 comments)

areas of the villages fl: What Were They Thinking? - 11/13/22 04:46 AM
Like most of you I have been called to discuss listing a home, run the comps, look at the neighborhood, look at pending and sold and prepare everything you need to walk in and dazzle them with facts and figures and then!  You see inside the house, now I believe we each can create the living environment we enjoy and whatever you collect or display is up to you as it’s your home but, when you call me to help you sell the place you need to take my advice. 
What you think is art others might think is creepy, can … (10 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Working Relationship with a Lender, Very Important - 11/12/22 05:00 AM

Most of my clients are out of state and come to The Villages, Florida looking to buy without any relationship with a lender.  When the time comes, they need a lender I have a great one.  Yesterday I was working with a couple showing homes and we get to the last one which was vacant and had some furniture it was time to talk.  Before we spent the day together they shared they would be putting 50% down and selling their home up north after purchasing here.
We reviewed the homes they have seen and narrowed it down to three and I … (8 comments)

areas of the villages fl: It All Started with Zillow - 11/11/22 04:26 AM

According to The Wall Street Journal Zillow lost 881 million dollars in 2021 on their home flipping business.  Personally, I did sell one of the Zillow owned homes and my buyer paid less than Zillow bought it for plus you figure closing cost, commissions and other expenses it is easy to see how each sale can mean tens of thousands in losses, my buyer was happy!
Not to be outdone Opendoor recorded 928 million in losses a few days ago, Redfin announced a 13% layoff which is a 27% reduction since April.  They will be announcing 3rd quarterly earnings next week.  Compass … (15 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Follow me for more Hurricane Tips - 11/10/22 04:59 AM

I am not making light of the devastation happening in Florida at this moment with Hurricane Nicole or the recent Hurricane Ian but when you live in Florida long enough you have a different outlook!  For many new residents, this is their first hurricane and see Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel at the absolutely worst place to be in a hurricane.  Move a few miles away and it might be bad but they know where to find the best or worst place to live broadcast from.
So, new residents 5 cases of water, canned goods for a month, 100 rolls … (14 comments)

areas of the villages fl: Bring in the Outdoor Furniture - 11/09/22 05:40 AM

Batten Down the Hatches, well I ain’t got no hatches but what I have is outdoor furniture, potted plants, a swing, a gas lamp and small benches.  Yesterday was the day to move stuff into the garage, move some stuff around and make room for the items in the garage.  It’s an easy task but time consuming, 21 chairs, 10 potted plants and a swing which living here I connected with quick removal hooks for times like this.
Since Hurricane Nicole first cone of probability arrived a few days ago I have seen the center line 50 miles west, 20 miles east … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: 5 Housing Markets at ‘Very High’ Risk of Falling - 11/08/22 03:59 AM

I read a lot and like keeping up on trends and market information, the other day an article in Money Talk News got my attention.  The title “5 Housing Markets at ‘Very High’ Risk of Falling” in the article it says more than 70% probability of it happening and the fact they used data from Corelogic which I know and trust, I was kind of involved with them in my past.
Some of these areas I know nothing about in the state of Washington and Oregon but one of the 5 is in Florida, Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin.  Florida in general has had … (11 comments)

areas of the villages fl: New Listing and Two Open Houses This Week - 11/07/22 04:00 AM

With snowbird season upon us it’s time to step up new listings and Open Houses as our population starts growing about 30% here in The Villages, Florida. The great thing about hosting Open Houses here you can do them seven days a week anytime during the day.  One of the perks of being a REALTOR® in a 55+ community.
This week we will be promoting a new listing at 3248 Williams Road, The Villages, Florida.  This home is priced at $359,900 and in the very desirable village of Polo Ridge.  Centrally located for shopping, dining and entertainment is ideal for those looking … (12 comments)

areas of the villages fl: New Dining Choice in The Villages, Florida - 11/06/22 04:17 AM

When you have 140,000 mostly retired people living in one area many things are needed, high on that list is restaurants.  Dining out is part of the culture in The Villages, Florida which makes sense after decades of feeding the family home cooked meals but now with the active lifestyle many don’t have time to cook plus so much of your social life involves eating.  Almost weekly I get invitations for dinner, meet at this country club, oh let’s go here to eat, eat, eat, eat!
Our choices have grown by one and I am excited about this restaurant located just one … (14 comments)

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