dick betts realtor: Welcome Jude and Chubby to the Team! - 01/14/22 04:46 AM
I am thrilled to announce the adding of two great agents to my team, Jude Hamilton and Keith “Chubby” Chubb.  They live in the North end of The Villages and add coverage to not only that area but all of The Villages and surrounding areas.  Why have one REALTOR® working for you when you can have two dedicated and trained professionals?  Hope you consider them when buying or selling in The Villages!
Jude Hamilton
704-564-2524 cell
Keith "Chubby" Chubb
704-763-0300 cell
Dick Betts, REALTOR®
The Betts Team
Touchstone Real Estate
The Villages, Florida
717-860-3107 cell

dick betts realtor: We Are Growing - 01/11/22 04:29 AM

I requested a meeting with my broker a month ago to discuss with her the best way forward to keep growing as a REALTOR® and a team.  Her suggestion was to add people that I could train for the way I want to do business, to clone myself with more agents and somebody that could relieve me of some of the clerical duties all of us get bogged down doing.  I took her advice and started to look first for an administrative assistant and transaction coordinator and I found one that I decided filled what I was looking to find.  Next … (5 comments)

dick betts realtor: Gates to Enter the MLS - 10/12/21 06:02 AM
I started traveling the country speaking, teaching and working trade shows and conventions 21 years ago, my subject matters include Palm Pilots (yes, I’m old), the begins of smartphones, websites, SEO, social media etc.  For many years, I would say “Drop the Gates to MLS” meaning making people give up their email, phone number or first born to access the MLS on your website.  I can’t believe in 2021 people are still thinking that is a good practice.  We as agents have pushed consumers to places like Zillow where they can remain anonymous until they are ready to engage with an … (6 comments)

dick betts realtor: Helping Investors with Remodel - 10/08/21 04:16 AM
I do a lot with investors, I mentioned before I am on a run of four straight closing with investors.  I go the extra mile with them because many times they want more than one property or they know another investor.  I help them find renters, people to help with projects, lenders, insurance companies to name a few.  But today will be a first!  The home we closed on about a month ago the buyers never saw they trusted me.  It is an older home in The Villages, 26 years, and in a need for major updating.  I arranged a dumpster … (9 comments)

dick betts realtor: Thinking About Selling Your Home in The Villages, Florida? - 10/06/21 07:02 AM

Any REALTOR® can list a home, easy, right?  Contract is signed and everything agreed upon put a sign out, print up some fliers, maybe do some advertising then wait for the offers to come rolling in!  A REALTOR® who does that I call a “Me Too” agent.  I can picture an agent sitting with a prospect who already has interviewed other agents about selling their home and the “Me Too” agent keeps saying “Me Too” to all the services others provide.  Oh, how I want to be the first agent they interview!  I show up with my “18 Steps to Sell … (1 comments)

dick betts realtor: Facebook is Down, Oh My! - 10/05/21 05:16 AM
I admit I monitor Facebook constantly for both business and social updates.  I belong to many groups in my local area trying to pick up a lead, give an opinion or just read.  Sometimes it can be very entertaining as I don’t get involved in arguments.  Like many of you I can trace clients back to us meeting on Facebook and growing our relationship and eventually selling them a home.
I do marketing regularly on Facebook while also using the platform as a way to keep in touch with friends, keep up with organizations I belong and local events.  So yesterday on … (6 comments)

dick betts realtor: Investing in The Villages - 10/04/21 05:31 AM
I think this is the perfect time to invest in The Villages, Florida.  My last four real estate sales have been investors, three I represented the buyers and one was representing the seller.  There is a strong need for long term and short term rentals in The Villages, first lets discuss short term rentals.  When I first start a communication with an out of state buyer I send them maps, direct them to my website to learn about The Villages long before they ever step foot into The Villages!  I suggest if they can come here for a month staying in … (5 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Villages are Building a New Town - 10/02/21 04:26 AM

The Villages announced yesterday they are going to build a new town, Middleton, Florida.  This is much needed and the first for the developer, all their efforts in the past has been building out the 55 and over community which currently has a population of over 130,000 people and plans to build another 50,000 homes, that’s correct 50,000!  Middleton will be a family friendly community with schools, shopping designed for walking distance to everything.
With the population already over 130,000 and at a recent meeting the developer announced plans to double the size of The Villages, that’s great BUT the people moving … (8 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Villages, Florida Continue to Grow! - 09/30/21 02:45 AM

How in the world is The Villages the “Fastest Growing Metro Area”, one person or couple moves here, they tell friends and family, they move here, they tell friends and family, they move here, that is how The Villages keeps growing!
Being a REALTOR® I see this first hand, recently I had a client who bought a place here in The Villages, Florida, next his best friend contacted me and bought a home, before long another friend of his contacted me and currently looking for a home.  A few days ago, the first buyer called me and told me to expect calls … (3 comments)

dick betts realtor: New Hometown Knowledge - 09/29/21 03:54 AM

We move to new hometowns and never take the time to learn our new hometown history, but you know so much and proud of your hometown you grew up in!  In the case of The Villages, Florida it has a very short history, Harold Schwartz decided in the 70’s to buy a mobile home park in the middle of a pasture.  By the 80’s they were up to 400 homes been sold and was named “Orange Blossom Garden” in 1991 the name was changed to The Villages and the beginning of rapid unexpected growth.
By 1994 the first town square Spanish Springs … (2 comments)

dick betts realtor: Love my Job - 09/28/21 04:15 AM

I started a few weeks ago exchanging emails with a buyer from Chicagoland who is considering calling The Villages, Florida home in the near future.  We met on his first full day of them being here on a short Lifestyle Visit.  We met for coffee first thing in the morning with a list of Open Houses they could visit themselves, they assured me if asked they already had a REALTOR®, me!
They arrive the day before in the afternoon and had already experienced Brownwood Paddock Square, for those that don’t know currently The Villages has three town squares with live music from … (5 comments)

dick betts realtor: Fall in The Villages, Florida - 09/27/21 05:01 AM

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Central Florida?  Even better have I mention how much I enjoy our seasons?  Many of you think we don’t have seasons here but we do, this past winter we had 4 days of winter which is getting into the 30’s!  We do have a fall season here you just need to look close and yes, I love this time of year.  The high temperatures the next few weeks will be upper 80’s to low 90’s which is normal but late afternoon and evening our temperatures drop quickly to low 80’s and high … (3 comments)

dick betts realtor: New Listing in Clermont, Florida - 07/01/21 07:25 AM

Welcome to the rolling hills of Clermont, just a short drive to Orlando and theme parks.  This home has so much to offer a family with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, large lanai with a pool.  You notice the curb appeal as you pull into the paver driveway and walk up the sidewalk to this custom-built home, the cozy welcoming front porch, the detail to the exterior of the home.  Enjoy entertaining?  This is the home, as you enter the front door you are greeted to a formal dining area, the kitchen and family room will be a perfect place for … (3 comments)

dick betts realtor: Demand for Homes in The Villages, Florida - 06/23/21 04:06 AM
The current buying trend is effecting The Villages but not every price range.  Recently I have been working with buyers with a wide range of what they wanted to spend on a home, one $225,000 to $275,000, another $275,000 to $375,000 and one willing to go to $800,000.  I was successful with another buyer finding a $420,000 home for them after writing four offers only to be out bid on other homes.
The high-end properties here in The Villages is what is in the highest demand.  On a golf course with a pool and lanai or room to add one will be … (1 comments)

dick betts realtor: Warning! Warning! Battery Life!! - 06/18/21 09:33 AM
Have any of you noticed a rapid decline in battery life?  No, it’s not the phone or the battery it’s us.  If you are like me we are doing more virtual showing than ever before.  With this market being so hot and me sitting in The Villages, Florida and 75% of my buyers are somewhere else we have no choice, do a FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp if they like it race home or to your office and write an offer.  I noticed my battery dying earlier in the day, what’s up with that?  Turns out when we FaceTime, Zoom or go … (0 comments)

dick betts realtor: Selling Real Estate in The Villages, Florida - 06/14/21 04:29 AM

Let me introduce who I am and what I offer, I am a REALTOR® which some people refer to as an Outside Realtor or MLS Realtor and not affiliated with The Villages Real Estate division.  I can list and sell preowned homes in The Villages and surrounding areas.  I have 21 years of experience in the real estate industry including teaching Realtors how to be Realtors in 47 states.  I settled in Florida 14 years ago and call The Villages home.  If you decide you would like to sell your home I use every means possible to give your home maximum … (1 comments)

dick betts realtor: Congrats to my Buyers! - 06/10/21 05:01 AM

Being a REALTOR® anywhere is a very rewarding career as we help people make lifestyle changes.  First time homebuyers, as the family grows needing a bigger home, relocating for a job or simply a change, downsizing as children venture out onto their own and my case working with folks who have worked hard their entire life, raised their family and looking for the perfect place to retire. 
In my career it’s The Villages, Florida lifestyle which offers so much for those looking to start the next chapter of their life, going everywhere by golf cart, deciding which activities you want to … (2 comments)

dick betts realtor: Misconception about Florida Alligators - 06/09/21 05:44 AM
I belong to about 10 Facebook groups discussing life in The Villages and surrounding areas.  I do this to pick up leads for my business as many people are thinking about moving here from around the country join to start learning about the area and asking questions.  One topic that seems to come up daily from folks not familiar with Florida living is alligators.  I have lived in Florida for 14 years and can count on both hands the number of times I have seen alligators walking the streets, yes while golfing I have seen them sunning themselves by lakes and … (5 comments)

dick betts realtor: What is Your Outlook on Monday Mornings? - 06/07/21 04:40 AM
I’m an early riser and enjoy the quiet time before 8:00 am to read, clear up any leftover paperwork and generally catch up on work and the world.  I like to think about my day, make a mental list or sometimes write a list of “To Do’s” I would like to accomplish and get ready for unexpected surprises and of course disappointments but I don’t dwell on them! 
For the past 21 years, my career has been getting that phone call, email or text message that somebody wanted to hire me.  The first 20 years as a national speaker, trainer and … (3 comments)

dick betts realtor: Please Hire an Arborist! - 06/04/21 11:47 AM
My home town was 5 miles from a Penn State Campus in Mont Alto, PA.  The campus offered Forest Technology and so I learned early on the difference between an arborist and a guy in a pickup truck with a chain saw.  My current home here in The Villages, Florida has a 50-foot oak tree and it is my pride and joy.  Seven years ago, when we bought the home I went looking for an arborist and found one and he did a great job and he said the tree would be good for about seven years, to the day seven … (2 comments)

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