dick betts realtor: The Villages Mustang Club - 01/29/23 03:09 AM

There are quite a few car clubs in The Villages, Florida and The Villages Mustang Club is one of them!  There are 2 or 3 car shows a month at the town squares and it is a popular event to visit.  Many of us were “Motor Heads” back in the day and now we can be around others with the same passion!  The following from the club’s website:
“Our Mustang Club was founded in 2007 by a few residents of The Villages meeting at the local Dairy Queen to share their common fondness of Mustangs. Over the years, the Club has grown … (10 comments)

dick betts realtor: Follow up on a New Restaurant in The Villages - 01/28/23 04:22 AM

Awhile back I wrote about a new restaurant opening in The Villages, Florida and I finally had the opportunity to dine there.  Here’s the story I shared:
“Our choices have grown by one and I am excited about this restaurant located just one mile from my home, Costal Del Mar Seafood Restaurant.  The restaurant opens its doors Monday on the Spanish Springs Square and is a great addition to the area.  Spanish Springs Square offers so much with now five restaurants on the square and a few more within a block.  The Sharon Performing Arts Center is on the square plus nightly … (8 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Villages, Florida Geckos - 01/27/23 05:24 AM

One of the guest who is staying at one of our investors homes here in The Villages, Florida called concerned about these little creatures that kinda look like very small alligators, they are all over the place!  This was their first experience with Geckos and we told them they are harmless and good to have around as they eat mosquitos, spiders and ants and here in Florida anything that eats bugs is a good thing!
I decided to Google Florida Geckos and it is complicated, some sites say we have 10 types of Geckos, others 12, 15, 17 and the most 18 … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Burn and Ship! Friday Funday - 01/27/23 04:22 AM

I can’t take credit for this one but wanted to share, this comes maybe second or third hand.  A couple was touring The Villages, Florida with a real estate agent, not sure if a Realtor or one of The Villages Licensed Sales Agents.  During the tour either the husband or the wife commented you don’t see any funeral homes or cemeteries here in The Villages, why is that!  The agent said “oh we burn and ship” which was quite the answer.
Let me explain in a much better way than Burn and Ship!  Nobody is born and raised in The Villages, … (4 comments)

dick betts realtor: Love Doing Listing Presentations! - 01/26/23 04:13 AM

This week I was contacted by a couple who want to list their home, we talked a few times, exchanged text messages and finally went to the home to discuss listing with me.  Competition is fierce here in The Villages, Florida not only between REALTORS® but the developer who has their own group of “Licensed Sales Associates” that are not Realtors as they don’t belong to NAR, state or local associations.
Back to my listing appointment, love them as I show up with my “18 Point Listing Presentation” which I have printed on card stock in a notebook which I use as … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Part 5: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? - 01/25/23 04:08 AM

The last article in this series I am covering “Cost of Ownership in The Villages, Florida”.  Besides weather, activities, social life another factor is Florida doesn’t have a state income tax which is a driving factor for many.  Florida also cuts us a break on property taxes if you Homestead which means your principle residents you get a $50,000 reduction in appraised value.  A $400,000 home Homesteaded is about $2,200 annual property tax.  There are a few other taxes like Fire Tax which is $124 a year, but no school tax in The Villages.
I don’t want to get into the weeds … (8 comments)

dick betts realtor: Part 4: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? - 01/24/23 04:07 AM

Best Value for Your Money, another factor I like to discuss with folks considering The Villages, Florida home either full time or seasonal.  The same 1,900 square foot home with similar features can see a difference of a half of a million.  On a golf course, pool, larger lanai maybe enclosed, updates with stone counter tops, LVP flooring or Polished Porcelain, the list goes on and on.
Recently I had a client who was interested in a villa so I explained I have The Villages broken down to 5 areas, so I priced the about the same villa in areas 2, 3, … (16 comments)

dick betts realtor: Part 3: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? - 01/23/23 04:09 AM

Location and Convenience, I have already discussed lifestyle so like in Part 2 when I shared the story of a clay court tennis player you want to be close to what is important to you.  The Villages is big, how big you ask?  By golf cart from the north to the south about 28 miles and roughly 2 hours, by car 17 miles 34 minutes so you want to pick an area close to your lifestyle choices including shopping, dining and entertainment.
I will start with where I live and why, again each person needs to decide where and there is no … (10 comments)

dick betts realtor: Part 2: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? - 01/22/23 03:54 AM

The best and most fun phone call I get from somebody considering The Villages is when they say we are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home generally what is the price.  There probably is at lease 200 3/2 homes for sale in The Villages as low as $229,000 and the highest priced 3/2 $1,775,000.  It’s time to dive into Lifestyle, why are you considering moving to The Villages?  I know the weather could be a factor but what else is driving your desire to live here?  Golf, Pickleball, Swimming, Dancing, Social Clubs, Close to Disney?
I had a buyer I … (13 comments)

dick betts realtor: Part 1: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? - 01/21/23 04:41 AM

We have about twenty Facebook groups in The Villages and often I see somebody considering moving here asking the question “which villages is the best villages” and 200 comments later there is not a winner with the most votes.  We all think our villages is best which for reasons that is important to us!  We have somewhere around 80 to 100 villages currently with the smaller ones have 100 homes to the largest over 1,500.  So how do you determine which villages is the best for you?
When working with a client that maybe has never been here I stress the importance … (18 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Villages, Florida Cheerleading Squad - 01/20/23 04:16 AM

The Villages, Florida has almost 3,000 social clubs and one of them is The Villages Cheerleaders, yes, a 55+ retirement community has a Cheerleader club!  More than 90 members strong they mark their 28th year of being an organized club. 
The cheerleaders are well represented at parades, sporting events, Honor Flights, store and Villages grand openings and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at all three squares.  Like most clubs in The Villages the Cheerleaders raise money for various charities and you will see them at most 5k races.  The cheerleaders also support The America Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.
Some of the … (10 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Villages Parrot Heads Club - 01/19/23 05:01 AM

From The Villages Parrot Heads Club website: “The Villages Parrot Heads Club proudly serves Parrot Heads in The Villages, Lady Lake and the surrounding area of Central Florida.  We are a collection of folks who embrace the music and lifestyle that Jimmy Buffett sings about and believe in leaving things just a little better than they found them ... and having a party while doing it."
According to their website each month they have three opportunities to socialize, they call them "Phlockings". The club host numerous dances, pool parties, bus trips and beach adventures that are posted on their website.  The club’s motto … (8 comments)

dick betts realtor: Our Social Club Chili Cook Off Turned into a Dance! - 01/18/23 04:17 AM
With more than sixty people in attendance the competition was tough!  Ten Chili’s competing for a year’s worth of bragging rights as the neighborhood best chili.  It was very close but one of the chili’s won the battle.  Those not competing brought salads, cornbread or desserts, me I made in a cast iron skillet my cornbread recipe which includes creamed corn and sour cream, oh yes like momma used to make!
I was asked to provide dinner music which wasn’t elevator music as I know how to get people chair dancing while eating.  I might have added the Jeopardy Theme Song, The … (17 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Villages SCUBA Club - 01/17/23 04:09 AM

Yes, The Villages even has their own SCUBA club!  The club has a website with plenty of information and a Facebook Page.  Here is information from their website.  “The Villages Scuba Club (TVSC) is dedicated to the promotion of safe and responsible enjoyment of scuba diving and related activities.  The club is open to all residents of The Villages, Florida.  TVSC coordinates local dive trips to the springs of Central Florida, the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, and the Florida Keys.
TVSC also provides a venue for local dive shops and TVSC members to advertise overnight trips all over the world.  Please browse … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Croquet Anyone? Yep We Got That! - 01/14/23 05:27 AM

I have shared about some of the 2,990+ clubs in The Villages, Florida well here is another one, The Villages Croquet Club!  The Villages Croquet Club is a member of the United States Croquet Association and has a certified instructor.  The dues are $20 a year per member and members must wear white in the traditional croquet manner.  The club has two courts which is about ½ mile from my home and they play from noon until dusk Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 
The clubs play three different game, Golf Croquet, 6 Wickets (American) Croquet and Ricochet and have special events … (14 comments)

dick betts realtor: Taxes, Power, Counties, Zip Codes of The Villages, Florida - 01/13/23 04:47 AM

The Villages, Florida is over 51 square miles and 140,000 people and growing.  People think The Villages is a town or small city but it is more of a metropolis made up of three counties, Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties.  The Villages has five zip codes and two different power companies supply electricity to the area.
For folks outside the area it can get very confusing, example the zip codes could be in or out of The Villages.  Lady Lake in Lake County has a part in The Villages but a bigger part outside The Villages.  The same zip code 32159 can … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Thirsty Thursday in The Villages, Florida - 01/12/23 04:09 AM

Where will you find the most Villagers tonight?  One of the four squares and Sawgrass Market as live music starts at 5:00 pm with temps at that time being 75 degrees sure to have a crowd.  The Villages has beverage shacks at all the venues with Happy Hour from 5:00 until 6:00.
Four bands featured Mpire at Lake Sumter Landing plays 60’s through today, at Spanish Springs it’s Old Skool play Funk and Dance from the 70’s and 80’s, Icon is at Brownwood Paddock Square they play hottest Top 40 along with Pop and Rock you love.  The newest venue Sawgrass Market … (16 comments)

dick betts realtor: This Old House, Not Any More! - 01/11/23 04:12 AM

I have been working with the premier contemporary remodeler in The Villages, Florida since August and currently have two of his completely remodel homes on the market and another he is just starting listed.  He also has two other homes he has which no work has been started and not listed.
The two completed homes I currently have listed are great examples of what you can do with a 30-year-old home in The Villages.  New roof, HVAC, water heater, lighting, all new appliances, polished porcelain floors throughout, completely redone and reworked kitchen, three full baths, wet bar and a laundry room like … (13 comments)

dick betts realtor: What a Day! - 01/10/23 04:41 AM

Not too often you reach two major goals on the same day, well it happened today!  I have been working toward 500,000 points on Activerain since I switched from speaker to Realtor two and half years ago.  I spoke and taught blogging since 2007 which is when I joined Activerain and took a few years off in between.  When I wanted to rebrand myself as a Realtor one of the first things I did was start blogging daily.  Thanks to many of you today I hit the 500,000 mark, I appreciate the support!
The other goal today was hitting 30,000 connections on … (25 comments)

dick betts realtor: Open Houses and a New Option - 01/09/23 05:27 AM

The Betts Team is hosting three Open Houses this week at two of the most contemporary homes in The Villages, Florida.  We are honored to work with a remodeler who has his own crew and purchases 25 to 30-year-old homes in The Villages and does a complete makeover.  The listing at 210 Palermo Place is a great example new roof, HVAC, water heater, all appliances, completely upgraded kitchens and baths, new contemporary lighting, wet bar and whole house sound system.  The other listing, we are featuring this week is 2051 Palo Alto Ave again everything in the home is new and … (20 comments)

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