dick betts realtor: Brownwood Blueberry Festival in The Villages, FL - 04/14/24 02:18 PM

It’s that time again, the annual Blueberry Festival held at the Brownwood Paddock Square from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm on April 19th, 2024.  Market vendors there will be 68 of them, food at least 7 vendors along with all the restaurants surrounding the square.  There will be all kinds of entertainment going on from 4:00 until 9:00 with the main stage featuring Slickwood, this from their website:
A stylistically unique Country Band from day one, the members of Slickwood have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Throughout the course of the … (8 comments)

dick betts realtor: Stone Crab Claws Chesapeake Style in The Villages - 04/13/24 06:45 AM

Let me explain, most of my life I was influenced by the Chesapeake Bay as far as seafood.  Steamed Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes, Oysters and how we prepare most seafood, Old Bay Seasoning!  Problem when I make my seafood in the house the smell I love others not so much, here is what I use to steam seafood, beer, vinegar, Old Bay and water, been around the bay you know the smell.  Decided to move my steamer pot outside but needed a burner, answer GasOne Propane Single Burner Camp Stove with High Temp Paint & Red QCC Steel Braided Regulator with … (11 comments)

dick betts realtor: The Studio Theatre™ Tierra Del Sol - 04/11/24 02:07 PM

The other day I shared about the Tierra Del Sol Country Club and enjoying the Bar and Grill and one of our page followers brought up the Studio Theatre and she had just bought season tickets.  The Studio Theatre is in the same building as the bar and grill and many make an evening out of dining and a show.  This from their website:
Tierra del Sol was formerly a country club with performances as a backdrop to the outstanding food and impeccable golf course views. It has since transitioned, bringing the performances to the forefront by evolving into … (6 comments)

dick betts realtor: Hide a Key, You Might Need It! - 04/11/24 09:46 AM

Most Villagers use their garage doors to gain entry into their home using the remote in the car, golf cart even the code box outside but what if power is out and the garage door doesn’t open?  Do you have your house keys with you?  What if a neighbor wants to borrow something or you ask them while you are away to check something in your home?  Sure maybe a neighbor has a key to your home and they are not home and you are locked out!  Hide a key and Not under the door mat!
Most homes in The Villages have … (17 comments)

dick betts realtor: Smart Homes Getting Smarter in The Villages - 04/11/24 04:15 AM

Video Door Bells, Alexa or Google Nest Hub, Smart Speakers, Mesh Routers, Smart Cameras, Smart Thermostats, Smart Plugs, Smart irrigation Controls, Smart Garage Door Openers are popping up in homes.  Yesterday spoke with someone who installed Smart Blinds they are programed to open and close throughout the day.  That brings up what also happened yesterday.
I am working with an investor on a flip house, he buys several a year and does a great job updating the homes and giving the home new life.  Yesterday he showed me the two bathroom mirrors he is installing, square with the built-in LED light on … (9 comments)

dick betts realtor: Florida Sunsets, Got to Love Them - 04/09/24 06:03 PM

Back in 2008 I viewed my first Florida Sunset as a Resident of Florida!  I had seen many sunsets in Florida before calling Florida home but that one was special.  I was on the banks of the Matanzas River just south of Saint Augustine looking west as the sunsets.  I thought wow I get to see these regularly now as I live here! 
The Villages, Florida has many areas you can enjoy the sunsets, overlooking the many lakes and golf courses.  One special place is Sunset Point (currently under construction) which is located off or Morse Boulevard just north of Lake Sumter … (6 comments)

dick betts realtor: Tierra Del Sol Bar & Grill, My Neighborhood Country Club - 04/09/24 04:37 AM

One thing for sure we have plenty of dining choices in The Villages, Florida.  What I like are then dining choices a 5-minute golf cart ride from my home and we have plenty of them.  The Tierra Del Sol Bar & Grill is one of them only 1.2 miles away.  One of the great things about The Villages is the country clubs have restaurants and bars and are mostly tucked away in neighborhoods.  Golf course living is important in The Villages as homes line the courses.  Where there are golf courses there are country clubs and where there are country clubs … (7 comments)

dick betts realtor: Health Insurance in The Villages, Florida - 04/07/24 06:14 AM

Many of you reach out to me with questions and I try my best to answer.  Last week a gentleman emailed me about moving to The Villages and he and his wife are under 65 so no Medicare and asked about health insurance.  I got in touch with my health insurance guy which like my lender guy Ronda they are not guys, but anyway we had a long talk about folks moving here and needing insurance both over and under 65.  Turns out she can help folks both under and over 65 and wanted me to share her cell number so … (13 comments)

dick betts realtor: Getting Dizzy Yet? - 04/06/24 10:26 AM

That was a question I asked somebody today that is trying to decide on a location and a home in The Villages, Florida, are you getting dizzy yet?  This place is huge and has so many options on where to live, and everybody has an opinion and there is not a right or wrong answer rather it is up to you the buyer.  Next is what type of home, patio villa, courtyard villa, designer home, which model, square footage, beds and baths, golf cart garage, view, noise, lifestyle and so much more.
Many times a buyer comes to The Villages with a … (7 comments)

dick betts realtor: Open House 442 San Pedro Drive Sunday 1:00 until 3:00 - 04/06/24 10:20 AM

Looking for a home priced right?  Thinking about purchasing an investment property?  We have just what you are looking for just 1 mile from Spanish Springs, 2 miles from Lake Sumter Landing, 4-minute golf cart ride to major retail and dining.  Don’t like the idea of a kissing lanai?  You have open space behind the home.  The 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms is waiting for you and has plenty to offer, bond paid, new HVAC and water heater, laminate and tile floors throughout the home.  The kitchen has a solar tube adding ample light during the day, an inside laundry instead of … (5 comments)

dick betts realtor: Types of Pools in The Villages, Florida - 04/04/24 03:24 PM

Want to live close to a swimming pool?  I’m not sure on the exact count but we are talking about maybe 120 or more pools located in The Villages, Florida.  There are three types of pools in The Villages, Family Pools, Adult Pools and Sports Pools.  There is no shortage of pools in every neighborhood.  I just checked I have four pools within a mile and half of my house so plenty of choices.  Not only that three of my neighbors that their yard touches my yard have pools.
Anyway, David Anderson who is on my team went out and visited the … (15 comments)

dick betts realtor: Price Reduction and Two Open Houses - 04/03/24 02:11 PM

Nestled within the scenic surroundings of The Villages, this extraordinary property stands as a testament to refined living. Its strategic placement near the Mulberry Grove shopping district, VA Center, and a diverse array of amenities ensures not just a residence but a lifestyle of unparalleled convenience. With an array of pools right at your doorstep and situated between Glenview Champion Golf Country Club and the Nancy Lopez Legacy Country Club, this home is a haven for golf enthusiasts. Stepping into the impeccably updated 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom abode, an open floor plan unfolds, featuring stunning Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring installed at an elegant … (14 comments)

dick betts realtor: Learn The Cupid Shuffle and Instantly Fit In! - 04/02/24 04:00 PM

If you go to one of the squares in The Villages, Florida to listen to the band don’t be surprised to see a group of line dancers already there dancing in unison.  Most of the time the core group are students of the many line dancing classes held regularly in The Villages.  One of my first visits to Spanish Springs Town Square around 2009 I heard for the first-time Bryson Bernard’s Cupid Shuffle and watch about 100 people take to the dance floor and line dance.  I was amazed and had to ask and that is when I first learned about … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Increase the Chances of Finding Your Dream Home - 04/02/24 08:38 AM

Many times when I first speak with a buyer considering The Villages, Florida they share their want list and their not want list.  Let’s discuss the not want list, no carpet, no dark kitchen cabinets, no Formica countertops are normally somewhere on the list.  These are easy fixes and can happen within a few days of closing while you are not even here yet.  No carpet, in the past two weeks J&D Handyman has gone into homes not occupied yet and removed carpet and installed LVP the buyer has picked.  Mario my kitchen cabinet painter guy can take a few days … (21 comments)

dick betts realtor: The top 5 U.S. Cities to Retire if you Don’t have any Savings! - 04/01/24 03:37 PM

I love it when we get mentioned in national news when it is a good thing, thank you “CNBC Make it” for listing The Villages as number 4 and the only Florida location for retirement on a limited income.  The article pointed out 30% of Americans have no savings for retirement and another 33% have less than $50,000 saved.  Many of the clients I work with depend on selling the family home some place in the country and using the proceeds to relocate her.  A few clients lately were able to sell their home somewhere else and buy here and have … (16 comments)

dick betts realtor: It’s Alligator Mating Season Soon! - 03/31/24 06:00 PM

April is the beginning of alligator mating season!  April is prime courtship time for alligators with mating beginning in May or June.  Why is that important for you to know that if you live in Florida?  It is estimated there are 1.3 million alligators in Florida and they can get very active and you might find them where you least expect it.  This past weekend a 7’ gator was removed from a residential area of The Villages.  This time of the year a little extra caution should be taken around bodies of water especially if walking a dog.
I have lived in … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Want Real News About The Villages? - 03/30/24 08:36 AM

Yes, The Villages has a local newspaper and does a nice job covering events and good news stories.  The problem is news we are not getting, recently we had a barricade situation with a SWAT team nothing in the paper.  If you want news you normally see in the paper like “Police Blotter” that is where Villages-News.com comes in.
Street crime isn’t a problem here rather crimes of opportunity which we can discuss in the future.  If you want to see who has been arrested for DUI, shoplifting and other crimes Villages-News is your best solution.  Villages-News also keeps you updated on … (12 comments)

dick betts realtor: Happy Easter and Easter Dinner Discussion - 03/29/24 09:20 AM

Easter Eggs: Long considered the symbol of renewal and fertility, the egg’s relationship to the pagan origins of Easter dates back to ancient civilizations. For example, in ancient Egypt, the egg is the symbol of the sun; for the Babylonians, the egg is the embodiment of Ishtar. The practice of dyeing eggs can be traced to the ancient Persians who colored and ate eggs during their spring festival, while Hindus see the structure of the universe in the shape of an egg Ancient Mesopotamians decorated eggs with bright red dye to symbolize the blood of Jesus, while it is posited that the Easter egg … (22 comments)

dick betts realtor: Arts and Crafts Show at Brownwood Paddock Square, The Villages, FL - 03/28/24 01:21 PM

On Saturday, March 30th the Brownwood Paddock Square hosts an Arts and Craft show from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. If you never attended you need to take some time and wonder around looking at all the unique ideas and probably buy a few before you are done!  We visited the show in the past and were not disappointed plus there will be music and plenty of choices to find something to eat.
Information about the art and craft show can be found on artfestival.com and a quick look I think they have over 160 exhibitors coming.  Cruising through the list of … (10 comments)

dick betts realtor: Want to Learn What is on The Highways Around The Villages, FL - 03/27/24 06:41 PM

Had a call the other day from a future Villager with a different request.  She wants a tour of the roads around The Villages to see retail, shopping and dining options just outside The Villages, Florida, sounds good to me, let’s go!  It is interesting talking with people what is important to them.  Had one person that didn’t trust direct deposit of mobile banking and wanted close to his bank for regular trips.  Another walking distance to major shopping areas and the list goes on.
I talk about lifestyle as being your first question you need to answer when considering buying in … (12 comments)

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