the betts team: Solar Lights, a Better Way - 05/26/24 03:31 PM

If you are like me, you see a solar light and think that is cool, then a little voice in my head says cool it, you don’t want to be one of those people that have them stuck all over the place!  Recently I started doing a little research on solar lights and figured out if you buy solar lights that you can buy replacement parts such as bulbs and solar tops you can get more life out of the lights.
Our recent addition is four solar lights for our tables on our outside patio area there are replacement parts so after … (8 comments)

the betts team: Renovation Open House, Home Not for Sale - 05/26/24 02:48 PM

This is not advertising rather sharing, I am hosting a “Renovation Open House” on Tuesday May 28, from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm, the home is under contract to be sold later this week.  Thinking about remodeling your kitchen, bathrooms maybe changing out lighting or flooring here is your chance to see it done.  Maybe adding a knee wall to the front of your home, they did that also. 
I work with a flipper who buys the home in the neighborhood that needs the most attention and turns it into one of the best homes in the neighborhood.  This one was a … (7 comments)

the betts team: Memorial Day Weekend in The Villages, Florida - 05/25/24 05:48 AM

The Villages, Florida is a very patriotic community with a high number of retired military and first responders.  You drive around this weekend and you will see flags lining streets and driveways.  Our street is no different as one of our neighbors every holiday that should have flags has flags lining our block and Cul de sac.  The flags are a great reminder of the holiday we are observing!
A little history lesson:  Three years after the Civil War ended, on May 5, 1868, the head of an organization of Union veterans — the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) — established … (4 comments)

the betts team: Red Royal Shrimp - 05/24/24 09:07 AM

What is it?
The crowned jewel of Gulf Shrimp, the Royal Red is a tastier species compared to the pink, white, and brown varieties. While few had even heard of the Royal Red before the mid-90s, it has since grown to be immensely popular with locals and well-informed tourists along the Gulf Coast. Royal Red Shrimp can be identified by their large size, rich crimson color and their naturally salty and flavorful taste that has been compared to both Lobster and Bay Scallops.
Where does it come from?
Because they prefer sandy environments and cool temperatures, the Royal Red Shrimp live at distances that … (7 comments)

the betts team: New Guy for My Guy List - 05/23/24 06:15 PM

This week I met a gentleman who one of my clients has used and recommends highly, John Kimer.  John owns and works his business Marketplace Mover and offers something needed in The Villages and surrounding area.  He outlines what they do on the back of his card:  We can help transport items purchased at yard sales, estate sales, Facebook Marketplace, Home Depot, Lowes and more.  We also help with furniture assembly, home rearranging, packing and unpacking.  According to the company website they will also drop off items that need to be donated including furniture and here is the best part they … (8 comments)

the betts team: The Villagers Love Their Pets - 05/22/24 05:22 PM

Dogs in golf carts, people walking dogs, plenty of dog parks and plenty of cat owners, Villagers love their pets!  If you go to the postal center to pick up your mail, there is a good chance you will see a dog sitting patiently in a golf cart waiting for their master to return.  Friend of mine just has to say, “let’s go and get the mail” and the dog is in the front seat of the golf cart.  One couple I know built a cage on the back of their golf cart so they can take their cats for a … (6 comments)

the betts team: Uber Caregiver, Aging in Place - 05/21/24 05:21 AM

I often share about aging in place, staying in your home as long as possible and things we can do now to prepare for that day.  Yesterday I got an email from Uber updating some new services they now have available and one of them caught my eye, Uber Caregiver.  Most Villagers are not from here or even Florida, so family members are hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Rides to doctor appointments, picking up prescriptions, needing groceries and so much more support is needed as we age.  If you currently use Uber, you know you can track your route on … (9 comments)

the betts team: What is a Landscaping Knee Wall? - 05/20/24 05:51 PM

Yesterday I shared about outdoor living and in one of the comments I mentioned Knee Walls.  Decided to follow up today with what they are, what they look like and why you might consider adding one.  Knee Walls are about knee high and in The Villages you are seeing more and more of them as folks are adding a seating area to the front of their homes.  Knee walls can replace landscaping around the front entryway that can be a problem area.  When we replaced our driveway, we added pavers across the entire front of home which was a landscaping problem.
Most … (10 comments)

the betts team: Outdoor Living in Florida, it Might Be Important to You! - 05/19/24 12:59 PM

To me one of the greatest treats about living in Central Florida is outdoor living.  Every morning, I look at my Weather Channel app to see what is coming today and look close from 5:00 pm until about 9:00 pm as this is my prime time to be enjoying outdoor living.  I have some suggestions on how to maximize outdoor living.
Direction of your home, you don’t want your lanai or patio facing west, when I am showing homes if outdoor living is important to my clients, I am getting the compass out to see which way is west.  The front of … (12 comments)

the betts team: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? Part 5 - 05/15/24 10:40 AM

The last article in this series I am covering “Cost of Ownership in The Villages, Florida”.  Besides weather, activities, social life another factor is Florida doesn’t have a state income tax which is a driving factor for many.  Florida also cuts us a break on property taxes if you Homestead which means your principal residents you get a $50,000 reduction in appraised value.  A $400,000 home Homesteaded is about $2,200 annual property tax.  There are a few other taxes like Fire Tax which is $124 a year, but no school tax in The Villages.
I don’t want to get into the weeds … (6 comments)

the betts team: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? Part 4 - 05/14/24 12:39 PM

Best Value for Your Money, another factor I like to discuss with folks considering The Villages, Florida home either full time or seasonal.  If you are considering full time, you might need more space verses seasonal you can leave things in your other home.   Remember the same 1,900 square foot home with similar features can see a difference of a half of a million.  On a golf course, pool, larger lanai maybe enclosed, updates with stone counter tops, LVP flooring or Polished Porcelain, no kissing lanai the list goes on and on.
Recently I had a client who was interested in a … (5 comments)

the betts team: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? Part 3 - 05/14/24 11:49 AM

Location and Convenience, I have already discussed lifestyle so like in Part 2 when I shared the story of a clay court tennis player you want to be close to what is important to you.  The Villages is big, how big you ask?  By golf cart from the north to the south roughly 2 hours, by car 24 miles 45 minutes so you want to pick an area close to your lifestyle choices including shopping, dining and entertainment.  Remember there is a reason so many Villagers move three times when they move to The Villages.
I will start with where I live and … (9 comments)

the betts team: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? Part 2 - 05/14/24 05:50 AM

The best and most fun phone call I get from somebody considering The Villages is when they say we are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home generally what is the price.  There probably is at lease 200 3/2 homes for sale in The Villages as low as $229,000 and the highest priced 3/2 $2,2,000.  It’s time to dive into Lifestyle, why are you considering moving to The Villages?  I know the weather could be a factor but what else is driving your desire to live here?  Golf, Pickleball, Swimming, Dancing, Social Clubs, Close to Disney?
I had a buyer I worked … (9 comments)

the betts team: Which is the Best Village in The Villages, Florida? Part 1 - 05/12/24 02:38 PM

We have about twenty-five Facebook groups in The Villages and often I see somebody considering moving here asking the question “which villages is the best villages” and 200 comments later there is not a winner with the most votes.  We all think our villages is best which for reasons that is important to us!  We have somewhere around 80 to 100 villages currently with the smaller ones have 100 homes to the largest over 1,500.  So how do you determine which villages is the best for you?
When working with a client that maybe has never been here, I stress the importance … (9 comments)

the betts team: One of the Hardest Things Moving to The Villages, Florida - 05/12/24 01:42 PM

I just returned from a weeklong work and vacation trip to the Washington D.C. area and was reminded what so many people moving to The Villages, Florida says, leaving family.  We are in that group of not having families close by, between us we have 3 sons, San Francisco, Arlington, VA and suburbs of Philadelphia, luckily my two are on the East Coast so many times a trip can include both.  But today we have ways to bridge the distance using technology.  One couple I know does a weekly Zoom meeting with family, Facetime is big in our household and some … (5 comments)

the betts team: There’s No Place Like Home - 05/12/24 05:17 AM

Why does Dorothy say there's no place like home?  She tries to bring her friends from Oz back to Kansas by saying to her family that they were all there in Oz with her, trying to keep her experience going, so maybe now she considers Oz as her real home as again she pronounces “There's no place like home.”  Late last night coming home from my week away I was like Dorothy and said to Becky our driver and Michelle “There’s no place like home!”
As we got off the turnpike on 470 and started the roundabouts and seeing all the homes … (7 comments)

the betts team: First Watch The Villages, Florida - 05/02/24 11:59 AM

Breakfast is a big deal around here but rarely do I get the chance to go but when I do First Watch is my choice.  Somedays it is breakfast at lunchtime but that works as well!  First Watch does have two locations in The Villages one in the Publix shopping center next to the hospital and the other at Trailwinds on 466a in front of Publix.  This from their website:
First Watch is an award-winning breakfast, brunch, and lunch favorite that specializes in both traditional and innovative creations all freshly prepared to order. At First Watch The Villages, we are open from … (10 comments)

the betts team: Run Away Golf Cart in The Villages - 05/02/24 04:50 AM

Many of us have had bad days on the golf course but this guy had a really bad day!  He was on the green lining up a putt and suddenly out of the corner of his eye he noticed his golf cart rolling down a steep bank toward a pond.  Wonder if he finished putting?  This all happened on one of the golf courses here in The Villages, Florida.  As you can see by the pictures the golf cart rolled into the pond a good distance.
Here in The Villages we have a few companies that are like AAA but for golf … (12 comments)

the betts team: Frog House, Planning on Croaking There! - 05/01/24 06:45 PM

Living and working in a 55+ community The Villages, Florida many plan on staying in their homes as long as possible which is my plan, frog house.  We all need to face the fact that at some point if we are lucky we need to have our home prepared for when we have limited mobility, health problems and special needs.  Accepting that fact might be a hard one for some but not me as I have and will be making changes to my home so I can stay here as long as possible. 
Trip and fall hazards is big as many elderly … (6 comments)

the betts team: Dinner at Bella Vita, Spanish Springs Square - 05/01/24 04:19 PM

Must admit I was late to the party to dine at the newest restaurant in Spanish Springs, The Villages, Florida.  Made up for that by having dinner there the other evening, and I was impressed.  Service, food and atmosphere was perfect, one of my requirements is to be able have table conversation without yelling, it passed.  This is the newest FMK restaurant which I believe they have ten other restaurants in The Villages.  This is the second on the Square in Spanish Springs.  From their website:
 Our Story
A meticulously crafted menu that not only embraces the familiar flavors of a traditional … (4 comments)

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