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ABOUT GREEN RATING SYSTEMS Getting a label for your house Green certification can be a valuable marketing tool for builders as U.S. home buyers start to focus more attention on energy efficiency, durability and healthy interiors. Builders who want the advantages of green certification have many o...
Unless you're a word junkie, you may roll your eyes at some of the technical disputes listed in the table below. After all, who cares whether WRB stands for "weather-resistant barrier" or "water-resistive barrier"? (Just help me nail up the freakin' housewrap, okay?) For the record, I'm not neces...
You're stuck. Frozen. Can't seem to move forward. What's stopping you? Is it because you're afraid you might fail? Here are some ways to blast through the blockage and get on with it. You have heard the expression, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." Here's your new motto: "Anything wort...
Oregon's new woodstove law designed to protect homebuyers and clear the air of unnecessary wood smoke pollution takes effect on August 1st. The 2009 Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 102 which was later signed into law by Governor Kulongoski requires the removal and decommissioning of any unc...
Air conditioners not only cool homes, they also remove moisture-which is a high priority in many parts of the country To understand moisture removal, it's important to brush up on a bit of physics. Air is able to hold only a finite amount of water vapor, and that amount is governed by the tempera...
Click on this link to get our latest offer in a printable pdf.  http://mysite.verizon.net/onawa.dbltap1/Documents/Latest_Offer.pdf This is only good at this Pillar To Post location.
•1.     I was in the area and thought I'd drop by/call - Meet or call your customer only when you have something useful or important to give or share. Unless you two are buddies don't do that. •2.     I'm not sure about that - You can instead respond by saying "give me x hours/days and I'll get b...
Most stains are engineered to color and protect wood in a single coat and are available in oil-based, water-based, and water-based epoxy-fortified mixtures. Deck stain keeps new wood looking good and helps to refurbish old, weathered boards. Stain shouldn't be confused with deck sealer, though. T...
Instant water heaters don't have the standby losses of storage units, but when the result is an 'endless supply of hot water' real savings are dubious. Tankless water heaters have one advantage over conventional storage units: no standby losses. Instead of keeping water hot around the clock, rega...
As summer sets in, so does the increase to our energy bills because A/Cs are often turned on so we all need to find new ways to keep the house cool without wasting energy. You can save money and conserve energy by keeping your home naturally cool without using air-conditioning. Here are some help...

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