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A well-insulated home doesn't need a radiant barrier A radiant barrier is a shiny panel or flexible membrane used in construction. Although radiant barriers have no R-value, they can be used as part of a building assembly - for example, an assembly made up of a radiant barrier and an air space - ...
One of USGBC's more vocal critics claims in a class-action lawsuit that meeting LEED standards doesn't deliver as promised on energy efficiency, water efficiency, or air quality. The suit highlights important issues, but will it hold up in court? This is an interesting time for proponents and det...
This was in the attic of a 1940s condo. ANy guesses?
The next big plumbing class action lawsuit involves this stuff. Anyone know what it is called? Yes I know what it's called; I'm testing you :)
Our condolences to David Vinnedge, and employee of another Pillar To Post owner. His 19 year old son was killed in Afghanistan yesterday. Your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten and our prayers are with you.
Try taping foil to the walls in the basement in several spots and wait to see whether any condensation appears. If the water is trapped between the wall and foil, then it is coming through from the outside. If there is condensation on the outside of the foil, then the moisture is from air leaks o...
Builders Use Theatrical Fog to Find Envelope Holes. In the last few years, energy consultants have developed a quick and easy way to pinpoint air leaks in a building envelope. The technique uses a theatrical fog machine - a small, inexpensive device that creates smoke-like fog for dances, Hallowe...
An air barrier consists of materials assembled and joined together to prevent air leakage between the conditioned spaces and unconditioned space - that is, indoors and outdoors.  Housewrap is not (necessarily) an air barrier Some products - for example, drywall, plastic, or housewrap - are consi...
One third of the energy you pay for probably leaks through holes in your house. Air leaks can also cause moisture and indoor air quality problems. Stopping air is the second most important job of a building enclosureNext to rain, air leaks through walls, roofs and floors can have the biggest effe...
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued guidance to homeowners who have had problems with Chinese drywall on how they can claim a tax deduction to help cover the costs of repairs to their home.  The drywall tax guidance (pdf), issued this week, flushes out the details on how homeowners can...

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