I just received this email from a friend and I pretty much knew most of it, BUT, there are definitely some SCARY Real Estate Issues involved here folks.  If you think any of this is inaccurate, let me know.  ISSUE JOHN McCAIN BARACK OBAMA Favors new drilling offshore in USA Yes No Appoint conserv...
    ACORN Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now aka Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now   With all the news going on about ACORN I have yet to hear any history of the organization dating back to 1970 when ACORN was originally created with the help of Wade Rathke, coming...
            MLM Training: What Leaders DoBy Tim Sales (Advanced Publication Article) Having trouble getting your downline to be motivated, productive and follow your MLM training guidance and suggestions? Here’s 29 proven actions successful MLM leaders do, written by a leader with a downline of 5...
          The Three Booby-Traps of Network MarketingBy Tim Sales (Advanced Publication Article) Let’s start out with defining the word booby-trap: a situation that catches one off guard; a pitfall; a hidden hazard.The reason I chose “booby trap” is because the subjects I’m going to explain to you...
          FANNIE MAE / FREDDIE MACCONTRIBUTIONS     For those that hear conflicting "humors" about who got what, here is the complete list and web reference on the contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the "leaders" of our country.  It's not much...they only paid off gave our political...
      Are Interest Rates Headed UP for 2009?     I was rather surprised that with all the mortgage guys in the Rain, I couldn't find any current blog on where they think our interest rates are headed.  I have a bad feeling that it's possible we're headed back to the days of 10%+ rates and if that...
    MLM: Should You Advertise? Some Say No!     I've been reading up on "Marketing" since the real estate business needs every edge it can get right now and continue to be fascinated with a guy named Tim Sales who is a highly successful semi-retired MLM Multi-Level Marketing guru.  The more I rea...

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