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Remember the Down Payment? That relic from the past, at least in the eyes of some buyers and mortgage lenders???  Well, it's back in fashion again, maybe not by choice, but I surely welcome its gallant return.  Read on here... ----------------------------------------------------------------------...
I picked the nine best listings among the mass of listings we've taken over this last month, I hope you agree that they look pretty good...    459 Clarke Drive - $114,900 (great views from Deck)   1656 Drexel - $116,000   3085 Lindale - $124,800   935 Center Place - $139,900   560 Fenelon Place -...
New Listings: 120 Price Changes: 109   Gone Under Contract: 78   Sold Listings: 74   Expired & Withdrawn Listings: 34 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Total New Listings: 561 Active Listings: 443 Pending Sold Listings: 118 (% Under Contract): 21.0% ( - 1.0%) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Dubuque Real Estate E-Blast Did ya miss me? Don't answer that, because I know I missed writing more than a few tantalizing blog posts these last few weeks.  Three youngins' under that age of two and a half in the home will to that to a fella.  I usually write in my "off-hours" at home while taki...
Check out this chart I'm keeping updated on my computer.  It shows the number of folks trying to sell each month versus the actual number that are selling each month (12 month rolling average), updated on August 19th, 2008...    
Featured Homes of the Week  This I'm going overboard in my featured listings, showing off a baker's dozen hot properties, there have been just too many new listings these last two weeks to not highlight many of them.  Make sure to check out 3670 Keystone, 17062 Castlemaine, and the million-dolla...
Market Watchdog New Listings: 65 Price Changes: 56 Gone Under Contract: 35 Sold Listings: 24 Expired & Withdrawn Listings: 34 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Total Listings: 532 Active Listings: 407 Pending Listings: 125 Hotness Indicator (% Under Contract): 23.5% ( + 0.5%) ~...

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