buyers: Alternative Construction Materials - 09/15/07 04:15 PM
Want to build a high efficiency home, don't know where to begin?  How about considering building a home out of ICF's?  What are ICF's?  Insulated Concrete Forms! 
Okay, so what is that?  Well, in the basic form it looks like Styrofoam blocks (large Lego blocks) that you put together then pour concrete in the middle.  You use rebar and must only pour the concrete four feet high at a time before it needs to set, then you can pour more and so on, until you get to the height you need.
When, I worked on the Habitat for Humanity projects, we used … (10 comments)

buyers: Buyer Beware or Agent BEWARE! - 08/22/07 02:46 PM
Use to be there was a saying Buyer Beware, then there was Full Disclosure.  Now there is Agent Beware!
I had a very interesting experience happen today that really made me step back and think, this is a really an Agent Beware market!
Let me explain.  I received a call from a listing agent this morning asking about a showing I was to do on Saturday.  They asked me a couple of questions and we both soon learned that the person I was to show the condo to had worked several angles and things had gone badly.
It all started with a phone call … (25 comments)

buyers: Technology in Real Estate: - 07/10/07 03:13 PM provides customized voice mail messages for your cell phone.
How would you like to have a customized message for a particular caller to receive when they call you?  You can personalize a message for any contact in your phone list and you don't have to change your cell phone carrier or switch providers, etc... just use
What first caught my attention was what I heard young people were using this service for.  They were using it to respond to callers such as mom or dad, telemarketers or persistent callers and leave them a message when they didn't want to talk to … (16 comments)

buyers: So you want to Sell your Home! - 07/02/07 04:34 PM
Selling your Home, Getting a Buyer!
So you've decided to sell, what is it that you need to do as a seller to get a buyer to look at your home?  What is it that makes your home special or different than all the others on the market!  That's the real question, you as the seller need to ask yourself.  How do I make my home the very best in my area?
Well, for starters, you must make your home inviting and appealing so that the buyer has no choice but to look inside.  Spend your money on the entrance to your home … (4 comments)

buyers: Real Estate Strategies: 10 Investing Tips - 06/26/07 02:39 PM
10 Tips in Real Estate Investing
After spending a great deal of time and money, I came across some valuable information I trust will help you in your real estate investing.  At times we just need to remember what our next steps should be in order to continue to build a real estate portfolio.  So, here are 10 tips you sure consider in real estate investing.
1. Make Offers. Set a goal to make a minimum number of real estate offers each week. A goal might be three written (not verbal) offers per week. If you don't make any offers you can't make any deals.  … (4 comments)

buyers: Building a New Home: Doorless Showers - 06/20/07 04:17 PM
European Concepts in New Home Designs
I have to be honest, when my wife and I were looking at new homes, I started noticing a trend of open showers, multiple shower heads and doorless showers.  I have to admit, I like a warm shower and the thought of a doorless shower just didn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  However, my wife insisted that we look at these European type showers.  So I decided to do some research to see if I could disprove this doorless shower. 
Well, I have to admit the doorless shower can accommodate what I want and what my … (30 comments)

buyers: Real Estate Tips: Cheap and Easy! - 06/16/07 02:54 PM
Cheap and Easy?! 
I was reading an article on Four Cheap and Easy Upgrades to your Home and as I thought about this article, I couldn't help but think that I wouldn't classify these four things as "Cheap and Easy".  However, I thought I would do my due diligence and ask you?  What do you think?
Here's the article from MarketWatch, written by Marshall Loeb.
** Quote:NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- If your house sorely needs a makeover, but remodeling is beyond your reach, the DIY Network's Amy Devers, host of "DIY to the Rescue," suggests trying these four simple fixes:
Touch-up exteriors. Repainting the trim and … (10 comments)

buyers: Real Estate Tips: Who will Enter? - 06/12/07 04:13 PM
The Entrance to your Home is Critical Homeowners that have lived in their homes for a long period in time tend to overlook simple cosmetic flaws and buyer obstacles.  In fact, they may not even notice that crack in the wall or the ripped screen in the bedroom window, but new potential buyers will, they will make their minds up in the first 10 seconds of seeing the seller's home!
It's these little things that will make a difference in selling a home quickly or it sitting on the market.  Curb appeal is vital to selling a home and it's up to … (16 comments)

buyers: Building a New Home: Builder Process and Follow-up - 06/11/07 04:40 PM
What is the Process and Follow-up from Your Builder?
Many new home buyers are cautiously optimistic about the builder and process that goes into building a new home.  Oh yes, there is the search for the land, the house design and plans, what to put in the house when it is finished and Oh yeah, let's hope we don't have any problems with the construction after the home is built.
Well, I recently came across a developer that provided a process they use in building a new home.  I'm very fond if the idea of keeping the new owners aware of what is … (6 comments)

buyers: Investing Tips: Hot Real Estate Markets? - 06/08/07 06:14 PM
Investing in the Kansas City Metro Real Estate Market and Your Metro Area
Want to know where the real estate market is booming in Kansas City or your investing area?  If you live in a metropolitan area with surrounding communities, such as Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Kansas City, and other areas, one good source for you to consult with is an appraiser in your area.  Let me explain.
Appraisers review numerous properties and with the news of real estate scams in the real estate investing arena, mortgage companies are now being required to use more than one appraiser for the properties they finance.  So this allows more real … (11 comments)

buyers: Fix It and Flip It! - 06/04/07 03:05 PM
Fix it and Flip it Strategy
As a continuation to my Flipping Houses? post, I wanted to share an article that I think warrants review.  Dan Auito, author of "Complete Home Rehab in 10 Days," says that in order to succeed in Fix & Flips, "You must be somewhat of an appraiser and deal finder."  For most of us in real estate, it takes time to recruit a team of professionals.  If you are like me, you feel you are putting your reputation on the line as well as theirs and you want professionals who will respect you and your clients.  You don't have … (29 comments)

buyers: Flipping Houses? - 06/02/07 05:15 PM
Are you interested in Flipping Houses?
I grew up in a construction and building environment where my father has either bought, remodeled or built about 75% of the homes in the small town he lives in (about 7,000 population).  I have had the privilege of working with him and I have seen him put in 14-15 hour days and be available to people in need whenever they call him.  I have learned a great deal from my father and I'm so very thankful for this.
One of the things I have watched my father do time and time again is buy real estate.  … (12 comments)

buyers: Home Trends, So What's In? - 05/30/07 02:08 PM
Home Trends and the Current Market
With all the new homes built and on the market, have builders decided to change and meet the desires of the buyers? Last month (April 2007) had the biggest increase in new single family home sales in quite a while.  According to the US Census, there was a 16.2 percent increase. The median sales price of new houses sold in April 2007 was $229,100; the average sales price was $299,100.  When you adjust this for the season this represents a supply of 6.5 months at the current sales rate.
Okay, so where does that lead us in home trends?  What are buyers … (4 comments)

buyers: Neighborhoods: Nottingham at Heritage Park - 05/29/07 04:16 PM
Nottingham at Heritage Park, Olathe, Kansas
Nottingham at Heritage Park is a subdivison located east and north of 159th and Mur-Len in Olathe Kansas.  The entrance to Nottingham at Heritage Park is at Hallet Street.  To the south of Nottingham at Heritage Park is Heritage Park.  Heritage Park includes a lake, 18 hole golf course, ball diamonds, soccer fields, picnic areas and an area where people can bring the dogs to freely roam the area.
Nottingham at Heritage Park schools are part of the Blue Valley School District with the elementary school of Morse, the middle school of Pleasant Ridge and Blue Valley High School. Although Nottingham at Heritage Park is in the Olathe township, the schools … (2 comments)

buyers: Neighborhoods: Palisade Park, Olathe, Kansas - 05/29/07 03:31 PM
Palisade Park, Olathe, Kansas
Palisade Park is a subdivison located east and south of 159th and Ridgeview roads in Olathe Kansas.  There are three additional subdivisions included in this area making up Palisade Park.  They are Palisade Park Manor, Palisade Park Place, and Palisade Park Ridge.  The developer for this subdivision was Bill Wiley Homes.
One the east edge of Palisade Park is Sunnyside Elementary in the Olathe School District #233.  The Jr High School located at 159th and Mur-Len is Chishom Trail with the High School being Olathe South.  For more information on these schools, check out the Olathe Schools link. 
Market Statistics for the past 12 months beginning May … (0 comments)

buyers: Investors: Beware of Renter Fraud - 05/24/07 07:22 AM
How to Spot Fraud on a Renter's Application
As an investor we must learn to become acquainted with some of the recent tactics used by renter's wanting to deceive us.  They figure they can fool the small fry, but not the larger corporation.  So they look for the small investor and the way they reveal their intention to defraud is via the rental application.
The rental application is our attempt to get some background and history on the future renter.  They rely on our lack of time or inability to contact information provided on the application.
So, here are four areas to look at … (8 comments)

buyers: Remodeling Tips: Door Trim and New Floors - 05/23/07 03:56 PM
Putting down a new tile or wood floor in your home?
Ever wonder how you can get your door casing (trim around your doors) to fit just right without cutting tiles or wood flooring?  Well, here's a tip I learned from my father about putting down new flooring in a room(s) in your prized real estate possesion, your home. 
First, take up the baseboard trim around the room of your home.  To do this successfully, you need to have a scrap piece of wood (anything from 1/4" to 1" about 6" long) to lay against the wall on a stud.  Look at the … (6 comments)

buyers: Building a New Home: Tankless Water Heaters - 05/22/07 04:11 PM
Tankless Water Heaters, Are they worth it!
Okay, I had a friend ask me about tankless hot water heaters and I need some feedback from anyone who might have some personal experience either as a user, installer or builder. 
Here's what I have read or heard.  Tankless water heaters have an endless supply of hot water (but do they provide instant hot water) and they can save energy (but do they really, if you have an unlimited supply of hot water, won't people just use more hot water?).
So what is a tankless hot water heater. Well, a tankless water heater is a major … (32 comments)

buyers: Building a New Home: Hottest Trend - 05/21/07 03:57 PM
The Hottest trend in New Home Construction
Here is Kansas City, we have a over built market of new homes.  One builder in Kansas City has over 200 new homes on the market. Now that's a lot of inventory and leverage!!
The incentives for new home builders has been amazing for home buyers.  There's a builder who was putting a new BMW in the garage of the new home buyer!  I've seen furniture, discounts, concession on amenities like upgrades to higher-end appliances, lighting fixtures, wood, tile, carpet or a combination of these at no additional cost.  But according to the Kansas City Star newspaper, the … (12 comments)

buyers: Amber Hills Estates, Olathe, Kansas - 05/14/07 04:33 PM
Amber Hills Estates, Olathe, Kansas - Subdivision Information
Over the course of the past year, May 2006 to May 2007, the following statisics are for Briarwood are as follows:
Listed: 28 homes Sold: 17 Average Sold Price: $232,341 Minimum Sold Price: $205,000 Maximum Sold Price: $294,000 Average Days on the Market (DOM): 32 Month with the longest DOM: May 2006 then Jan 2007 tied at 47 Month with least DOM: March at 21 days Amber Hills Estates Neighborhood Web Site No Local Subdivision Home Owners Association is listed. 

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