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Do you know what an Underwriter is looking at when evaluating your loan? If you don't, you should.  Every Mortgage Professional should know how to underwrite a file as well as know the difference between good and bad risk.  There is a level of risk in every loan.  The key to success is to unders...
This morning, the Treasury Department announced that it will buy $600 billion in Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie mortgage-backed securities, which is giving a huge lift to mortgage bonds this morning.  Rates will be significantly better today, and we will now be in a positive refinance incentive envir...
Denver, CO,   Having been in the morgtage business for 3+ years. I have (like everyone) have learn to adapt my skills to my customer. When I first was in Alt A. I started out cold calling and I was successful. When I move to Hard Money I developed a great email marketing campaign and that was eas...
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